How to Be a Better you with Confidence, Focus and Health Real Soon!

Let’s contemplate how to be a better you and have the mental clarity to exploit the CEO type of success.  What I’m about to tell you in today’s Master-Mind Challenge message is, I discussed in detail in my third book of my ever-developing series, entitled: And Then I Knew My Abundance. Sure, I hope you […]

Not Feeling Like Myself: Tools for Turning Your Life Around if in the Dumps

‘Not Feeling Like Myself,’ Certainly can be Turned Around by Power of Visualization Techniques You are not alone if you’re ‘not feeling like myself’, at that threshold of in the dumps, or anger and frustration.  Maybe you’re with thoughts of, “My life sucks,” or screaming inside, I really hate my life. Perhaps you have those […]

My Goals and Dreams Reached by Creating a Whole New World for Myself

Are you beating yourself up over ways to reach  “my goals and dreams”? You know, the never ending chase your goals saga? Let’s look deeper at your goals and dreams being a reality for you. Today I want to talk about the mysterious connection between dreams and manifestation. In particular… how just like you can […]