Strong Positive Thoughts a Spring Awakening to Find your Passion

Let’s take a deep look at why strong positive thoughts are a spring awakening when you find your passion. As I discussed more deeply in my ever-developing book series but in a different way, the word holy when we think of it has taken on a religiously dogmatic meaning over centuries of misuse. It appears […]

How to Stop Feeling Like a Victim and Being Helpless

Do you often feel imprisoned and wonder how to stop feeling like a victim or do you choose these thoughts of lack? There is a belief much of the world has that they are helpless. In his book, Your Erroneous Zones, author Wayne Dyer has written about “victim consciousness,” where basically we think the world, […]

Handling Guilt with Truth Value by Awakening Consciousness

It’s our own choice in handling guilt when we condemn ourselves and judge others in this same manner, which brings on the guilt that spurs attack-type thoughts. The mind chooses to judge another as being unworthy of his or her love, and believes punishment should be due. Often it is as tedious, but hurtful, as […]

An Illusion of Abundance Meaning and Fear of Losing Something

Are you up against a whirlwind of an illusion and a confusion over reality, or are you awakened to the Illumination we all share? Consider people when they are in their thirties, they worry about losing their looks. In their fifties, they worry about losing their capacities, and a little less concerned about their looks. By […]

When Angry Mad and Living in Fear Turn to Right-Mindedness

What is it that can cause you to be angry mad and living in fear except for something temporary, like a projection? Likewise, how can anything temporary be real if God’s Creation is eternal? You are this creation, but as long as you dream of separation your mind carries with it a permanent aspect the […]

Mental Peace and Inner Freedom a Great Longing of the World.

Come on here friends isn’t mental peace and inner freedom a great concern in our lives today? What about our feelings of the tendency to fear of loss? Should we not be more passionate about the power of peace within? We live in a hectic world where cash and power are typically at the forefront […]

Body Tension and Stress Easily Managed in a Mindful Manner

Let’s dive into effective tips to help manage everyday body tension. Tension, stress, anxiety may will manifest when we rollover yesterday’s issues into our present-day concerns. A build-up will almost always wind up in a high-tension level. We should be able to “discard” all of our concerns from the previous day or days and concentrate […]

Shift of Consciousness to Finally Realize your Truest Passion

Forget dreams … create a shift of consciousness and have visions! Do you still keep that all important ‘Inner Spark Alive’? … even many years later from college, or your business, your golf game or whatever path your life has been down? To me a few actions lead to ‘real passionate advancement here’. Our success […]

Begin Advancing Your Dreams and Goals: Article Trailer

Maybe succeeding in life has been difficult for you and you can’t see how to manifest your destiny and bring forth your life dream…or simply need inspired to move forward in life! Let’s Begin Advancing Your Dreams and Goals to A Reality You Can Call Your Own!… When you can specify success you will naturally […]