Healing Loss and Grief Now while Finding Happiness through Spirituality

Let’s begin today healing loss and grief quite easily and quickly while finding happiness through spirituality. Some people even lack the psychological strength to sustain the loss of a close friend; and the outcome might have a negative impact on their life’s viewpoint. One good path to positively dealing with loss and sorrow would be […]

Growth Mindset to Help Reach Goals and Easily Get the Life You Want

Don’t we all sit and think at times during tranquil moments, perhaps in certain detail during a growth mindset? Let’s discuss what it takes for a more perfect adventure on your life journey. I remember one particular adventure that was exciting, super competitive golf in the mountains nearby Morgantown, West Virginia. That journey actually brought […]

How to Be a Better you with Confidence, Focus and Health Real Soon!

Let’s contemplate how to be a better you and have the mental clarity to exploit the CEO type of success.  What I’m about to tell you in today’s Master-Mind Challenge message is, I discussed in detail in my third book of my ever-developing series, entitled: And Then I Knew My Abundance. Sure, I hope you […]