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A Course in Miracles: To Recognize Reality, or to Know the Light, is to be Enlightened.

Why and how A Course in Miracles became his immediate task to share his story with others?

"While I can't give you 25 hours a day--I can give you a FREE Miracle Starter Kit to kick up your life now!"

Yes, kick up your life now!

James Nussbaumer is an American author with eager interests about redirecting the mental power of our mistakes—before we act them out—into positive results. 

An ever-developing series written from deep in the rabbit hole of the prison system, and his voice is direct and real enough readers won’t realize turning the pages on the way through his remarkable personal story.

Now I feel like I can be miraculous in all that I do.

However...I went through a transformation that turned that around for me.

So for now, I hope you will benefit from my own climb out of hell. 

That said, absolutely use the search icon in the top right of the header and enter a word or few of your concern.

My goal is that you experience comfort and reflection of purpose while you begin reaching full potential. 

I hope you will follow me through my weekly blog with fresh and original transforming articles...

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