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Yes, I mean what our past Masters wanted us to know about success in your life… all by escaping from the world you were told you should live…


Change your thoughts about the world you see and you will soon be seeing success in your life.

Yes, driving your life in a very successful manner.


More about the author:

James Nussbaumer composed his first novel – a football saga – at age eleven on the shiny turquoise typewriter he found under the Christmas tree. 

The book was entitled Reaching for the Goal.  While his life has taken many turns since then, his focus on the Quest has never wavered.

Following tours of duty at Kent State University and in the U.S. Air Force, he spent the next twenty-five years in the financial services industry, excelling in a field he loathed – though not immune to its perks. 

By his thirties, running his own independent agency, he became an experienced public speaker and wrote a monthly column on financial security for Senior Forum, a regional Ohio newsletter. 

He then launched his own monthly client newsletter, Retirement Insights, which became hugely popular and evolved into a self-help publication with a nontraditional, nonreligious, spiritual slant.

Despite a long, successful career, in 2007 – faced with the pressures of an economy in freefall; the loss of one wife to cancer and two to divorce; the needs of his children and demands of an upscale lifestyle; and responsibilities to panicking clients, things hit the fan.

He illegally got caught up in misappropriating $100,000 of client’s funds to try to recoup the value of their investments and rescue his floundering business.  

He was able to repay the funds, yet the strategy failed and landed him a sentence of ten years.

His time in prison had been hell, and had also been unexpectedly fruitful, resulting in his return to his first love, writing.

And now, the series that begins with The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life.

The manuscripts were painstakingly handwritten in lined notebooks (he had no computer available in prison) and the material just keeps on coming.

It is his in-depth study of its lessons, combined with frank descriptions of the earthly hell of prison life, his first book of an ever-developing series was published.

His purpose is to point you toward success in your life

Not only did the author begin experiencing everyday miracles and building mental toughness, his books guide readers to a supreme freedom of our own.

Yes, through the deepest levels of forgiveness and a profound experience of the Oneness of the “Christ-Mind.”

By turns his series of books are instructive, challenging, humorous, and elevating.

Nussbaumer’s inspirational memoir not only leads his ever-developing series, but as well, to success in your life.

So, James takes us on an inner journey to becoming The Master of Everything.


His 2nd book, the sequel, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom leads the reader to pure enlightenment and becoming truly successful by living one’s true free will.

From his studies of A Course in Miracles, his first book, The Master of Everything, was born.

The sequel, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom is its companion.

For guidance to the path of everyday miracles, success in your life.

Important to realize is that, all of his books are down-to-earth, accessible, illustrating his life and experiences behind prison walls.

James likes, to say, “A parallel to the prison we all feel at times from this world.”


Book 3 brings the Trilogy to Completing the Reader!

Book 3 of this ever-developing series called And Then I knew My Abundance is truly a page turner for manifesting the life you want.

All 3 books on display and published by Ozark Mountain Publishing Co.

This book is concerned with making contact with this effective and purposeful part of the mind.

You will learn to realize your consciousness in a different way from the familiar way it may have been making you operate in the physical world.

You will learn to recognize consciousness as an entity that you create, but do so from behind it.

I know this may seem confusing, so for now, and just to buffer the impact of this thought about “you being behind your own consciousness,” allow me first to ask you to consider a couple of extending thoughts.

By extending I mean sharing our Reality together as One.

Ask yourself, what is truly a higher order: the physical? Or your natural Divine Self?

If separated from nature the mind becomes a hollow bundle of shallow thoughts, lacking all activity, without luster and authenticity, seeking only projected images seen as form, and without the pleasure of being real, or, let’s say, Divine.


And Now, James Nussbaumer is releasing his fourth book of the series:

Living Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s: A Story about the War Against Yourself.

James takes us there by the hand so we may see that if we shine our light of truth onto the face of adversity, looking squarely at it and allowing it to draw closer to the light, the life challenges fade away. 

Light extinguishes darkness, and not the other way around. By turns an amazing intimate revelation; challenging, uplifting, and the key to personal transformation. Yes, Nussbaumer’s inspirational book series does continue the inner journey to book 4:

Living Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s.


This book you are holding and its many sequels yet to arrive is A Story of Surrendering the War against Yourself, while being set free of all things that frighten us in a world of illusion; a collective dream we call life. 

Readers will learn: you are the dreamer of your life dream and you choose the dream characters and how it plays out; the ultimate release which everyone will one day find in his /her own way.

This world of light, this circle of brightness is the real world, where guilt meets with forgiveness. This is your purpose now.

Readers of Living Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s will learn, through “lessons” illustrated by personal anecdotes and stories that guilt and fear literally means a bad dream. 

It is as though one part of our thinking stays hand in hand with harmony and love, and the other part takes a detour into guilt and fear. The path of fearful projections becomes an imprisoned nature, a sick and fearful world, where Divine guidance can’t seem to penetrate.

The serious reader, again, will learn to heal and find freedom in light.

No one needs to feel guilt or fear. James emphasizes that you are much more, and is how to begin Living Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s.

Book 5 Now Available!

Let’s begin shifting your life from darkness to Light!

Yes, to overcome a fear-based mentality–where many people fail to accomplish their objectives and remain stuck in life…


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