Spirituality and Consciousness Today with Signs of Spiritual Awakening for the Self-Growth you Deserve

This brand-new time in history is creating a transformation of spirituality and consciousness.

Yes, I mean that is a quantum evolutionary leap for all of mankind. Or call it psychic awakening if you prefer. Either way, it’s the meaning behind the word we’re after here.

In times past, spiritual consciousness, spiritual awareness and spiritual growth we mainly separate from the pursuits of ordinary life.

In more recent times, spirituality and consciousness growth has been seen as a path to bring higher healing. Likewise greater ease in one’s physical life.

These views of spirituality were partial, associated to actions in a procedure that humanity’s consciousness has actually been included.

What I mean is, now an expanded and new view of spirituality is emerging.

Keep in mind that A Course in Miracles states: “Salvation seeks to prove there is no death, and only life exists.”

Human link to spirit exists as the Oneness of mind. As the process of mindful connection is more and more experienced today than ever before in history.

Being more awakened today than ever before, we more completely accept the experience of creating the life we want.

But for centuries past that time required a separation from the world of spirit.

This separation was needed for a time, so that we could experience the fullness of individuality. As well the complete immersion in physical manifestation.

Within this existing period, this cycle of complete immersion reached its zenith, we may say.

Mankind reached in exploring the many myriad ways of revealing individuality within physical kind.

The cycle has actually begun to move now, as the spiritual evolution of the Earth has actually advanced.

Yes, I’m saying spirituality and consciousness into a vibration that appears deep yet accepted and less feared.

The increased existence of God’s light as the Oneness of Love that we all are on the Earth is accelerating humanity’s transformation.

It’s a a higher consciousness we’re more and more embracing.

Likewise, signs of spiritual awakening accelerating both external occasions and internal shifts in consciousness.

Dearest ones, there is emerging now in the consciousness of mankind a growing awareness of the Oneness of all of life.

Just as well, a need to come together and develop unity in manner ins which have actually never ever previously been seen on the Earth.

This requirement comes as the result of the present and past worldwide crises.

But also, which need concerted effort on the part of all people, and also as the outcome of spirituality and consciousness.

I mean the spiritual evolutionary procedure which seeks to move into the next level of growth and awareness.

Then, accepting both the complete individuality of each soul, and also the unity and Oneness of all embodied life.

In the new times that are arriving, spirituality will be comprehended not as separate from physical life. However as the foundation, essence and core of physical life.

Spirituality and consciousness will not be an “additional’ pursuit that people pursue as entertainment; or exclusively as the means to help deal with difficult life circumstances.

It will end up being an important element of all options, signs of spiritual awakening  instructions that are taken.

Modifications are happening even now, to the Earth and to our physical bodies, that will enable a much more integrated, peaceful and unified lifestyle.

These modifications might not be right away obvious to us on a mindful level.

That’s because there is a lot filtration and change happening in our daily lives that much of our attention is concentrated on merely surviving every day.

Spirituality and consciousness is handling the hefty challenges before us.

You might have the ability to perceive these occurring changes through your dreams.

Or through the quiet whispering of your instinct, that mention the new times that are ahead.

Now is the time to create within yourself the life you want to live while in this world.

I mean to say with an inner connection with your own God essence and spiritual consciousness.

There are numerous ways to create this connection, through prayer, meditation, spiritual practice, yoga, dance, genuine motion, art, music and so on.

God who you are at-one with is all Love, and your purpose and passion in this world is of that Love.

This way of thinking needs to be the center of your spiritual consciousness. Now is the time when so much is possible for us all.

I’m meaning to get in fully and completely into the divine spiritual symptom of your inner divine essence, both separately and jointly.

In times past, spiritual pursuits, discovering inner awareness and spiritual development are different from the psychic awakening today.

In more current times, spiritual development has actually been seen as a course to bring greater healing. Also with higher ease in one’s physical life.

Now is the time to produce within yourself an inner connection with your own Divine Essence. This would be your higher consciousness.

spirituality and consciousness

Try to learn as much as you can on tapping into your Real Spirit.

Our creator is constantly whispering to us to awaken from a dream of sort and to peacefully return Home.

Yes, to Heaven, the center of spiritual oneness and wholeness of mind with our Creator.

Now is the time when so much is possible for us all to live the life we want.

Yes, to get completely and entirely into divine spiritual manifestation of our soul’s essence, both individually and jointly.

When you have what you want in life within yourself, the material world will shape in that likeness.

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Next, we dive into why it matters to seriously address your inner spiritual awareness.

Spirituality and consciousness and Why It Matters

Spiritual development has always been important to a person’s sense of well being.

As I said earlier but in a different way, even before humanity has actually conceptualized the term.

Then, as well, digested it in a plethora of ways that it ultimately sprung up various methodologies. Then, on how one can build upon it.

You name it – yoga, karma, or possibly reincarnation. There are numerous words you can use that range from the most mystical to the most practical.

Perhaps you are already treading your own “spiritual path”, or in deep requirement of spiritual satisfaction.

Maybe, a deep understanding of what spirituality is can be very helpful in more methods than one.

In order for us to completely comprehend what spirituality means, maybe it is important to do something. That we go over the meaning of the root word itself, which is spirit.

Spirit is an intangible residential or commercial property, one that points to something incorporeal. It’s something strange and not bound by the material world.

A Course in Miracles helps us here as it states this wonderful spiritual metaphysical principle: “Change is the greatest gift God gave to all that you would make eternal, to ensure that only Heaven would not pass away.”

These few indulgences have controlled human’s consciousness in the process of achieving life’s answers.

Yes, to the secrets that have actually puzzled us about the universe.

Ordinary activities like fixing a vehicle engine or observing an ant farm are unconscious manifestations of that need, and in repercussion, related to spirituality.

This opposes the idea of spirituality and consciousness as something not bound in the material world.

These physical avenues are handy channels that permit us to achieve that transcendence. And however in turn present to us a peek into the mysterious.

spirituality and consciousness

Ever wonder how successful people grow?

Some people experience signs of spiritual awakening as a nourishment, so to speak. 

Many do so through the means of meditation.

Meditation is a process of major contemplation, or turning inward to reach a profound state of awareness. It’s where focus and peacefulness of mind are the rewards.

By the way, if you’re wanting to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, I suggest looking into this 7 Minute Mindfulness exercise.

The practice of meditation has stemmed from the Eastern cultures. In recent times has been adjusted by the West in the form of prayer.

Buddhist monks are astute in their belief that meditation is the method to Enlightenment. This, which explains the sanguine temperament by which they handle other people.

A typical misconception most people make is having the concept that spirituality is special to faith.

While it’s apparent that religion has helped a lot of people to lead spiritual lives, it only represents a few aspects that constitute the full meaning of spirituality.

Spirituality is a confluence. It’s a heightened understanding of what we are and how we are linked to the entire spectrum of presence.

Also, the discernment that everything is reliant and equally necessary on each other.

Spiritual development has constantly been essential to a person’s sense of well being. As well, even before mankind has actually conceived the term and absorbed it.

There are many ideas and ways that it ultimately sprung up different methodologies on how one can build upon it.

Whether you are already treading your own signs of spiritual awakening or in deep need of spiritual satisfaction is great.

Certainly, a deep understanding of what spirituality is can be extremely handy in more ways than one.

Often this opposes the concept of true spirituality and consciousness as something not bound in the material world.

Yet, these physical opportunities are useful channels that enable us to achieve that transcendence. Surely, as well, in turn present to us a peek into the mystery of the Divine.

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