Can we be understanding that we’re all after and hoping for a better life?

Sure, I mean, with being successful and wealth creation, and yes while always manifesting abundance of all kinds to your life!

Let’s see how the most successful we’ve seen in the past recent years are gauging a wonderful life of prosperity and abundance,

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Try to understand that the world needs you to reach your goals.

Then the journey toward setting and achieving goals for a better life can be made easier.

I hope you enjoy opening your mind and heart, even if it means letting go of all the, “This and That” stress of your life, for 20 minutes, or so.

Then, perhaps helping you cope with the pressures of, “What to leave in and what to leave out,” as Bob Seger sang. 

And, perhaps you’ll do as my good friend Billy Joel suggested and,  “Take the phone of the hook and disappear for a while.”

And, Jane Crumphauser messaged that I should start posting previous Webinar /Podcast Sessions to YouTube, so here you go, below:

Hey, perhaps you’d like to just be a fly on the wall and look, listen, and learn!

And each Session below accompanies an uplifting article, so if you want to take notes that would be great!


Just click below on the Session number you choose to listen to, and enjoy!


Session 58:  You will live the life you truly want in this world when you look within yourself for the Trinity explained, leaving behind what you don’t want…

Session 57:  Finding your purpose in life through the power of your subconscious mind can be difficult to comprehend. 

Session 56:  Sometimes you are true to yourself, but on the other hand sometimes you have to start overcoming mistakes… 

Session 55:  By not uncovering your true calling and not having a positive attitude, certainly will with some time, begin to eat away at you… 

Session 54:  If you’re like most people, the way to success is blocked by the fear of achieving the very things you want.

Session 53:  If you’re not living a fulfilling life don’t be too concerned with how you can learn a lesson so completely different from everything that you taught yourself.

Session 52: What peace means is that all of your happiness lies in God’s happiness for you, which is how you create the miracle…

Session 51:  Achieving goals can be much easier! See why you simply cannot have a belief in what you do not want, along with a belief in what you do want. 

Session 50:  Coping with anxiety and overcoming fear need to be addressed together.

Book 1 of the series opens your eyes for the life you want!

Session 49:  How to deal with stressful situations, or just plain how to deal with stress is all about learning how and when to take control.

Session 48: Can you have peace of mind in daily life, and in all situations and circumstances?  

Session 47:  Being Unfairly Treated and Learning to Operate in the Spiritual Realm: How do you react when you are being unfairly treated? 

Session 46:  The feeling of love is what I need more often, is a thought by many.

Session 45: How when being truly spiritual minded brings out my mission in life. It’s how to uncover your passion and live it.

Session 44:  Here’s how building trust in a relationship can be natural and easy thing to do if you trust in love. 

Session 43:  The power of your subconscious can be accessed if you are willing and ready.

Session 42:  Is becoming more enlightened and positive change in your life a way you want to live, perhaps a secret ambition?

Book 2 gives you freedom of purpose and passion!

Session 41: When we Can’t Forgive or Having a Hard Time at Trust in Relationships?

Session 40:  Power of Visualization – Why Living Minus Real Visualization is Like Throwing Your Life Out the Window

Session 39:  Why Feelings of Anxiety Fade Fast Away when Spiritually Minded…

Session 38:  What really is the Holy Spirit and How by Listening You May Overcome Being in a Rut?

Session 37:  What Really is Salvation – to be Saved from what and How to Uncover the Way to Success? 

Session 36:  Everyday Miracles newsletter: A Course in Miracles and why?

Session 35:  Why you are not truly forgiving yourself and living the life you want…

Session 34: 6/15/18  Finding Meaning in Life is in Truth about the Power of your True Free Will–your Life’s Passion, which needs no defense.

Session 33:  6/10/18  Self-Development is Talked about but Hardly Understood.

Session 32:  6/3/18  Where Can I Find the Truth in Cause and Effect to Change my Life? 

Book 3 directs you to an abundant life!

Session 31: 5/28/18  Fear of Death I’m Dying What Do I Do?  

Session 30:  5/20/18  Healing Power of the Mind and Miracles is Yours to Get the Life You Want

Session 29:  5/13/18  Self-Healing a Natural Aspect of Psychic Power to Create the Life you Want

Session 28:  5/7/18  Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation Review. Is it for you, or not?

Session 27:  5/6/18  Internal Strength is Yours that an Anti-Christ can never Penetrate

Session 26:  4/29/18  “What or who, is the anti-Christ.” 

Session 25:  4/22/18  Can we personally TRANSFORM this helpless and scarcity mindset controlling our thoughts?

Session 24:  4/15/18  Let’s Boost your Confidence and Trust in Yourself more from within

Session 23: 4/8/18  To Overcome Negative Core Beliefs and Learn to Live in the NOW 

Session 22:  4/2/18  Heal yourself, Heal your Mind, Heal your Life: Listen to your Inner Voice

Session 21:  3/26/18   Getting Ahead in Life Today and Finding Success 

Session 20:  3/19/18  How to Let it Go and Move Forward in Life Now

Session 19:  3/12/18  Create Your Life Now with The Power of Manifestation

Session 18:  3/5/18  Life Issues Overcome by Understanding your Real Physic Power

Session 17:  2/26/18 How to Solve Problems and Life Issues – the Tandem Bicycle Ride through Life

Book 4 of the series helps rid a scarcity mindset…

Session  16: 2/19/18  Overcoming Obstacles and Personal Challenges Today

Session 15:  2/12/18  Find Your Inner Strength – Solving Life’s Problems

Session 14:  2/5/18  Discovering Purpose and Finding Your Way in Life

Session 13:  1/29/18  Confused about Who I Am Podcast – Course in Miracles

Session 12:  1/22/18  Facing Adversity Feelings of Hopelessness and Despair 

Session 11:  1/15/18  How Can I Sleep at Night being Answered 

Begin a Better Life Today! Don’t you agree?

Session 10:  1/8/18  Getting through hard times: What the ego can’t do 

Session 9:   1/1/18  Is God always with us – a question we’ve all asked.

Session 8:   12/26/17  About the Holy Spirit and YOU

Session 7:   12/18/17  Spiritual Consciousness and How to Grow Spiritually 

Session 6:   12/11/17  To say, ‘I Let Go,’ is Finding the Secret to Success!

Session 5:   12/6/17  What Really is Spiritual Growth?

Session 4:   12/4/17  Part 2, Letting Go of Ego and Feeling Alone in Life

Session 3:   12/4/17  The Illusory Ego Mind – its Doubts and Perceptions

Session 2:   12/2/17  Not Allowing the Ego-Based Mind to Get the Best of You

Session 1:    11/3/17  Can you Really Have the Life YOU Want?

Either way, I hope it was time well spent! 

And, for a better life,


James Nussbaumer

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