Learning Real Abundance

Let’s start with the Power of Manifestation Lessons Free E-Book.

Absolutely, so you begin to create the life you want and desire, by exploring something miraculous and awesome!

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Be certain to get the Free E-Book profiled above, for how to create the life you want.

Yes, by learning how to manifest, easily, which has helped so many people worldwide!

Now, let’s do some exploring about Mind-Boosting Secrets and Self-Reflection Techniques, to bring your Dreams to Reality.

I mean that seriously,…And decide that YOU are the creator of your destiny. Here, now, are the serious, but easy steps that can set you free of struggle:

BUT you must take this information with an open mind and envisioning your full potential.

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First let me say what it was like for me to finally break free:

I found in truth that unless I took action on my goals and dreams I would not attain that splendor of freedom.

Nor, have passion if I were not living from my true free will. And to me, this is so important…

Think about it.

How could you love and be intimate without your true free will—which is your freedom of expression in this world?

It gets your Life Journey Feeling Great!

How does one find the means to do so?

Love is realized once you are doing what you are passionate about.

SERIOUS Power of Manifestation lessons Step # 2: …..


Whether it’s relationship healing, or career change being contemplated, weight loss or just anything that’s tugging and nagging at you, let’s now move on, while realizing I will not leave you out in the cold.

I’m always available for personal contact, because you are awesome and I know you will be doing great things for yourself which makes a better world.

This is book 2 of the series setting you free!

SERIOUS Power of Manifestation Lessons STEP # 3:…..

Now it’s time to get started. YES, I mean it’s time for you to take action and follow the simple steps just like I did some time ago, and am so glad I did.

But if you are looking for some “Get Rich” quick scheme, you have come to the wrong place…

But, if you are looking to be a successful individual doing what it is you love to do, these Master-Mind Challenge thought provoking tips over time, and understood, do indeed help.

You need time to do the things in life you’ve always wanted, freedom and independence in your daily life that reflects your interests in life, and I mean “Everyday Miracles” then you are on the right track!…

Don’t procrastinate any longer, get started with all the conviction and devotion in your heart to live your true free will, and I will see you on the inside. 

Book 3 opens the mind for an abundant life!

I’ll just add, for now, that there is absolutely nothing you can do to keep your confidence level high than learning to keep committed to your true free will.

A former Concrete Worker used this simple 3-Step Success System as Power of Manifestation Lessons, to eventually break free from his back-breaking dead-end job.

Also a Single Mom did the same.

But first she just ‘plain old decided’ to take action.

I mean, where both these average everyday people are now helping others around the world with such things like:

When you say “above all else” you are committing to withdrawing your thoughts about what you think you can’t do…

Here’s book 4 helping achieve your life dream…

It’s all in your power of choice to successfully travel on the life journey that is best for you.

These stories and many more are so true and inspirational. 

Not sure about things or not feeling positive, generous, grateful, or inspired?

Try and chart a new course for your life with a few simple exercises, right here I’m giving you.

First, try this simple breathing exercise below:

Yes, of course, I mean to refresh your perspective and improve your sense of relaxation.

Second, set your intention for the life you want by starting today, and by completing this sentence with a word that fits for you:

“I want to feel _____ about my future.” Some examples to get you started include: calm, joyful, grateful, helpful, relaxed, in control, balanced, accomplished, and at ease. Find the word that fits your intentions for the future; and today make it your mission to experience it!

All my best,

James Nussbaumer


Helen P… 1 day ago

This is amazing and beautiful to hear. I had NO idea I would look at my messages today and see your name and feel guided to watch you on YT but here I am and I think your story is fantastic. I think I may just have to buy your books, dear sir.

You have experienced something NO ONE wishes to have to experience and I am curious what came through you in those long moments by yourself or entrapped in such a way. Well done James.

Hi! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone where I just posted 10 blog posts and have income that is gaining fast. Just wanted to say I love learning through your blog and look forward to all your posts!
Carry on the great work!

Joanne… 3 months ago

Wow! Fantastic to hear of your success!!! So inspiring! I see mine manifesting quickly, too. Thank you, so much!

Thank you, my best, Peggy Lynn