Fear of Loss: Could it be your Circle of Anxiousness and Despair?

Why is it you suppose so many humans have this deep fear of loss?

Take a quiet moment, now, an instant in your mind’s eye, seeing yourself going to a funeral of a loved one.

In this instant you’re driving to the funeral parlor or church, parking your car, and getting out as you glare up at broken beams of light trying to break through a cloudy sky.

As you walk inside you notice flowers arranged beautifully with soft organ music. In that same instant you notice faces of friends and family as you find your way through the room.

You feel the shared sorrow of losing, the joy of having known this individual that radiates from the hearts of those present.

You reflect a unified purpose for being there with others. The person in line next to you turns and gives you a nice smile.

As you walk to the front of the room and look inside the casket, you suddenly come face to face with your body.

This is your funeral, a few years into the future. All these people have come to honor your life, to express feelings of love and appreciation for your contribution to their life.

As you take a seat and wait for the services to begin, you look at the program in your hand. There are to be four guest speakers.

The first is from your family, immediate and also extended; children, and others who have come from all over the country to attend.

The second speaker is one of your friends, someone who can give a reflection of your character and your devoted friendship.

The third guest is from your work or profession. And fourth is from your church or some community organization where you were involved with service.

What character would you like them to have seen in you?

What contributions, what accomplishments would you want them to remember? Look carefully at the people around you, what difference would you like to have made in their lives?

How have you touched them?

All in this same thought as you slip into the next instant, you are honestly and truthfully receiving the answers.

One of the answers has arrived; you’ve touched in these instants of thought and have glimpsed, ever so briefly, your deep, fundamental, and natural values.

You’ve established brief contact with that inner guidance system at the core of your true essence; you’ve found your own holiness, the center of your light.

You have discovered and communicated with your spirit, the Holy Spirit. You were briefly in a no-time zone called a holy instant, and sooner than later a false idea of which you are, the ego, has crept back in to convince you that time is your reality.

In This Instant Is Your Reality Let the Fear of Loss Fade Away

The ego is not a friend of time, but uses it in order to gain its way around the world and give you a fear of loss. It doesn’t trust life and fears death, because it doesn’t know what to expect with either.

The ego-based mind’s strange religion must teach you as it convinces itself that there is a future beyond the grave.

It tells you that by not following certain rules your future will consist of burning in hell for eternity.

This is its primary fear of loss circle scare tactic. It speaks to you about Heaven, but insists, you’re not ready without further and particular preparation, always at a cost or sacrifice.

But, consider, if the ego-based mind tries to teach you these types of lessons, then who teaches the ego? That’s simple.

You do.

This is why the separated thought system the ego lives by is such a vicious circle of illusion.

When you identify with the ego you can’t seem to escape the belief in hell and a fear of loss. The guilt and fears keep you there.

The ego preaches that hell is always possible no matter how prepared you are for Heaven. Not a single individual that follows the ego’s guidance is without fear of loss, and especially death.

Yet ask yourself: If death were thought of as an end to pain, would you still fear death? What a strange and seemingly contradictory question that may nonetheless have a true answer.

The ego must try to keep fear from you and then bring it back to you again, so that it may maintain your allegiance.

It wishes to keep you on the roller-coaster ride of up and down illusions—the fantasy of thrill while impressing fear upon you.

The ego-based mind continues to convince you that Heaven has not a guaranteed spot for you, and it pushes this on you right up to the time of your body’s final breath.

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The Ego-Based Mind Continues to Convince you that Heaven does Not Exist

Fear of loss by the idea of hell is the most frightening aspect of the dream of separation.

Yes, and fear of hell is why our guilt for separating from God’s Mind is so heavy. It’s a dream of guilt, where the figures it represents carry the burden.

But in truth the Holy Spirit teaches and assures us there is no hell and Heaven has never declared you an outcast. You’ve never left, nor will you ever.

We can say that Heaven is the fluffy white cloud you fell asleep on that comfortably holds you in place while you dream. Your reawakening is carefully progressing.

The belief in hell is what prevents you from understanding the present, only due to the incessant time restraints your ego has on you. You’re afraid to understand anything as timeless.

The Holy Spirit knows only the present and uses time to undo fear, where the ego makes the present useless. The ego needs the past and future in order to look back and blame while seeking ahead for further fantasy, all for its survival.

There is no escape from fear in the ego’s use of time. It will use time as a device to continue piling on guilt making a mountain of vengeance.

The Holy Spirit has the constant task of undoing or reversing all of your fear of loss in the present moment.

Fear is never a result of the present and can only be made from the past or in predicting the future, which neither truly exist.

Each immediate instant, now, stands free and clear from the past, and certainly has not touched the future. What is now is always now and is never past or future. A moment from now becomes a fresh untarnished, clean new instant.

In this reflective state the present extends forever and is our glimpse of eternity. The “now” I speak of is your immortality.

Take this thought just a bit deeper and ask yourself, what truly is time without a past or future? It has taken time to misguide all of us so completely, but it takes no time at all to be what you are, now.

Begin your time in this instant, now, to practice the Holy Spirit’s use of time as a teaching aid to happiness and peace and overcoming a fear of loss.

Start in this instant to see that this is all there is of time.

After that instant, feel yourself naturally and suddenly with no effort entering another instant and proceed from there.

You will find that nothing from the past can reach you here, because in this instant, now, is your existence. This is called the holy instant, where your own holiness has no fears.

We cannot conceive of time without change, yet holiness doesn’t change. Ask yourself, in this instant, now, does hell truly exist in your mind?

How can it?

Heaven never changes within you, because it is who you are always, and always is in this instant. In my book Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom, you will discover that “You” are the Kingdom of Heaven, and This is where there is no fear of loss.

A Course in Miracles says to us, “It is in you where there is no change in Heaven.”

This must be so, because there is no change in God. In this holy instant in which you see yourself as free from the past and no threat of the future, is where you will remember God.

I say “Where” you will remember God, rather than “When” because the holy instant is not a period of time, but it is the place “Where” your mind exists—and your mind is you.

Let’s look further beyond to see that remembering God before we separated into a dreaming state of mind, is the aspect of ourselves that lives in the absolute truth.

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With this Absolute Truth Fear of Loss Fades Away

Just think about that for an instant. Truth. Isn’t this the light in how we know ourselves regardless of outside influences?

That said, who and what am I without the past or fears about the future? Then ask again, how long is an instant?

What is it that measures this instant, now? Give this instant to the Holy Spirit, and He will give you glimpses of eternity.

Have the goal of being inside a holy instant as often as you can and your fear of loss simply fades out of the picture.

When you give this holy instant to Him, you are also giving it to your brother/sister, because the Holy Spirit is in each of us. This instant is never yours alone because it’s always shared.

When you are tempted to attack another individual, you are operating from outside your holiness, which can only be of the ego-based mind.

The holy instant is the same length of time for your brother/sister as it is for you—if you wish to compare eternity to time.

Practice entering a holy instant by making a simple statement to the Holy Spirit—which is yourself, and say, “I give this instant to you so you may undo or reverse or correct the anger I feel.”

This is a sure way to leave behind your anxiousness, unsettledness, despair, depression, or any number of unreal thoughts haunting you that are not of your real self.

Then, be done with it; wipe your hands clean and move on to the next instant of your holy and true reality.

Next, it’s important that you realize you’ve entered a new, clean instant on behalf of the entire whole Child of God—the totality of all creation beyond form, by losing the past to it and keeping the future from it.

All of your success in this world comes to you within the holy instant, including your relationships that you’ll soon discover are holy, too. It’s your reflection instead of a projection you see in them.

This vision through holiness is real and is your escape from guilt, fear of loss and your acceptance of what you are, which is one with your Creator.

So how long is a holy instant?

It can only be the time it takes to realize the illusion of your anger is not what you truly want to experience. Is anger an error in thought as well as all your other miseries that only keep you limited?

Certainly. These are the thoughts that are not of love that come across a separated mind.

The holy instant takes you into your immortality and to your creations. I hear you asking in this instant, what are my creations? Anything real as a result of you.

How about joy and its effects wiping out any notion of any such fear of loss? That which is a real creation of yourself can mean exchanging your thoughts of an illusory hell for true Heaven.

Or, your willingness to transcend the entire ego-based mind’s making of fantasy, and “ascend” yourself into Heaven. After all, Heaven is within you.

All along this is what Jesus has been trying to teach us when he once said, “Do this in remembrance of me,” putting the ego aside and appealing for help in miracles from your brothers/sisters everywhere, by living within true reality—wholeness of mind.

A Course in Miracles suggests that we “offer the miracle of the holy instant through the Holy Spirit and leave His giving it to you, up to Him.”

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fear of loss

After all, Heaven is within you.

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