Happy Life Lived when Feeling Lost and Needing a Change in Life

Ever feel if you keep walking down this same path you’re getting nowhere and not living a happy life? What about taking to heart what others gently suggest from their heart; especially our elders. Lemme ask: ever felt like your dreams were crushed? That’s what happened to me when I was a teenager. I was […]

Good Personal Goals and Why You’re Not Developing Mind Adjustments

I must address some common barriers to good personal goals being set and achieved for the life you want. I’m meaning, wrong-minded thoughts obscuring individual growth and advancement or transformation; whatever you want to call it. It might be out on your boat whenever you choose; or climbing to success in business at the same […]

Happiness and Peace Unorthodox Success Tips when Feeling Empty

At a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar we deeply discussed the “Unorthodox Authentic Success Tips with Happiness and Peace.” So for those of you who missed it here’s what it was all about: We said… Striving for success in life has been around for a long time…so here’s a brief quiz to see why you’re falling […]

How to Be a Better you with Confidence, Focus and Health Real Soon!

Let’s contemplate how to be a better you and have the mental clarity to exploit the CEO type of success.  What I’m about to tell you in today’s Master-Mind Challenge message is, I discussed in detail in my third book of my ever-developing series, entitled: And Then I Knew My Abundance. Sure, I hope you […]