Spirituality and Health Crucial for Your Success and Happiness and for a Better Life

Does spirituality and health and over-all spiritual wellness have an impact on your life for success and happiness?

Is a stronger spiritual life straight associated to stronger physical health, too?

For several years, scientists have actually been attempting to co-relate spirituality and health and its influence to success and happiness.

So too often we resort to idols for trying to find our spirituality as being located “out there” somewhere to be found. 

We think that an idol may send something to us that we don’t yet have. This gives us a false belief in the miracle as being some sort of magic.

Thereby, the emphasis is much of the time on ‘getting’ rather than ‘accepting’ what’s already here within us.

As you absorb this article please keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “The slave of idols is a willing slave. For willing he must be to let himself bow down in worship to what has no life, and seek for power in the powerless.”

As it is, spirituality can improve a person’s ability to cope more with the environment that he is residing in.

Being able to nurture a growing and strong spiritual life in spite of today’s culture is a strong quality.

But it is strong and real when you go within rather than seeking for outward power as some magical solution.

Yes, spirituality and health that might help an individual in improving his psychological, psychological and physical health.

So how can spirituality and health affect these aspects of success and happiness in life.

  • Spirituality assists in lowering stress and depression.

Among the main mentors of spirituality is directed towards dealing with a positive outlook in life.

A positive individual dwells more on the brilliant side of things instead of on the unfavorable.

These actions assist him to eliminate or reduce anxiety, tension and possible signs of anxiety.

In turn, being able to live a spiritual life with decreased negativity can impact a person’s anxious, cardiovascular and immune system.

A medical research which concentrated on successful seniors showing those who have a spirituality and health alignment.

When truthfully answering to ‘What is spiritual well-being,’ they offer a stronger resistance system.

They prove lower blood pressure than the senior topics who already gave up on their beliefs.

  • Spirituality and health can lead to a successful way of life.

One specific example of this would be those who are members of specific faiths or sects with a regimented lifestyle.

Perhaps whose beliefs avoid them from indulging in too much alcohol intake and smoking cigarettes.

As well watching their diets and eating the right foods to enhance a more balanced weight.

Yes, people who realize spiritual healing seem to automatically consume the proper foods.

Patients who are under rehab for substance and alcohol abuse typically undergo spiritual wellness. I mean such programs as 12 step therapy for understanding spiritual healing.

Spirituality and health training teaches the appropriate way to manage emotional turmoil.

Often it helps to learn how to do mindfulness meditation for success and happiness, and also overcoming addictions.

  • Spirituality enhances the body’s resistance to tension.

A late 20th century scientific study showed that spiritual women who underwent breast biopsies have lower stress levels.

I’m saying in their hormonal agents compared to those who do not have spiritual wellness beliefs.

It was found that those who regularly practice a comfortable and relaxing breathing meditation have had greater success and happiness.

I like to suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness Meditation technique that has helped many with spiritual healing.

These women relied on their spiritual wellness beliefs and prayers in order to cope with the stress that they felt during biopsy.

  • Spirituality assists in increasing a person’s lifespan.

Spiritual healing teaches a person to be more flexible, enhance their faith. Likewise being more understanding and compassionate to others.

In separate research studies carried out among Yale and Harvard, and other Universities, showed amazing results.

It proved that the graduates who exhibited strong spiritual healing beliefs were most successful and happy. They were likely to live longer and developed fewer diseases.

What is spiritual health, revolves around spirituality with unique attributes such as faith, hope and love.

Not to forget forgiveness and how the power of manifesting can assist a person with the life they want. It can help during the most challenging times.

An individual who has strong spiritual beliefs opens up himself to the better side of life.

He or she avoids amusing unfavorable wrong-minded ego-based thoughts based on fear and doubt.

The Course in Miracles reminds us that, “When you are weary, remember you have hurt yourself.”

As it is, spirituality can enhance a person’s ability to cope more with the environment that he is living in.

  • So, what is spiritual well-being?

Yes, most certainly, spirituality helps in increasing an individual’s lifespan.

Spirituality teaches a person to be more forgiving, enhance their faith, and end up being more compassionate to others.

Teachings which revolve around spirituality have distinct attributes such as faith in creating the life you want.

You become filled with hope, love, forgiveness and how the power of manifesting truly works.

Success and happiness in life as well breakthrough easier when a person is enduring the most tough times.

For those of you who read my books know my story, and realize I can vouch for that.

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Next, let’s consider the significance of spiritual healing in your life.

What is Spiritual Health? 

With a world that is mainly governed by materialism and science, it is very tough for individuals to fully comprehend the concept of spiritual healing.

Individuals are too concerned into making themselves the very best if not the most wealthy.

There is a race for time and wealth and in all elements of materialism.

It’s that the majority of the time they forget the need to fill the gaps within their splitting minds.

And with all of the material things and richness that swallow up a person, there is still the feeling of dissatisfaction.

Likewise, the dissatisfaction for reasons he can vaguely rather explain.

It is only on such an occasion that this person truly understands his requirements for something truly good. I mean like far beyond the riches or popularity.

When he can totally state that he is at peace and genuinely pleased with his life, miracles occur. It includes happiness in life naturally.

  • Opening Your Mind and Bridging the Gaps

Spiritual recovery can appear like an old-fashioned belief for many individuals, based on fairy tales.

For others, they may grow spiritually by healing the gaps in their beliefs. It is still an important element that should persist over the generations.

And in order for any person to experience spirituality and health he/she cannot be afraid to look within.

By going within you awaken from a dream of separation and pain and unite with your heart.

The Course in Miracles further states: “Forgiving dreams have little need to last. They are not made to separate the mind from what it thinks. 

To be healed in a spiritual sense, you will require to open up not only your mind, but also your heart and uncover your true spirit.

I mean the tapping into the inner God Essence that you are.

And in instances that you establish some physical health problem, it is in fact an indicator that somethings wrong.

So keep in mind, your inner most Self controls the body while in this world.

As well, for that reason, when your fragmented mind splits even more, your physique is then vulnerable.

This is where all sorts of temptations and unfavorable energy begin to take over.

Accept spiritual healing and everything will be well, especially with your self-confidence.

Such king of recovery, aside from following the laws of the universe, also may include various traditional medication.

It’s recovery that can do well not only to the body, but likewise to both mind and spirit. You will surely receive the advantages associated with a high spiritual living.

Keep in mind, as long as you comprehend the importance of spiritual awareness and healing, you follow your spirituality.

At the very same time, you comply with the laws of the universe, it will certainly be much easier for you.

Yes, to be one with your body and with the whole of the world.

We’re in a world that is primarily governed by materialism and science. Therefore, it is really hard for people to completely comprehend the concept of spiritual healing.

Spiritual wellness can seem like an old-fashioned belief for a lot of people. But, it is still an important aspect that needs to persist from within, over time yet to arrive.

Remember, as long as you understand what is spiritual well-being you will be in more control.

  • Value your Self-Awareness

It’s the value of your inner awareness when you follow your heart for manifesting the life you want.

So follow your spirituality; at the very same time, you comply with the laws of the universe.

It will definitely be much rewarding for you in success and happiness. And, simpler for you to be one with your body and with the whole of the world.

Purpose and Passion Now with Abundance Thinking

The reality that you see in others you come across to by spiritual healing will bring forth more love and peace.

This is what the Course in Miracles terms a ‘holy relationship.’

This is what others have actually revealed to me in my life time here in this world.

Just as well, is the methods provided me to extend on to you the love and peace of the wholeness of humankind.

What is spiritual healing is answered by the bit-by-happy-bit of awakening from the dream of separation.

It’s what we may call, Christ Consciousness.

At one time, my own understanding of an abundance state of mind dealt with questioning difficulties and ideas.

In due time an advising spirit went through me to ask for responses.

When I was addressed; and then I was mindful of my inward self-awareness real and natural abundance appeared.

  • Living a Life of  Happiness

Your naturalness will trigger the unholy elements of the life you really do not wish to have and will merely disappear.

Here’s where you will you will manifest your dreams from all the spiritual healing taking place.

So stick with your heart and learn to manifest your desires.

This is how you learn to create the life you want. It’s by bridging those gaps of fear and doubt through self-healing.

Yes, self-healing brings forth your life of purpose and passion as your heroic mission to the world.


The power of mind or the power of the subconscious, is where healing is ongoing as long as we’re in this world.

Healing is constant which is why spirituality and health are so vital for your success and happiness.

In your understanding of this, and for discovering this bliss, is shifted forward in you Christ Consciousness.

This soothes you for releasing a wrong-minded negative path you may be on.

It is seen as a true blessing you have actually offered to all of your relationships without your ever recognizing it.

With this abundance thinking, you or your partner, family members, friends, and all others you experience will see your spark.

It will allow them to see their own spark and on to igniting their own light.

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To healing and happiness in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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