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Dear Friends,

For those of you who don’t know my story, I’ve always had a keen interest for the metaphysical.

Sure, and this spiritual aspect we all possess can help us lead better lives.

Many people have messaged me for ways to open their minds and heal while creating the life they want, and is why I have started this self-help store here at my website.

My book series is on the rise and I continue to write daily and speak when I can; talk to people and host workshops everywhere while also speaking at conferences.

A Healing Manifesto

The Master of Everything is the pilot of the ever-developing series. It’s A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life.

This healing manifesto leads us out of our own self-made prison cell and experiencing ultimate freedom.

With humor, humility,, and wisdom, The Master of Everything is rewarding in its own right.

It is a spiritual declaration of a new meaning for forgiveness and living life without regrets.



From here the sequel was born, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom: Lessons from A Course in Miracles.

The passion and purpose behind this book continues the freedom journey.

Reaching Full Potential

This volume is also down-to earth, accessible, illustrating more of my time and experiences behind prison walls.

For example, feeling a oneness with these words as I do without confusion whatsoever.

It’s concern is reaching illumination thus finding in your heart the true free will that has been waiting for you, mastery accomplished.



From there it didn’t take long for an inner urging to begin the third book of the series titled, And Then I knew My Abundance.

This is for everyone who seeks something stable and how to begin reaching within without fear and doubt.

The volume deeply addresses why at times we feel surely lost in a strange and fearful land, and seemingly not at home.

When we least expect it…

Here’s where we search through fog for what we cannot seem to find.

Readers learn to end the striving and find lasting peace just as though we had returned to our happier childhood memories.

It’s agenda is letting go and cutting through the fog as you look beyond it.


I believe what I suggest to you here on this page, depending on your situation, will help tremendously or at least point you in the right direction.

Certainly I feel great in this opportunity to extend further my ideas for a better life.

Be open to making your dreams a reality…

I mean with frank descriptions of what I’d spent years each day writing about, and still do: the nature of real forgiveness to grant true freedom.

All my best,

James Nussbaumer

PS. Please keep in mind that I’ll be constantly offering even newer suggestions as I feel appropriate for how these programs and online courses may help my friends.

# # #



In the next section be sure to consider related helpful personal development courses and strategies I recommend and support:



If you’ve ever thought: “Why them…and not me?!”

The Counter-intuitive Secret to Manifestation

And I do mean, everything;

● The money. 

● The freedom.

 ● The empowerment.

You don’t need to “learn how to manifest” it; any of it…

You’ll learn how to make your dreams a reality to call your own!



Is your spouse leaving you?”

“You can save your marriage, and it will be worth it.”

You CAN save your marriage — even if your spouse says that they want a divorce.

You CAN rebuild that passion you felt for one another when you first kissed.

And you can bring back that love and devotion you felt for one another when both of you said, “I love you” for the first time.



Weight-loss, even a little, can significantly enhance your self-confidence…

If you dislike looking at yourself in the mirror every morning because of being overweight, it might be time to think about getting serious and begin a prove weight-loss plan.

and the way that you see yourself in addition to the way you think that others see you.






Much Less Expensive and better solution to western medicine.

When I first heard about it, I had excruciating pain in my
lower back, and was popping enough pain killers to kill a

But I was desperate.

(Really desperate)

So when a friend suggested I met his “Healer”, my eyes
rolled back in my head, but I still went along.

A journey which could change your life



What if God gave you the secret to creating whatever you want in life?

Do you want to attract the perfect romantic partner?

Someone who’ll love you unconditionally and stay by your side forever?

Do you want to attract unlimited financial abundance and wealth?

The kind of money that makes debt, bills, and worries just disappear, forever?

Do you want to understand yourself…and potentially fix the things you’re not proud of…in an instant?




What to do to stop blocking success

Big reason why your life may have gone off track (Shocking and Fascinating)

Ever wonder why some people naturally attract massive success while the rest of us struggle our entire lives?

It turns out it all comes down to a simple secret called Personal Magnetism.

You can use it to boost your inner confidence and gain more and better friendships in virtually any social setting because it is that powerful and universal…



Teach Your Child to Read and Enjoy it Today!

Give Your Child the Most Important Skill in Life – Reading.

How to Teach a 2 or 3 Year Old to Read.

Reading is one of the most important skills one must master to succeed in life.

It helps your child succeed in school, helps them build self-confidence, and helps to motivate your child.



Stuck in the Whirlpool of Mainstream Diets?


Get A Secret Weapon in the “Battle of the Bulge”

Sadly, the people who do succeed in losing weight usually regain everything within a year or so.

It can be truly disheartening, all these soldiers pushing the front line forward only to regress soon after.

Fortunately, The Ketosis KETO Diet is different: it’s real, it’s proven and safe, and the results are PERMANENT.

(No nonsense or grueling workouts required.)



Is your sleep sabotaging your success in any area of your life?

“Why Sleep Is Ruining Your Relationship”

This could be the reason why you’re not losing weight

Do you ever lie awake in bed trying to switch off your brain to go to sleep

…but find your mind flooded with problems, worries, and pressures of all the stuff you need to get done?

Interestingly, new research shows there is a high chance it is sabotaging your ability to experience the success and prosperity you desire and deserve.



Next time your man shuts you out do this…

Men secretly crave this 1 thing more than anything else (and it’s not what you think)

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of an emotionally dead relationship…

or if you’ve ever had a man suddenly pull away and shut you out…

Then what you’re about to find out will completely change the way men treat you and even how YOU experience relationships.



Create a NEW future with this…

Truth behind the myth

“Study the past if you would define the future.”
― Confucius

Makes sense doesn’t it?

To learn from our past, reflect and improve upon it!

The human race has always been moving forward based upon this one simple reasoning.

So imagine if we could actually learn from the men who were the most successful on earth.



How To Live Forever – Almost


It would be great, wouldn’t it? Being able to live forever?

Knowing that no matter how long it takes for the next greatest discovery to be made by mankind… 

you’d be around to experience the wonder of it?

Suppose for example you’d been born just 150 years ago. What do you think the high points of your life might be?



Transform everything with this… Some say that…

The rich have been keeping this from you..

If you’ve been struggling to get ahead at work, financially — or practically anywhere in your life (and failed)…

Then [you need to see the video] that not only reveals not your fault…

But blows the lid off a secret until now jealously guarded by the world’s elite “one percent.”

Hint: It has nothing to do with “smart drugs” or anything else you might have seen or heard about on the news. Nobody, and I mean nobody is talking about this…



Get paid hundreds for your voice (So many people everywhere are doing it…)

In the presentation you’ll discover a simple work from home loophole that helped a mom of two kids, $11K in debt, make over $4,522 in a matter of weeks…

But that wasn’t the most amazing part…

Within a couple of months, she was able to build a 6 figure business doing this.

That story of hers actually made the rounds of social media because she was doing ALL THIS …

… Inside the comfort of her own home while taking care of her two kids.

Now, I know her success story seems unreal, but let me warn you that it’s is for real!


Feel Free to Browse the Self-Help Directory below of Further Online Courses always Available to you:

Because everyone’s life circumstances and goals are unique this almost never ending list with safe and secure links is yours to access.

Go ahead and take your time as you surf through these personal development and self growth programs!


If you’ve ever experienced the pain of an emotionally dead relationship or if you’ve ever had a man suddenly pull away and shut you out… see this:

Failure to interact with assertive communication skills often sends out the wrong message about you. Here’s why and how mindfulness meditation can help…

These promising future entrepreneurs just want to learn from others’ mistakes so they can make an easier way for themselves. A life coach is what their looking for… yes, sharing your life’s experiences!

Find that healing anger and how to control your temper helps with newer reflective power insights into feelings and turn that around for a more healthy you…

Here what you’re about to find out will completely change the way men treat you and even how YOU experience relationships.

Is enjoying single life here’s more on His Secret Obsession for Females while you hope for the love of your life to appear? Let’s look at being successfully single, and finding out what men really want:

Here’s being vibrant with great health and alive with spirit begins with a healthy colon diet essential to well-being and is the best way to burn fat…

What makes a relationship healthy and how may a couple have the best marriage ever? Here we explore signs of a great love relationship; as well… 

Are you asking yourself why your true dreams are not being reach? Why you’re not reaching goals and falling short of life objectives includes a wake-up tool helping you be more in alignment to the life you want…

Because at the end of the day, men secretly want just one thing. And once you understand this one crucial craving that men have… you have him wrapped around your heart…

Look into this improve sleep natural tool, but also for a life of happiness a component of health and increased well-being impacting peaceful sleep at night..

Here’s a poll of how wonderful men feel about irresistible women: How to be a desirable woman article includes a Module that’s turned many into the prettiest women today who are now so irresistible to men…

If there’s signs she’s cheating on you… I’ve also included below a Free report, that has help many realize whether they should leave or stay; and be happy with the decision.

Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation system is one personal transformation product when on a tight budget, I’d definitely choose 15 Minute Manifestation…

When we first begin a relationship with someone, we’re attracted to the possibility of what the relationship could become. It’s an exciting new adventure.

To live your real passion for your goals let’s see why you need to look deeply to the highest level or at least understanding the power of true Reality…

It will be plain as day to you why it’s the #1 reason men pull away when it’s missing from a relationship.

When that magical feeling becomes an everyday feeling, it’s easy to stop looking for potential in your partner. Instead, you fixate on the ways he’s different from you, the things you don’t like.

If your mind and your thoughts are “built” on a foundation as firm as a rock… then you will be able to manifest the life, and wealth you truly desire. This will help you do that!

If you’ve been through a breakup recently– Or if your man seems to be drifting further away each day… Then it’s time to pull out all the stops.

If your beliefs are built on sand, you will be forever stuck fighting your insecurities and negative thoughts… So here’s how to move on with a more solid mindful foundation…

Allowing you to manifest the wealth and prosperity you desire faster than you ever thought possible? The answer lies in this eye opening report unlocking the inner power of your mind.

If your man is pushing you away and acting distant, or if the guy you’re after isn’t giving you the time of day… Then it’s time to pull out all the stops.

Yet the most riveting part of Einstein’s discoveries, lies in how it allows you to “broadcast your thoughts and desires to the universe”… as if you’re turning your brain into a mini wi-fi transmitter of sorts.

Imagine what you can do if you know how to tap into the vast streams of knowledge the universe has in store. Why not have that feeling of financial freedom each waking morning…

This one secret male obsession is the biggest key to being truly irresistible to a man… in a bonding way that goes far beyond physical attraction.

Are you able to and do whatever the hell you want because nobody tells you what to do?… knowing you don’t have to worry about bills, because you’re too busy planning vacations.

Certainly… it’s up to you whether or not you’re prepared to receive your desires when the universe sends them into your life.

Ever wondered what it would be like to part with your physical body and have your consciousness go anywhere of your choice?…Without dying, of course…

Since 99% of the time, there is only 1 thing your man can hear that will change his mind and heart and want you back in his arms forever. I like this because it’s about real love…

Yes, it IS possible to have ‘out of body’ experiences and “project” your consciousness across the world (or universe if you so choose).

And when you know what your man really wants, you’ll never struggle to keep a man interested or connected on a deep emotional level the way most women do.

Once your mind is free from your body… the laws of space and time don’t really apply to you as think.

And once you say this to your man or even send this simple phrase in a text message… It will flip his world upside down and you will suddenly find him chasing you…

Well, an expert on the topic has prepared this report which shows you how to tap into the power of reflection for creating…

Will you visit places you never thought possible? Will you connect with an even higher level of consciousness? … the choice is yours.

Go check his report out, and discover how you can tap into the power of creative passion to attain wealth and project that into your material world… There really is nothing quite like it.

There is no Re-Do of marital troubles or relationship struggle.  So, let’s stop the regret and start the change. The time is now. The starting point is HERE. GRAB THE SYSTEM and get started.

She felt being invisible when hoping to meet someone new and couldn’t attract the right guy. And, was afraid of meeting a new guy, only for the relationship to just go cold after a week of conversation.

At his age, the old man’s joints weren’t as smooth as they used to be. The arthritis got to him so hard he had to quit his beloved job as a journalist. My friend found this to truly help…

This is a courtesy reminder that the tuition won’t hold much longer for this online course on Manifestation of your Dreams and Destiny. Don’t miss out, and join here at the discounted rate:

What makes the video so interesting is how it details what repels good men from women. In fact, if you’ve ever found yourself repelling men… here you’ll see what men secretly want…

Now the thing about chronic pain, which most people don’t get…Is just how tiring chronic pain is. Both physically AND mentally. Here’s natural remedies for many ailments…

What do you think the future is when it comes to healthy and effective weight-loss practices? Well, the good news is, it isn’t pills and tablets.

Well, once I leveraged it in my mind, I was able to take my weight to where I am very pleased, and with a comfortable practice to keep the pounds off for good!

Thousands of women who discovered this one male desire have used it to turn hopeless situations into the life fulfilling relationships they always dreamed of.

It’s not just good genetics for wealth creation. You can train your brain to think and process at a higher level if you know how:

It’s no secret that most men only want one thing, right? Well it turns out that’s not only wrong, but may actually be the root of many failed relationships.

Remember: the Life Coaching Certification Course originally retails for almost seven hundred dollars. No need to spend that much money when you have access to the exclusive, promotional link here:

But who could possibly love a woman… And let me tell you that, you could hear the loneliness in her voice piercing your soul as she spoke. I’d dare say, now she’s having a hard time turning down all the dates coming her way.

It is all about ‘Living your Dreams’ while not having to change a thing, that much. I mean other than how you think about your life and the universe.

Absolutely, you CAN profit from your life’s experiences and help others in the process… the wildly popular Life Coaching Certification sale will not be extended. So check it out and grab it now!

Yes, sharing your learning experiences from your past is valuable info that younger generations cannot get enough of. They need your life coaching through learning from your mistakes…

The basic belief that you can enrich his life through a close, intimate relationship is crucial. Because it changes how you come across to him.

This is part of my morning routine and has been for a long time… Are you using this few minute secret in your life yet?

All it takes is a few-minute mindful moment and you’ll be manifesting more wealth, happiness, and success than ever thought possible. I want your manifestation success and your life to be the best ever…

How the successful icons of all-time minds operate to focus on their goals… and manifest the kind of success and wealth we see them with, all while making a massive impact around the world.

It became pretty clear to these masters and giant’s minds, great world leaders, operated on a “higher level” of thought than most. Check it out here:

Just imagine the kind of life you can live and the amazing things you can manifest in your future when your brain is finely tuned to operate at a super high level.

This technique became known as the Reach for the Stars Effect, and you can use this method today to enhance your OWN brain power… in just ten minutes a day!

These promising future entrepreneurs just want to learn from others’ mistakes so they can make an easier way for themselves. A life coach is what their looking for… yes, sharing your life’s experiences!

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spent the whole night trying to dose off… only to start seeing the sunrise over the horizon, and realize you’re out of time?

You ever found yourself doubting whether you were smart enough to do something? Ever felt as if you could do so much more if you were as smart as the geniuses out there?

What if Einstein was absolutely right in that quote of his? Everyone is a genius. Including you, but you gotta learn to dive deep and create what you want…

Are you sick to your stomach of lying in bed at night … failing to fall asleep?

And when you know how to satisfy this lifelong obsession… He will make it his lifelong mission to cherish and please you…And he will pursue your love to the ends of the earth.

Your mind is a lock… and you need a key to tap into that well-spring of raw potential sealed within! And I believe, this presentation here can get you started.

Are you born a genius, or is there some secret “genius switch” in your head… just waiting for you to flick it on when the time is right…

Just imagine you being able to just think of incredible answers to problems which you face right now.

Imagine being able to come up with business ideas, new income streams… Ways to boost your wealth and manifest more prosperity into your life!

The kind of loving companionship and romance you deserve. If you want to uncover this secret male desire and find exactly how you can bring you and your man closer together than ever before…

Imagine just how different your life could be if you tapped into that hidden portion of your mind…Where your true inner genius lay waiting. Sounds absurd? Well, think again!

So you feel like your mind is at the very peak of what it can do? How would you want to open your mind… and unleash your true mental potential…

How can you elevate your mind beyond your limitations like past Masters and great Kings have done and achieve your true… untapped potential?

Here’s a video you won’t want to miss that shows you how to become your man’s deepest obsession by understanding the bonding stages:

How long do you think it would take you to attract so much wealth, you completely change your lifestyle and even cover all your debts?

How long do you think it would take you to create a sudden surge of wealth in your life?

Heck… the wealth you dream of is far… far closer than you can ever imagine. And all it takes is changing a few core beliefs in your head holding you back.

What if I told you it was easy to overcome these life challenges you’re up against… as easy as waving a wand… and making a miracle happen…

This may not sound fair, because it’s not-But did you know that you can be a guy’s dream girl…I mean, you can literally check off every box on his “perfect woman” list…

If you want to manifest the wealth, love, life and health of your desires then what I have to say to you here is going to open your eyes a bit. And that’s not a trick question either.

If you had real magic in your life, I mean real sub-atomic miracle potential… what miracles would you be doing to make things better for you?

Recently, at a Master-Mind webinar I had quite a few asking for ways to help them overcome anxiety… desperate for relief… and I could immediately relate to what they were going through. Here’s what has helped:

So, what should you do? Give up on your marriage when stuff hits the fan? Or even worse, never get married? There’s a solution that will not only rekindle the old flame, but will also make it flame higher.

You don’t have to be a Guru or Master to figure out what’s wrong with thinking that you lack miracle-minded psychic power.

And even if you have ideas for tapping your inner strength, it doesn’t need to take forever to get rolling on reaching your goals in life.

If you want to increase your personal transformation ‘efforts’ to like being, ‘effortless,’ start right here.

It happens over and over.  There is a marriage crisis.  A spouse says, “We cannot go on like this.” Then the other spouse promises to change. Which creates a problem. A big problem. Don’t fall into this trap!

Ultimate success and creativity tool: When I first started in the Create your dreams thought process long ago, you had no choice but to learn everything. But these days, a lot of success tools are really cool Try this one!

This “create the life you want” mindful surge – or breakthrough, will show you what you need to do (even if you aren’t a self-awareness guru) so you can surprise the world.

It’s easy to say you are gonna grind away at losing those pounds and bringing forth a trimmer you. Hey, just like me. At age 62 I keep thinking I can speed up my metabolism.

It used to be where you’d talk things over when there was common relationship problems and everything seemed to be okay. But these days now there is no guarantee that your old love is going to stick with you.

To plan your life you don’t have to be a space cadet to learn mind training practices, because it’s not rocket science. I like this, and so do many successful others:

My longtime friend Dirty Mike (A Dirt Bike Racer Retired) had a long talk about ‘Freedom from Overwhelm’—Achieve spaciousness and ease by learning how to navigate day-to-day stress… It’s why I suggest this:

Heightened Resilience—Establish a sense of grounded presence and power is crucial, I mean to help you weather challenges and setbacks…

Mind relaxation with an imaging process to turn your life around you doesn’t mean you have to be a guru, and you don’t need years of experience for creating a life plan.

But what if you don’t have the time for a lengthy diet approach or have tons of money to hire a weight-loss guru, or those eat 6 times a day adds on TV. This might be what you need to see!

So, why do many people continue with all that inner critic dialogue that constantly hounds them like a snarling dog, “What to do with my life?” Find out more here.

People focus on one or two ideas instead of taking action on the few likeability laws of the universe and its practices, so if this is you it is why you have trouble to get the life you want.

If you aren’t consistent, you won’t do well. You have to keep moving along each and every day… ways to feel happy through completeness as well as abundance, prosperity and wealth creation.

Do you want to learn about Creative Manifestation? What’s crazy is a lot of worldly highly effective people are jumping to the space because it really works.

You hear terms like Visualization Meditation and Power of Manifestation… But manifesting your dreams in this world does take commitment, and if so, then it’s not as difficult as it seems.

So the question is, how do you manifest abundance and get the life by aligning with the sub-atomic YOU, like successful others have learned and are doing?

I have a video I’d like you to see and pay attention closely to, and where a brief and well-received article explains deeper about you in all areas of your life, actually ARE the COSMIC, or, UNIVERSE…

Why Controlling Stress and Anxiety is Crucial to Create the Life You Want… I strongly suggest taking a look here for how to get the most out of life.

Knowing that stress and anxiety is an imaging thing, and holding you back in life is an excellent place to start, however you must take responsibility for stress and anxiety. Give this a good looking over:

Find some relief education and its effect on overall health transforming your life and, of course, your bottom line for success and happiness. Start right here:

To control stress and anxiety is most concerning when it comes to excelling in life. I mean your way of life, how you think, your feelings, as well as dealing with everyday life issues.

Sure, love relationships are complex. There are a lot of moving parts to love and sex, it seems. But there’s one guiding principle that brings everything else into alignment. It’s free will and love! Yes, see more right here:

After all, that’s why we seek out love relationship bonding; companionship, right? We don’t want to feel alone. Too often we want to guard that feeling of connection instead of bonding and trusting it. See more here:

One rule to master romantic relationships… Never text this to a man unless you want him to become completely obsessed with you: (Har, har, bit it is true!)  But, rather text this stuff!

Having Sleepless nights? I found this trick to turning your brain off like a light switch, using what’s called: ‘mind balancing hacks’. Learn how to knock-yourself-out like a flick of a switch.

Sometimes when you screw things up in a really bad way, you just…quit trying, you know? Here’s how to SHATTER the grip of the sticky past and RECLAIM your GORGEOUS Life.

You deserve of OCEANS of LOVE. And guess what? The universe wants to give it to you! But…You struggle to accept all that love. Here’s how to better understand this:

I am so thrilled as an author of an ever-developing book series that I’m watching rise to the top, and I so often discuss the hidden beauty in women who make us men happy. So I want to suggest my friend’s free report, sure my books, too!

When you solve the RIGHT problem (and I’ll tell you how in a minute)… That clears the way for miraculous change and growth. Yes, and on to a life of bliss!

Solve the RIGHT problem and here’s what happens: Frustration becomes understanding. Crippling fear becomes bright optimism. Sloppy habits become iron-clad commitment…

Doubts dissolve away and you FINALLY see your dreams start to happen (!!) You GOTTA stop running from those monsters. Stare them straight in the eyes and tell them WHO’S the Real YOU is: You need to see this, right away (it’s powerful stuff)… 

When your life as a woman is a hot mess, one problem becomes ten problems, which becomes a hundred problems, and pretty soon they are a giant, overwhelming monster.

If you’ve ever needed to get unstuck from a bad place in your life, this is the kind of compassionate, insightful, inspirational help you need… Let me know what you think!

For the Real Woman you are: This report is loaded with powerful mantras, searing questions, and thought-provoking ways to help you grow your capacity to unabashedly accept love like a gorgeous woman should!

There has never been a better time to put an end to the heartache of an unfulfilling relationship. You can rebuild the happiness and close connection, thanks to the life-changing techniques right here:

It’s easy to say your marriage is in good health when the world around you is prospering, but when your fortunes turn and your world is in hardship, how you interact within your marriage can often paint an altogether different picture.

If you as a thriving woman really want to get free from the past, heal your hurting soul, and throw open a THOUSAND DOORS to your female beautiful glittering future, you need to see this, right away…

In a love relationship it’s Love which keeps us coming back for more, keeps us trying to do things better, and helps us to keep trying even when we feel let down.

In talking to a love partner about your feelings and what leads you to feel these feelings is a valuable part of intimacy. For more tips about unconditional love and developing intimacy see this:

Here’s fast help for hurting women…  You feel trapped. Trapped by your old mistakes. Trapped by your inability to (magically) “know” the important stuff. You try to put on a strong front, but inside you’re crumbling.

A greater understanding of what it truly takes to create and foster a healthy and loving marriage, check out this program that’s save many failing love relationships and marriages…

If your marriage or love relationship is in crisis, you need urgent action and proven strategies to help save it. Don’t wait a moment longer, here’s help:

Did you know that the longer you leave your relationship struggles lingering, the more damage you risk doing? Don’t risk pushing your spouse even further away. Instead, having him adoring you…

Often we can’t SLEEP because the mind races about work responsibilities, difficulties with the children and worrying about finances… You want to go to sleep NOW, so you ‘try to go to sleep harder’.

This Save the Marriage program is wonderful, and the most comprehensive and life changing course I know of that has saved thousands of marriages and reestablished love and renewed commitment.

No matter how seemingly lost your marriage may seem, with the right techniques and attitude, the team of experts from this couples therapy program can offer insights and information…

It’s about establishing key actions and patterns to get your life back on track, as well as your marriage. This is about much more than your relationship. This is going to change the way you live your life.

Meditation and learning reflection principles is one of the healthiest things you can do for mind and body. Give your mind and body a boost of nutrition while enjoying life in style!

Do you want to live your life free of anxiety and worry? I know I do! I hope your weekend is off to a happy and worry-free start 🙂 Give this a try that ancient Masters trued to teach us:

TROUBLE SLEEPING? Only moments before, you were feeling sleepy… But now you toss and turn, trying to get comfortable, and you realize it’s going to be ‘one of those nights’.

The REAL Woman trouble or issues that hold you back are NOT about food (even junk food!), your wrinkles, your bra size, or your bank account… Becoming the Real, Radiant you starts here (sneak ahead and see more:

Often we can’t SLEEP because the mind races about work responsibilities, difficulties with the children and worrying about finances… You want to go to sleep NOW, so you ‘try to go to sleep harder’.

And in case you’re a bit short of cash, I’ll be sharing her little known secret which you can use to make $300 or even $500 in just an hour’s time…

We can’t be blamed for feeling like we’re not good enough to have what we want. Now… If you think you’re not good enough to have the kind of charisma which will make EVERYTHING in life just line up for you?

Imagine being so charismatic as a beautiful woman your lover can’t help but feel LUCKY to be with you… and eyes you as if you’re the incredible catch they got.

But what if I told you there was a shortcut to success you didn’t know about. A secret which will leave you in awe when you realize how simple it is.

This guide might just be the missing link between you right now… and you living the life you want to live. Go grab your copy here.

I have developed a fantastic way of reclaiming my mind and happiness and rewiring my thoughts to positivity and hope…And now I want to share it with you!

I am particularly proud of this one and how it is changing the lives of my friends, and I hope you experience the same success that they have all had!

Expand your ​Mind ​​and build a Better Version of Yourself… Provided that you immerse yourself completely, and that you dedicate yourself with absolute commitment to the realization of your vision.

Begin Today Making the Most of You for Success in Life: To Prosper and Reach Dreams… The late Steve Jobs had said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

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Remember, the money abundance idea here is to learn as much as you can to help elevate your goals to the next level of success in life, while being easier to bring forth positive results.

Yes, it certainly IS your time to turn it on for creating a great life… I have seen the luckiest people who have everything to be thankful and happy for, but yet they still feel miserable.

I’ve seen people struggling through the hardest times seem happy and thankful, are truly smiling often. It’s all in the creative software between your ears. And that between your ears is controlled by you!

Remember, happiness affects all parts of our lives… Including our ability to manifest our world the way we want it rather than what others prescribe for us…

Some do it for peace of mind, others for income, or both…I ask you to take a look at this video about easily manifesting and … enjoying your incredible life…

Here’s how she became an author children books to overcome virtually insurmountable obstacles to live her dream life, inspiring others, traveling, attracting wealth, a great relationship and being happy.

Instant relaxation and mindful focus just press play! If you’re not focused it also makes it damn near impossible to do the work that creates the channels to bring the wealth into your life.

To bring my mind into that blissful, ultra-focused state where I could calmly focus on what I wanted for my family, the world, and gain the mental clarity I needed to get working on manifesting it into my reality.

This video helps activate that extra bit of wealth creation brain power to banish brain fog, and any negative spinning in your head keeping you from focusing on what you want.  

A bit about your “True Calling”: Take a look at the High performance secrets of the world’s best paid CEOs…Almost as if success and big ideas come naturally to them… like they’re a magnet.

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Strategies the best paid CEOs and business owners around the world had to book private sessions with her in the past just so she could share them with her.

Isn’t it about unchaining your Heart of Gold… The late Wayne Dyer taught me to always look deeply at today’s truly successful people, like the Billionaires. It’ why I like this so well…

My friend Mark had a sleepless night issue that hounded him. He struggled with this every night until he discovered a breakthrough that knocks-out the worst insomniacs in a matter of minutes with a 93% success rate.

I sometimes wonder what goes on in the heads of some of the biggest game changers of our time. Here’s what I found…

People, Steve Jobs changed the world with the iPhone. Bill Gates changed the world with Windows. Wayne Dyer helped realize our inner power. Where did their power come from?

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This week’s Mindful Value message explores that ever since [this money in your mind video] online a few days ago, I keep checking back to see how many have prospered…

To those who want a flat belly but hate the gym…You might have even tried all the crazy diets out there… with no results. And all I can say is… it’s all true. All of it. Health studies from as far as Japan. JAPAN!

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If you’ve wondered what kind of advantages enhanced brain power might give you, all of that just became old news.

The Secret Behind My Making the Most of Life (It’s Not What You Think)… In this weekly Mindful Value message let’s think a bit about living life to the fullest and being all you can be.

I’ve figured out how to consistently grow my business from the ground up even when I was flat broke and penny less, and while getting the most of life.

How to master your inner state of flow… This week’s Mindful Value message brings me to asking you, ever wondered just how the hell athletes are able to pull off their superhuman feats?

Heck, this is why some of the BEST coaches in the world swear by it to make sure the athletes under their ward can PERFORM ( yes, I just wrote that in all caps for emphasis! ).

Whether you’re trying to eliminate stress, achieve your goals… manifest wealth, love, health and prosperity… or just trying to reprogram your mind to think more positively… this system will have you covered.

I’ve been listening to this achieve your goals system … and it’s really got my stream of consciousness flowing onto the page, unfiltered, uncensored… and raw.

They told me just how demotivating it was to step onto the scale each morning, and feeling like their weight loss efforts are going backwards… not forwards… and to top it all off…

How do you turn the Light Bulb on! I mean for the life you want? What the world’s ELITE have been keeping from you… And it’s a secret you can use anywhere, anytime to literally re-wire your brain for success in every area of your life.

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An updated free video with Dr Steve G Jones that’ll cover a really simple ‘Millionaire Brainswitch’ method that he used to go from borderline bankrupt to a millionaire in under a year!

Whether you are dead-broke or living in the Hamptons, Women’s Life Confidence reveals how to allow the simplest gifts — and EVEN the broken parts — in your life to spur you toward daily gratitude and joy.

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Do you find yourself constantly trying to chase after and catch up with your spouse? Have you felt that your spouse is aloof, cool, withdrawn, or distant?  Pulling away?  Not wanting to be around?

Doing something you hate just to get by… knowing deep inside you could be doing something else which truly makes you happy. But what could that something be? A true calling, perhaps?

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We’ve all been there trying to find success. It’s disappointing! You spend hours reading the latest self-help books, or loads of time meditating, but for some reason, you can’t find the secret.

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Over the years, I have noticed a pattern — almost a dance — between spouses.  One is the ‘pursuer.’  The other is the ‘distancer.’  The faster the pursuer pursues, the faster the distancer distances.

Here are the exact power of manifestation and creating a great life tactics, we may say, that work, even if you’re brand new to the laws of the universe.

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Reality warping secrets the ancient texts have been trying to tell us… This week’s episode on Mindful Value message has me dwelling on success of the ancients: See it here…

Why isn’t anything working out? Ever find yourself asking that question…? I was blown out of my mind at first when I saw this…but the level of understanding I had in the end was worth it.

Go check it out here… and discover the little known behind our reality. Miracle of Who you Truly Are  bringing abundance to you?

My previous few weekly Mindful Value messages to you mentioned this, but I thought I’d extend my excitement again. It’s great to realize that you have the power to create what you want in life!

I used to think Presence and Miraculous Power had no real applications in the real world outside of making people act crazy. I came across some truly inspiring people using this…

My team and I have practiced this 15 day routine, and continue to do so, and it works, with this thought process, you can get yourself into a manifestation state getting on the fast track to success:

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Some gas for your manifestation engine? But what if there was a way to pour some sort of… “gasoline” on the flame that is manifestation, and make it light faster, and burn brighter and hotter?

In this week’s Mindful Value message I’ve got to say, Ya’ know what… There’s truths about all men, and what they secretly want to find in a woman of their dreams…

Tapping into your inner power to redefine success, ways to feel happy, and all the way up to ‘learning’ how to manifest’ through reflection principles. I love this approach here:

The power of manifesting is for tapping into your inner power redefining how to live the life you want, finding success that is right for you, and not what others prescribe…

Living your dream life is about the ways to feel happy through completeness as well as abundance, prosperity and wealth creation.

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Make rekindled love flame higher. Just take some quality time and follow this for how to ensure your old love sticks around, or comes back if you’ve already split. If that’s what you want, of course.

Right now you could be trying to manifest the life you want… but you can’t quite put your finger on what’s keeping you from doing it? This has helped many to breakthrough.

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If your relationship is not the biggest source of happiness and joy in your life… If you’re not getting the love, devotion and adoration that you deserve… this may help:

Painful changes we all deal with at times so let’s understand why the power of your real mind in an instant may let go of fear holding you back…

If at a crossroad in life and struggling with the notion of ‘I need to change my life around ‘ this mindfulness meditation quickly lends inner guidance…

Let’s see why when you commit to have the life you deserve your mind goes to work to change your life appropriately so that you do get the life you want…

It’s proven and here’s why how to have peace of mind is your realization within you of the power to manifest the life you want in truth, and you embrace this power…

Sure life is full of wealth challenges and if you are failing there, here’s help if feeling trapped in life and imprisoned as much of the world lives by with the world itself as our jailor…

When you are clear about how to get everything you want in life you will have the power and focus to manifest your dreams so much faster…

And most women have no clue it exists because guys aren’t even aware of it. We just KNOW when it’s missing. The “Secret Ingredient” to obsessive love…

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Let’s learn to truly focus on what you want when you are feeling stuck, to manifest precisely what you desire in life by the true cosmic power within you…

When he’s not interested anymore might be troubling you and that your life partner seems to be drifting away try to see here what to do…

Let’s learn to step up your hope for a better life by first realizing consciousness in a different way from the familiar way it may have been operating…

Natural ways available to heal chronic stress and stop anxiety dead in its tracks and other natural ways of stress anxiety depression healing regimens…

If the men in your life seem to lose interest out of nowhere leaving you confused and hurt… Then I can honestly say that this video is the most important thing you can watch right now…

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Healthy aging is much easier when we stay active helping keep deterioration at a minimum and importantly helps you embrace this stage of life with peace…

Here’s how to quickly overcome feeling no direction in life and rather instill hope for a better future and rewards of your purpose in life…

Let’s look at the healing with the universe exposed for getting the life you want, the essence and inner-connectedness of all that exists with your Creator…

The really wonderful thing about true love is, when you know how to give a man this “secret ingredient”… It will send a shockwave of desire for you straight to his brain and cherish you…

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I like this program for anxiety healing techniques so panic disorder doesn’t get chronic; included is the anxiety help Cure-all-Video helping many live wonderfully…

Let’s look at why being more positive in all that you do is the power bringing into your life more of what you want, and is how your goals are satisfied…

To live your real passion for your goals let’s see why you need to look deeply to the highest level or at least understanding the power of true Reality.

Painful changes we all deal with at times so let’s understand why the power of your real mind in an instant may let go of fear holding you back…

Let’s see how to stop negative inner dialogue that can terribly affect your health just by letting go of bad thoughts and changing thoughts for the better…

I like this for handling stress and anxiety situations. Why? Because it is an important mind secret for living a great life; something the most successful people ever learned…

If at a crossroad in life and struggling, and want to step forward, with the notion of ‘I need to change my life around ‘ this few minute mindfulness meditation quickly lends inner guidance…

It’s proven, so let’s see why when you commit to have the life you deserve your mind goes to work with a photo imaging process to change your life appropriately and get the life you want…

Many have said this helps when in-the-dumps…and are calling this Viagra for your thought process and here’s why peace of mind is your power to create the life you want as you embrace this power…

Yes, here’s how he will feel an irresistible urge deep in his chest that makes him want to lovingly commit to you and never let you go.

Here’s how to enjoy great health in old age by taking time to do something that you take pleasure in each and every day which will slow the aging process…

How many people do you think will have to deal with loss? What percentage? My answer: 100%…We ALL have to live with loss and grief at one point or another. Here’s a video for moving on in life:

Even better and healthier Fat Loss, the system uses your body’s natural chemistry to make it a fat-burning machine, so you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. For example, did you know that in the last several years I’ve been aligned to a universal Source that is so incredible I was able to reprogram my subconscious?

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How to Manifest Actual Desires Without a Magic Wand… Did you know that 4 out of 5 people will strive for success in life, but only 1 out of 5 will take action on a way to success.

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This weight-loss system proved its bones to me! Isn’t weight loss or maintaining the right weight important for personal development? When I first heard this news, it spun my head right round.

Sure life is full of challenges so here’s help if feeling trapped in life and imprisoned as much of the world lives by with the world itself as our jailor…

If you are committed and truthful to yourself with clarity about getting what you want in life this will help you have the power and focus to manifest your dreams so much faster…

Are you convinced that the guy you’re interested in would experience more happiness in life if he settled into a relationship with you? So, here’s more on if you’re already dating him being convinced he’s lucky to have you?

Here’s why when getting older natural healing remedies will actually slow down the aging scenario we all face far beyond just a healthy aging diet…

The reason it is hard to believe is that the mainstream Dieting mantras like “Eat less, exercise more” and “Count every calorie” are actually ineffective for the majority of dieters. Here’s a better way:

Success Habits And Secrets Of Successful People: How They Achieve A Prosperous Life… It takes guts and decision to become a business owner and to help you might want to consider some ideas from the secrets of truly successful people.

I have always been told I have a great voice for recording. Then I stumbled into this: how you can earn great income from just speaking into a recording device, that helps big businesses marketing with your voice.

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I found this video to be worthy and uplifting on healing when you’re stuck. I mean for Pete’s sake like living your dreams and feeling good about your goals. If you don’t have time to view it entirely then bookmark it and view later when more relaxed.

Why is it so important to the future of our children when we get excited to teach kids how to read? We all seem to be making progress with personal development goals and if our children don’t learn to read properly they most likely will be left behind.

And I’m absolutely sure having her friends ask her “what’s her secret” to her youthful skin is would be an added bonus to her continued confidence and beauty.

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Some struggle (not too much) is necessary for developing the muscles of survival. It is true with love relationships, and certainly true with marriage. When we struggle together, we develop the skills necessary to take on other struggles.

Well, I like to say this a hint: When I first saw this… It has nothing to do with “smart drugs” or anything else you might have seen or heard about on the news. Nobody, and I mean nobody is talking about this…

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The relationship that will last the test of time. Something that will empower you to create real desire in a man, and the kind of emotional bond that life partnerships are built upon.

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My friend Ronnie convinced me of this due to me writing around the clock: Basically, did you know that Sleep Deprivation could be sabotaging your relationship? Makes sense right? You feel moody, emotional and quick-tempered…

Where weight-loss is concerned does your head feel like a whirling dervish? Did a tornado just whip through your mind? It sounds insane, but according to the scientific proof — here’s why this has helped so many!

Everyone agrees that reading is good. It boosts your mindfulness and overall health. Likewise, when a child is hooked on reading it lights up his/her spirit.

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Infidelity Questions continue…Well, that episode is here. Think of it as a free training on dealing with infidelity in marriage. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS ANSWERS TO INFIDELITY QUESTIONS…

If you want a man who will try hard, someone who will overcome obstacles in the relationship so he can keep loving you, then look for this one quality: Rejection of cynicism.

You have to heal the anger and resentment before you get very far into saving your marriage. So, quick question:  Have you managed to heal the anger and resentment in your marriage?

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Last week, I told you about the Saving our Marriage episode where it covered listener-submitted questions about infidelity. There was too many to cover in one episode, so I noted that this video would be coming.

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This instinct is so hardwired into a man’s genetics that it will drive him to work harder than ever before to make your relationship the best part of both of your lives.

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In regard to thinking and soul searching about, what I want in life, all things are possible to those who believe and use the power of visualization with the Law of Attraction.

Indecisively if you’re thinking relationship healing, or is it time for a divorce, one of the partners, perhaps the one with a lower pain threshold, decides that she just can’t live with the marriage any longer.

Are you going to be a “status quo normie”… settle for a boring life with hardly any excitement, nothing to live for? Or are you going to be a real dreamer… reach the destiny you’re supposed to have?

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“The world is your oyster James,” a friend told me: now it’s your turn to crack it open and claim your shiny little pearl of hope. It’s really only needing a willingness on your part:

Think of all the times you wanted to try something new, yet that small whisper at the back of your head told you: you weren’t good enough.

My friend Ronnie talked about when he’d think of all the times he, like all of us, you, convinced yourself you weren’t “good enough”. He mentioned the great Masters, to do something you clearly were up to the task.

Do you feel you short changed yourself along the way? That right there is the voice of your limiting beliefs, whispering into your ear… in its seductive, tempting voice.

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There’s a whole life of abundance and freedom waiting for you, but only if you are willing to overcome your limits, and achieve your true potential.

Have you ever thought for a moment that you could help people, and relieve their pain with just the touch of your honesty, from your past experiences? The world needs you! See this:

Ageing is responsible for a decrease in your brain’s health and fitness. If you’re not ready to take that realization laying down… and want to maintain great brain health a long way, see this:  

You see, true abundance ORIGINATES in your subconscious mind… and in the limiting beliefs that have lived there… for years… maybe even decades.

Yes, sure, and manifesting wealth and abundance doesn’t happen… until you change your how your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is programmed.

Had a few friends back in my hardcore golfing days where I’d have friends who looked like they were suffering through their diets, and their endurance. See this fun yoga for weight-loss and stamina.

There are some “laws” to life… that successful, uplifting women live by…ones you may not recognize, but that keep tripping you up.  They are all around us, but we don’t notice them…

Being pulled down in life is kinda like gravity.  I may not know about gravity… but it holds me to the ground.  I don’t need a physics degree to know what happens when I violate the law of gravity.

It’s how loving couples have turned their lives around to great success. It is all about ‘Living your Dreams’ with each other, while not having to change a thing, that much.

I don’t wanna lie, but this sleep remedy really hits home if you’re going through the pangs of insomnia, and get a good night’s sleep no matter how much you try.

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After all… if you want to manifest the body and health you want, you must create the channels for the universe to deliver them to you. It’s really not difficult at all. In fact “Easy Peezzy”.

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You’ll immediately notice him open his mind and heart to you in a way he’s never experienced before and he’ll see you as the only woman in the world who has ever truly understood him.

If chances are your marriage isn’t what it used to be… and maybe it’s so bad, you feel like your world is falling apart. You feel like all the passion, the love, and romance have completely faded. Here’s help:

Why Your Sleep Is Killing You – Why your lack of sleep is killing you. A recent survey showed that One in three of us suffer from poor sleep, with stress, computers and taking work home often blamed.

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When we teach kids how to read we are opening doors that will allow them to do more with their future.

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Why the mountain of success is littered with fear and doubt…’Ya know what?’… You ever looked at the rich and successful asked yourself what they got that you don’t?

When you look at just how few Billionaires, or millionaires there are out there ( as compared to everyone in the middle and lower class )…Sometimes life feels like you’re climbing a tall mountain, with everyone else…

Ever feel like there’s only room for a handful at the top. And that handful are the rich and successful we hear about so much. The rest of us seem stuck?

We’re stuck still climbing the mountain… it seems and the train to success littered with the bodies of those who gave up on their dreams. Here’s how to keep moving forward…

Here’s how to succeed over the concept that only few people deserve abundance. I mean, removing all restrictions of the mindset that send us into a self-made prison and lead yourself to real freedom…

Simply at time fear and doubt and seeing things that worry us just murders your motivation. Why? Because you feel like you can’t get to the top unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. See more here:

Unless you had some weird shortcut to wealth these guys at the top probably have, we like to feel doomed. Or perhaps because you just aren’t “destined” to manifest a life of wealth and prosperity.

What if I told you that whether you get to the top of your dreams and goals… And live a rich life… It is not about “where” you start the climb, or what “advantages” you have (for the most part )…

If you haven’t been effective you’re not dead yet! They say effective people who have ever lived create the life they truly want very easily. But that’s not always the case.

Just go and try it… look straight in the face head on at your ego identity obscuring the light of your inner divine Self, and see what happens to you experiencing peace of mind for a better life…

Chances are, you won’t succeed fast and will only increase slightly. So does this mean you shouldn’t learn how to tap into your creative power given to you in the Creation? No, of course not…

Nobody is really “born” with this crucial life skill. It is embedded in your brain as you grow. Plus… you’re never too old to pick it up, master it… and watch your fortunes grow as you take your place toward dreams lived…

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A word of caution though here on what I suggest about your success in life: You might come out of this shaking your head after most of what you grew up believing is challenged… and proven wrong.

One must cast away the self-limiting beliefs anchoring them to where they are in life, if they’re to rise to prosperity! I mean for real, learning to create the life you want…

I just love this program and so do many others when you are stuck for whatever reason, to turn things around.

And the powerful “secret signal” found in some powerful words is just one of many that veteran dating coach and relationship experts discovered throughout their career.

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Some struggle (not too much) is necessary for developing the muscles of survival. It is true with love relationships, and certainly true with marriage. When we struggle together, we develop the skills necessary to take on other struggles.

You gotta see this… Richard Lustig won the lottery so many times that even Mike Tyson is even hanging out with this guy.

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Imagine knowing the exact words to say in a text message to a man to truly open up his heart to you and fuel his desire to be daring and romantic…it keeps his love transfixed on you and only you.

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I’m going to show you an easy way to unlock your natural charisma every time you interact with your guy. So let’s get to it.

Do you think it’s possible you’ve been hiding behind beliefs like: “I’m too old to start over,” or, “I’m too busy to learn new things.” And so on? If you have, there’s something important you need to look at:

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Right here we discuss how to face challenges in life just like many ancient Masters have done, so you can own up to, by understanding, being successful in life…

With the power of reflection within you as the writer, director, producer, and actor of your destiny, you have the capacity for overcoming obstacles in life.

In a long-term relationship, it’s normal for the feelings of infatuation to come and go. When feelings of infatuation are low, you stop fixating on the things you find attractive about him. You see him as a normal person.

I mean to a greater state of awareness where difficulties become minimal. Yet possibilities to be aligned with your inner most Guidance system like so many successful others have done.

The success issue is that all frequently you may discover on your own confronted with the same mental obstacles quite often. This is when your inspiration seems to diminish. This may help!

Has a guy ever given you mixed signals? One minute he’s crazy about you and the next minute you have no clue if he ever wants to see you again? It’s how you speak to him…

Then, obstacles can end up being issues that can spiral you right into misery as well as stress. How to Face Challenges in Life by Understanding a Crucial Error…

If love seems lost in your marriage you could just let more time (and damage) pass.  You might opt to continue NOT acting… or you may find yourself taking actions that cause damage.

See, we all preach one thing… you need to dig in and strive hard to success, but really it’s more about, “live the life you love,” for a lucrative way to success…

I’ve found from successful others this is how to get the life you want and while remaining free from self-sabotage from living your true free will.

Let’s face this head on and strong: Your life! Simply being in a bad mood is enough to ruin your and start manifesting the opposite of what you want. Like ending up in the gutter! Here’s a way out!

A mentor helping me convinced of one thing so important: Mindful Imaging. Yes, that your degree of focus, your state of mind are two of the most important factors when you’re manifesting the life you want.

The first error for a life of success and of life’s obstacles and challenges not so surprisingly, is that Truth about the presence and power of the universe seems different for everyone…

Ever say to yourself that I need help getting the life I want, when perhaps trying to create the life you want? Here’s how to create a great life:

The secret to turning adversity into great opportunities. Most people allow failure to derail their effort toward success.

Important: I made many money mistakes along the way and learned from my mistakes.  Making money mistakes was the only way I could have learned some of the things you will be seeing about in this letter with a video.


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Struggling with Separation. Here are some great answers to questions therapists, specifically about separation.

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You see, true abundance ORIGINATES in your subconscious mind… and in the limiting beliefs that have lived there… for years… maybe even decades. That’s why you need to look at this:

Of course, manifesting wealth and abundance doesn’t just happen… until you change your how your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is programmed.

If you’re tired of feeling sick or stressed, lonely, or feel like your chances of success are slipping away from you… This is going to open your eyes to a world of abundance and happiness in minimum time:

What do you do if your spouse just doesn’t seem to care, one way or the other?  Just… indifferent? Not in, not out.  Not, NOT communicating… but not communicating?

When you know this powerful “secret ingredient” to win your man with real and true love…you won’t believe how effortless, passionate and bulletproof your relationship can be.

The way elephant tamers control the elephants is exactly the same thing that has happened to you in life… and is holding you back from achieving your true potential.

Some friends of mine are screening their groundbreaking “Manifest the life you Want Movie”… a brief true story, so I hooked you up with some tickets.

This nice video breaks down some of the more… obscure secrets of the law of the universe and creating your life by design… It’s an attraction mindset most experts usually skip over.

I know this sounds bizarre, but bear with me for a second… because it IS bizarre. You see, the difference between those who make their dreams come true become are not afraid of the secret… 

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