A Better Life Podcast: Being in a Rut and Feeling Trapped in Life Healed by Meeting the Holy Spirit

Being in a rut or feeling trapped in life often can be from a thought system that teaches us that our body should be regarded as our temple.

This is true; however, it applies only to the surface of who we express and reflect ourselves to be, where gaining and winning seem to be so important.

But for the most part, honoring the body is only a minor step in answering that one question much of the world struggles with when being in a rut.

That is, “Who really am I?”

This is why I’ve later recorded this For A Better Life Podcast based on this article and from my first book of the ever-developing series called, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life.

I hope you benefit and enjoy what I have to say.



The Course in Miracles teaches that, “Our temple is not a structure at all, such as a building or our body. Every temple has its altar where holiness abides; otherwise, it wouldn’t be a temple.”

But rather than viewing our body as the temple, let’s consider the structure of our temple as our “true essence” or “being.”

As you move on in this article, please keep in mind why I urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation for coming to know your true inner Self.

It’s of the habits for how successful people grow.

Deep within that structure of life is where our altar sits, and it is at this altar where we see our life’s purpose. This is “what” emanates the light, or is the true essence of who we are.

This is our “being,” if you will.

(At this related article the Getting out of a Rut Free E-Book is available and how to move on in life.) 

What is a Spirit Guide?

Someone told me, and I agree, they liken this inner essence as a spirit guide, if you will, but not in a “woo, woo” ghostly sort of suggestion.

But, more so, I see that when you meet your spirit guide, it’s like what the metaphysical principles of the Course in Miracles states: “The Holy Spirit is invisible, but you can see the results of His Presence, and through them you will learn that He is there.”

I’d written my first 3 books of the ever-developing series entirely in longhand from behind bars while being in a rut in an overcrowded, overbearing, and obnoxiously over-loud prison environment.

It’s a hell on earth where inmates are feeling trapped in life, living in one another’s faces all day and all night long.

The atmosphere was terribly violent and volatile.

Often I believe this is what brought these words from my mind through the pen and onto the paper. I’d begin to undo that feeling of being in a rut.

When we Meet our Spirit Guide

I’d sit there and learn how to get unstuck and wait to be released by a judge who said he used me as an example.

But it was a higher court who reviewed my case and released me after 8 long years.

The waiting was extremely difficult, but I knew it was temporary as I served 8 of a 10 year prison sentence over a foolish securities violation.

I remember while writing the first book of the series and saying to myself how this project has saved me in more ways than one, and it grew as I did.

Yes, it was for me, how to end being in a rut and to get unstuck.

I’d write solely by myself, with helpful suggestions from a Oneness of which we all are a part. The Oneness I call God.

Writing this book had kept me busy each day, and at times I would lose sleep at night, anxiously waiting to pick up where I left off the day before.

It had consumed me.

Each day I received as a gift, words, that I could not seem to find the previous day.

On those days while being in a rut and lost for words, I’d often wake up in the middle of the night, and think, That’s it: A sentence that was needed to complete a paragraph or a metaphor to help explain an idea.

Something to assist in an area I seemed being in a rut over would appear in my mind.

Was it the Holy Spirit’s messages and signs with spiritually minded steps keeping me calm and alert?

I do, however, discuss in a related article for controlling fear and anxiety with the 10 spiritually minded steps for a better life and self-worth.

How to Get Unstuck

When the final chapter was nearing its completion, a blissful feeling continued to flow through me.

I knew I was going to miss this project.

I was sad, too, because I could not get it to mature beyond the handwritten stage, due to no computer usage whatsoever in this backwoods prison system.

This thought alone would send me back into being in a rut, and feeling lost for what to do next.

So I learned to trust the inner Voice!

My only other resource was not really a resource at all, but was available if I wished to stand in line to use the ancient, poor-quality prison typewriter.

Need I say, not nearly up to a publisher’s standards.

This was a feeling like not being able to send your cherished kid to college—a kid who desperately desired to change the world and never feeling trapped in life.

Growing Pains

But regardless, being in a rut for me ended and my words did mature into book form, handwritten, though, and into a painful but exciting growing pile of journals.

This would be fine for the time being. “Help will be on its way in due time,” the inner Voice, or a spirit guide, inside me continued to assure me.

The Course in Miracles further states, “What the Holy Spirit enables you to do is clearly not of this world, for miracles violate every law of reality as the world judges it.”

As the journals sat in the bottom of my footlocker, the inner Voice of my Spirit Guide encouraged me to keep writing.

I remember thinking how these books surely are children to me, and in many respects it has been like the experience of watching my daughters grow to adulthood.

I remember asking the girls in a joking and affectionate manner, on their birthdays when they were little, to promise me not to grow any older.

I guess I never wanted them being in a rut or feeling trapped in life.

I would say that I wished they could remain cute little girls forever. But inevitably they did grow up, and are shocking the world with their accomplishments.

So, are you Realizing the Holy Spirit?

The very best action for understanding the Holy Spirit in you, which suggests He is you, is to take little inspired actions to your objectives. 

When you can learn to reflect the gifts of the Holy Spirit within you to the material world you can start to explore your feelings on a much deeper level to the power of your subconscious mind.

Seeing your desires become a reality cleans up the concept of, ‘I desire a great life,’ from being jumbled in your mind.

Keep in mind, many individuals state that the power of reflection did not work in their lives, however they were incorrect.

It’s due to the fact that of their deficiency state of mind they are living a life around exactly what they do NOT desire in life, rather of exactly what they really do desire.

For a number of those who understand my story, understand that I started seriously writing from the unstable and frequently violent din of the cell block in a state penitentiary.

This is how the wonder of my own composing manifested itself.

When you set a particular technique and track it in your journal notes then broaden on those notes, you have a better opportunity of seeing how your weeks, days, and months, and so on are going.

With your recently exposed understanding of the Holy Spirit you can start to track every day, every action, you take that remains in positioning with your objectives.

In review, keep in mind taking advantage of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and to position it in your corner, is to take little inspired actions to your goals.

The Course in Miracles even more teaches in more words than one that, “The Holy Spirit can hold your magnitude, tidy of all littleness, plainly and in best security in your mind, unblemished by every little present the world of littleness would provide you.”

Much time can pass with a great deal of us taking the same strenuous actions that get us the same poor results once again and again.

Many people specify that realizing their inner Spirit did not work in their lives, nevertheless in fact the others say their Spirit is in charge of their lives.

Do you realize most of individuals have no concept what their primary idea pattern is, nor do they even understand precisely what it is that they desire when they do state, “I desire a wonderful life.”

(Please note, if you feel the urge for more on this topic, I suggest a related article about how to figure out what you want in life by living the law of attraction.

To hearing the inner voice,

James Nussbaumer

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