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When it comes to improving your business or your personal life through SEO content writing, many people want guidance. Because I have more than a 25 years of experience writing and speaking for people in the corporate world and on a personal level, I’ve been able to transfer that skillset to help hundreds of clients to improve their businesses and lives over the years.

Thus, I teach an ongoing personal development class and I often suggest writing as a great way to bring an individual’s inner desires to the surface and make them reality.

What I’ve learned from teaching SEO content is that I can’t make anyone’s business or life better unless they are willing to make it better. If you want to learn how to better your business and/or personal life through SEO content that draws others to you much better much faster, I’m here to help.

I get countless questions about writing–about my writing process, about how to write better, about what goes on in my mind and how I let go and let things flow.

The art putting words on paper is a deep passion for me. The best words add clarity, pace, beauty, emotion, and individual expression to your message. That’s why I love writing.

My SEO content and copywriting services surely are catching on everywhere, because I can take less-than-perfect material that has tremendous potential and gradually turn it into a shining piece of the highest degree of literary accomplishment.

My goal is to help you bring your website and your SEO content, step by step, to the high standards that reflect your integrity. I want to help your true intentions become your success.

So why hire James Nussbaumer?

As a published author of creative nonfiction books, as well as hundreds of articles, fiction and nonfiction, copywriting, content, and SEO content services is what I naturally do, and I only deliver results I’d be happy with for my own business.

I’ve edited and architected content and copy strategies for many optimistic-minded people just like you…I landed a mainstream publisher for my own my own books from the harshest of conditions imaginable. It’s a publisher who is very excited about my work, as well as my marketing ideas and strategies.

I want to help your content shine like gold with my copywriting and editing services, and have literary agents and publishers everywhere want to be a part of your dreams.

I promise to respect your individual voice, personal integrity, and intention, while I focus on helping your natural gifts shine into people’s lives everywhere!

I’ve built an audience for myself from the ground up, and just like the editing professional who taught me the little known secrets to success in today’s “fiercely competitive literary marketplace,” as she so well preached to me, “your project must stand tall.”

I learned the hard way through my own trial and error that busy agents and acquisition editors routinely reject manuscripts that don’t have a marketing plan of action, and that are unprofessionally formatted, contain basic errors, or that fail to raise their eyebrows in the first few lines.

My SEO content and copywriting, teaching, and editing services has a goal to get you and your project to where you have imagined all along!

I wish you all the success that you wholeheartedly deserve, and I hope you continue to consider your own natural gifts and how what you have to offer may help the world, as well as your bottom line.

You are awesome!

James Nussbaumer

SAMPLES below of my SEO content and copywriting, and Editing services:

For those seeking my copywriting, SEO content, and editing services, below are just a few recent samples of my work for major publications and websites:

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Baby Taylor Review (SEO content)

(This 500 word article was written for a popular guitar magazine using the right SEO keywords)

Been playing pretty serious for many years and required a little guitar I could take on roadway journeys and down to the coastline or any place. I was astonished regarding the handiwork of this guitar and it is constructed in Mexico. If you’re in the market for a traveling guitar, this one’s a treasure.

Our choice for the very best 3/4 dimension top quality guitar is the Baby Taylor Series, by far. If you wish to establish your determined kid or student with the very best possibility for success, it’s an ideal piece of high quality for any music lover. If a youngster is significantly willing to exercise frequently and is all set on lessons, this 3/4 range guitar due to his/her dimension, hands; is perfect!

This Baby Taylor guitar is most likely to provide the most effective audio top quality and playability, along with a far better resale worth later on in case the youngster wants to upgrade and continue his/her journey, or simply grows out of the 3/4 guitar dimension.

In addition, the Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar makes a fantastic road trip friend for any type of guitarist, newbie or progressed.

If you are seeking a 3/4 guitar that will offer your youngster or pupil the best top quality sensation and resale worth, this is a wonderful attraction on the marketplace for around $300.

The Mahogany top includes adequate heat to offer this guitar what it requires for great sound from a little range guitar. I had actually been looking for a traveling guitar that had terrific audio and would certainly be a strong usable guitar anywhere. I obtained (and still own) a Taylor GS mini Rosewood as a little trusted friend especially when on the go, which is an impressive side kick.

After I really fell in love and purchased it, the guitar just keeps on showing me how great it can play. The Baby Taylor certainly does maintain great guitar harmonic (if a person recognizes the best ways to tune it!) It is without a doubt the most effective of the 3/4 dimension guitars on the marketplace for top quality, resale, playability and audio worth.

It can deal with the more gentle or delicate, or the fun jamming times of the intermediate strummer and picker’s ability and as a youngster or pupil advances. But since it’s so special to me I really did not desire to jam it up in an airline company baggage area and take the possibility of damages.

Uniting a strong spruce leading, 19 rosewood stresses, and a small 3/4 dimension, the Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor Spruce Acoustic Guitar takes the top quality of the firm’s precision. Prepared for easy transportation yet still efficient in creating the abundant, complete tones related to Taylor acoustics, this design is a best selection for hitting any trail imaginable or just at home kicking back on the deck during a barbecue.

The X-braced exotic mahogany top reverberates real and loud, like all tools constructed from the famous cache of tone woods carefully sourced by Bob Taylor. The BT1 is a tool in a course of its very own and matches guitarists of any age or stature!


Immigration to Canada (SEO content)

(This 1500 word article was written for a law firm’s website and I surely positon SEO content keywords for effect)

There are over 200 distinctive societies in Canada. The nation urges its individuals to hold very closely their practices and society. Canada is a government of legislative freedom, and rates amongst the 10 leading manufacturing countries. Various other crucial production markets in Canada consist of food and drinks, paper and allied items; main steels, produced steels, chemicals and petrochemicals.

Today, the objective of the Immigration to Canada system is to urge younger, multilingual, high-skill migration in order to construct human resources within Canada’s aging workforce.

Express Entry

Is your Express Entry account ready to expire? Express Entry accounts stand for one year. When your own has actually become void, see just how you may re-create an account.

The purpose of Express Entry is to handle applications for these government immigration programs:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program.
The Federal Skilled Trades Program.
The Canadian Experience Class.
Territories and districts may additionally hire prospects from the Express Entry system via their Provincial Nominee Programs to fulfill regional work market requirements.

Pastoral Instructions laid out the regulations for regulating the Express Entry application administration system.

The Express Entry system has 2 actions:

Action 1)

Prospects must finish an on-line Express Entry account.

This is a protected type that will make use of providing details concerning: abilities, job experience, language capability, education and learning, and other information that will assist in examining them.

Anybody that does not currently work for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) (if you require one), or an election from a district or region, must sign up with Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) Job Bank. Task Bank will certainly assist link Express Entry prospects with qualified companies in Canada.

Those that fulfill the requirements of the government migration programs detailed above will be approved right into a swimming pool of prospects. Prospects are likewise urged to advertise themselves to companies in various other methods, such as making use of work boards, employers and so on.

For a task to be legitimate in Express Entry, companies will require a LMIA from ESDC.

Those involved in immigration to Canada will be rated versus others in the swimming pool, making use of a point-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Factors are granted making use of the details in their account.

Keep in mind: Entry right into the Express Entry swimming pool does not ensure a prospect will certainly be provided an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for long-term homestead. Welcomed prospects still need to satisfy qualification and admissibility needs under Canada’s migration legislation (Immigration and the Refugee Protection Act).

Action 2)

Highest ranking prospects in the swimming pool will be welcomed to obtain long-term residency. Prospects with the greatest ratings in the swimming pool will be provided an Invitation to Apply. Prospects will be granted factors for a task deal, and/or an election from a district or area, and/or, abilities and experience variables.

A prospect may obtain extra factors for, a work deal sustained by a Labor Market Impact Assessment, or an election by a district or region.

Express Entry is not a movement program on its own, rather a system used by Movement, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to choose leads for movement to Canada using the adhering economic movement programs, such as, core human financing elements featuring companion or common-law buddy components, if proper.

You should note there are 1,200 overall aspects supplied under the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Investor Program

The Immigrant Investor must have built up a minimum of $1,600 000 Canadian of around the world Net Worth mainly by operating or handling a business as a staff member.

Canadian Immigrant Financier Programs:

The Immigrant Investors Program was developed by the Canadian federal government to draw in rich service individuals and their funding to Canada. Financiers and their household may acquire irreversible residency in Canada by complying with 4 federal government option requirements:

1). It’s necessary to show correct service experience, as laid outed under the regulations. Basically, you must have formerly taken care of or run a competent company for at the very least 2 from 5 years preceding your application.

2). Must have legitimately acquired individual total assets going beyond CAD $1.6 million.

3). All family members must pass and finish Canada’s clinical protection assessments.

4). Must invest CAD $800,000 for a duration of 5 years at no rate of interest (0%) under the Immigrant Investor Programs. The financial investment is government-guaranteed and is certainly repaid completely at the end of the financial investment duration.

With respect to immigration to Canada, there are presently 2 Immigrant Investor Programs offered in the marketplace, particularly:

The Federal Immigrant Investor Program
The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program
The Federal Immigrant Investor Program is presently complying with a yearly application cap that was presented via pastoral directions, which was filled up quickly after July 1, 2011. The cap does not use the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. That suggests the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program presently continues to be open to obtain brand-new applications.

Our firm provides an extensive solution developed to aid you and your household in coming in to Canada under the Immigrant Investor Program. Our group unites specialists in the area of migration regulation, tax obligation, monetary and financial solutions to earn your shift to Canada smoothly feasible than ever.

The process is comparable under both the Federal and Quebec programs, with a complying difference: in Quebec, the financier initially needs to get a Certificate of Selection of Quebec prior to getting health and wellness along with safety and security testing at the government degree to be confessed to Canada.

As soon as lawfully confessed to Canada, candidates that get a Certificate of Selection of Quebec do not need to develop residency in Quebec since they, as all Canadian homeowners, have overall freedom of motion and facility anywhere in Canada.

Startup Visa

(SEO content) The Start-Up Visa Program links effective candidates with personal field companies in Canada that are able to supply financing and support, and their know-how on running a company in Canada. Effective candidates under this brand-new Canadian migration program will be provided their Canadian long-term residency.

Qualification Requirements for the Canadian Immigration Start-Up Visa

Letter of Support and Commitment Certificate:

Candidates need to have received a letter of assistance from a marked financier. In order to obtain a letter of assistance, the candidate needs to persuade a marked equity capital fund or angel financier team to buy his/her suggested service. The capitalist company will additionally need to offer a Commitment Certificate straight to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, summing up the information of the dedication made with the candidate.

(SEO content) Education and learning Requirement:

The candidate must have finished a minimum of one year of research study at a qualified post-secondary organization. The candidate needs to likewise have the ability to supply evidence that they remained in excellent standing for a minimum of one year while participating in a post-secondary organization. Candidates could offer records, a letter of excellent standing, certifications, diplomas or levels as evidence for this demand.

Adequate Settlement Funds:

The candidate should have adequate negotiations funds to sustain themselves and their family members once they come in to Canada.

Language Requirement:

(SEO content) The candidate must have the ability to function and interact in English and/or French. Candidates have to participate in a language examination arising from an accepted company, and should fulfill the minimal degree of CLB 5 in either English or French.

Financial investment Requirement:

Candidates should protect a financial investment of at least $200,000 CAD if the financial investment is from an assigned equity capital fund, or a safe minimum of $75,000 CAD if the financial investment is from a marked angel financier team.

(SEO content) Protection and Medical Clearances:

Similar to all Canadian migration programs, the candidate and joining members of the family must undertake a safety and security clearance, along with a medical checkup to identify whether they posture a protection danger or have a wellness problem that would certainly position too much concern on the Canadian health care system.

(SEO content) Peer Review Process:

The Canadian federal government has actually assigned organizations to assess the dedications in between capitalist companies and candidates, in order to assist and protect against fraud while making certain the dedications are legit.

(SEO content) Period of Pilot Project:

The Start-Up Visa program is a pilot task and is readied to continue to be open for 5 years, however could be expanded or come to be irreversible if it confirms to be an effective Canadian migration program.

The Canadian federal government will approve as much as 2750 applications each year for this Canadian migration program.


Canada pursues the capacity of more youthful generations to sustain a maturing populace, so that the dimension of the manpower and tax obligation base required will continue to financially develop. To continue offering the populace’s perfect social and etymological structure, Canadian creative thinking and ingenuity is divine. Development is a Canadian worth. It’s in the nation’s nature, and currently even more compared to ever before, it will certainly develop opportunity, drive development, and enhance the lives of all Canadians.


Best Submission Techniques in Martial Arts (SEO content)

(This 1,000 word article was written for a martial arts blog site, while using SEO keywords to draw prospects to the site.)

Fighting style is not simply kicking and punching. Numerous fighting style designs and systems utilize grappling strategies in order to regulate or beat their challengers. Let’s take a look at some serious techniques:

Guard Replacement with Hip Escape

You’ll utilize this side control leave greater than other side control retreat from your initial rolls right as much as black belt.

You need to discover how to relocate your hips under for all leaves and also this is the very first one you must discover. It instructs you on the 2 crucial hip activities for running away from all-time low in BJJ:

But a typical mistake can be trying to bench press your challenger off of you rather than utilizing your arms to develop “frameworks,” as linking and hip getaway

Changing guard is your top concern when your challenger has actually passed your guard. And if you end up being experienced at this side control getaway method, after that you’ll likewise discover a great deal concerning guard retention in BJJ– the activities could be really comparable with a great deal of carry-over in between methods.

(SEO content) Triangle Choke from Guard

The triangular choke shows you ways to utilize your legs to strike and choke your challenger. It is the main danger from all-time low when you’re challenged with a bigger, more powerful challenger or a premium wrestler which you are not able to turn around and get the leading placement.

The triangular choke is really flexible and may be an arrangement of various means from the other guards. First you’ll find out ways to appropriately do the fundamental triangular choke.

A typical mistake here is attacking the triangular when the challenger has a solid pose. Position is the most effective protection versus the triangular and if you are assaulting the triangular while your challenger has a solid protection after that your success price will certainly be reduced.

Why? The triangular choke is among the trademark entries in BJJ. It functions from white belt right to the highest degree of MMA and global competitors, both gi as well as no-gi.

Scissor Sweep

This move shows you every one of the components that are utilized in all various other guard brushes up:

Damaging the challenger’s equilibrium

Relocating your aware of produce an angle

Managing holds so your challenger cannot upload a hand.

Making use of the power of your legs as opposed to your top body

The scissors move incorporates effectively with several various other guard methods (the triangular and cross collar choke, as an example) in mix strikes.

The scissor move was the very first strategy in BJJ that I might in fact jump on individuals in real-time sparring!

And a typical mistake is that most newbies cannot perform a sharp pull to off equilibrium the challenger prior to trying to scissor the legs.

Cross Collar Choke from Guard

This was Helio Gracie’s preferred assault from the guard and he memorably choked a Japanese opposition subconscious with this strategy in an old black and white suit in Brazil.

The cross collar grasp is the beginning factor for your moves and various other assaults from the guard.

The fundamental collar and sleeve hold is exactly how you base your shut guard approach. It is the beginning factor for every one of your various other guard strike mixes, consisting of the previous 2 methods. It educates you on ways to utilize your hold to regulate your challenger’s head and damage their position down.

A typical mistake can be not obtaining the very first hand deep sufficiently in the collar. Rather get to WAY deep right into the collar, and ‘get hold of the tag’ at the rear of the challenger’s neck.

“Upa” / Bridge and Roll Escape vs Mount

Effective hip bridges are the starting to almost all leaves on the ground.

A typical mistake in this move is not capturing the challenger’s arm when connecting. The challenger might after that publish the arm defensively and preserve their leading setting.

It is crucial to discover how to make use of the power of your hips and eruptive bridge. Among the concepts of BJJ is using your greatest muscle mass teams whenever you can. For this getaway you’re utilizing your upper legs, hamstrings and reduced back as opposed to counting on the stamina of your arms to press him off of you.

Pressing with the arms is a practice that brand-new pupils need to desert as quickly as feasible. The bridge and roll offers the pupil a high-percentage retreat from all-time low, without which he is typically stuck, or even worse, quits their back!

Straight Arm lock from Mount

This entry from place operates in both gi as well as no-gi. This might be your initial entry in real-time rolling!

Typical Mistake: When you get hold of the arm, do not drop back without placing your leg over the challenger’s head initially. Without your leg regulating the challenger’s head he might have the ability to stay up and concern the top, making it a lot easier to protect the arm bar!

It helps you separate your challenger’s arm or leg then use the pressure of your whole body versus their elbow joint to obtain entry.

This is the most effective entry from the leading install setting. It is the specialty of UFC Champion Ronda Rousey. Her challengers understand it is coming, however they cannot stop it!

Americana Lock (Ude Garami) from Side Control

Side control is a terrific control placement where you use your weight to manage a difficult challenger. And 2 of one of the most reliable, cheapest danger entries from side control are the Americana and also Kimura locks.

A typical mistake is allowing the challenger’s joint to wander away from their body. The further away his arm joint is from his body the more it launches the rigidity in the shoulder joint, and might permit him to correct the arm and get away.

With or without gi, the Americana is constantly there, making it among the more effective entries in MMA.

The Americana will certainly help you with the BJJ concept of making use of 2 arms or legs of your own versus your challenger’s solitary arm or leg.


Be sure to make note that these grappling and entry methods need to be just exercised under the guidance of a skilled fighting styles teacher. Consequently, many martial arts professionals are discovering entry methods and counters in order to help you include a ground part to typical fighting styles training.



(This 1,000 word article for a major website required that I insert links)

Absolutely nothing is fairly as common on the planet of style as a set of denims. Beginning with modest starts as an easy collection of functioning and well-fitting jeans, it has actually become a worldwide requirement. Right here let’s begin looking at the best jeans today:

10). NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Straight Jeans

I am age 62, 5’7-1/2″, and go about 148 yet really feel young as an unpracticed in NYDJ slim leg pants. In fact I seem like a million dollars when I placed these denims on. After formerly purchasing a number of sets in different designs in dimension 12 (which is exactly what I believed I was), I have ultimately discovered the ideal suit dimension 10 NYDJ slim leg pants. They are tight when you initially place them on, however after regarding a half hour approximately, they relax and mold to my physique, and great when coupled with a tunic top.

9). Lee Women’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean

Lee collection does not quit at pants. They have an interesting choice of freight trousers, pants, as well as chinos. But their jeans are lovely cuts that will certainly look fantastic on any type of form. The relaxed fit both function well for many events. Participate in a tale with our varied choice of Lee Jeans for ladies– they’ve been making great jeans for over a century, so they understand specifically just what they’re doing. Get a set of classic-fit jeans that both flatter your number while maintaining you comfy all day.

8). Pajama Jeans

When I jumped on the Pajama Jean site, I recognized that there is a slim cut choice. Give thanks to the manufacturer, as the “fashionable boot cut” appears like an actual scary program. The Pajama Jean ultimately reached me. The ads surely enticed me and I chose to order a pair because I was confident I might in fact wear them away from the house. Do I like “elegant, attractive denims” crossed with “soft comfortable pajama bases”?

7.) Levi’s Women’s 512

I got a set of blue Levi’s 512 Perfectly Slimming pants regarding a year back and they fit completely – they are my favored denims, so when I saw them offered in black I assumed it was certain I get fitted into a pair. But I bought the very same size I usually do and discovered what I obtained was much looser fit. I ran them through a washing cycle like I always do immediately, anyway, and found to be just perfect and comfy to my taste. I just love them for making my legs look longer.

6). Calvin Klein Straight Leg Jeans for Women

(SEO content) Love these pants! I uncovered this Calvin Klein design 3 years ago. I had not been certain I would care for the gold seams/thread as my previous sets did not have this comparison, but it ends up I’m getting all kinds of compliments. The product is still extremely light-weight so is very comfy and flexible. They seem to make my waist seem reduced – which I like. The product holds you in and conveniently molds to you in the appropriate areas. The best idea to me is the “straight” legs which are really straight versus conical. These offer genuine ladies the upgraded “straighter look” that is appealing. I really hope CK maintains making this design!

5). Levi’s Women’s 529 Curvy Boot cut Jeans

Ultimately I located a jean that fits extremely well. I have complete hips and upper legs and occasionally boot cut pants are slim at the knee, making my upper legs look larger compared to how they actually are. Not this boot cut jeans! There’s not any constricting at the knee and the boot cut compliments the hips, which produces a slender result, if you will. My contours are boosted, not concealed or overemphasized. An excellent jean!

4). Levi’s Mid Rise Women’s Jeans

If you are the lady that likes well -suitable slim denims, this midrise will certainly be a best selection for you. Considering that it can be found in other dimensions and shades, you have the liberty to pick just what pleases you. This jean does not increase over the waistline making you look granny-like however has a best midsection fit dimension that offers you a younger good looking pose. With the small stretch, this jean is extremely comfy on your body. The existence of a zipper closure makes it very easy for you to use and eliminate. Included convenience originates from the well in shape pockets.

3). Lee Women’s Authentic Black Relaxed Fit Jean

(SEO content) These pants are of mid-weight material that cleans wonderfully, and the cut is ideal for those people with even more stomach. The midsection shows up great where there is no threat of muffin-top or unintentional disclosures. The straight legs are somewhat broad right to the heel, a lovely search for everybody. Among the most effective, and the majority of unforeseen perks, was that the pockets are in fact useful! I’m able to hold my massive smart phone (which has a huge Otter box on it) along with some other things without lugging a bag.

2). Levi’s Women’s 505 Straight Leg

I acquired a set of these denims straight from Levi’ and enjoy them. They are a best fit, ideal size for my 5″9 curved number. I wear a SIX and discovered they are really real to size and is simply great. I was anxious because many various other customers claimed about the jeans being off size, but not for me. They are lightweight the size and fit are perfect. I presume it’s the 1% spandex that has actually assisted them to maintain their form. I’m extremely delighted with how they look and feel on me.

1). Lee Women’s Classic Monroe Straight-Leg Jeans

I am extremely thrilled by these Lee Jeans. They are really soft and comfy and the fit is ideal. Being middle-aged, I really did not yearn for reduced bikers, I desired something that would certainly boost an older female’s number. These pants really make me look slim and smooth. I am most likely to turn them inside out to clean them (maintains the shade great) and also modify this at a later day to see just how they stood up. 

All my best,

James Nussbaumer