Strong Positive Thoughts a Spring Awakening to Find your Passion

Let’s take a deep look at why strong positive thoughts are a spring awakening when you find your passion.

As I discussed more deeply in my ever-developing book series but in a different way, the word holy when we think of it has taken on a religiously dogmatic meaning over centuries of misuse.

It appears as though it is something owned by a power outside and higher than us.

Somewhere along the way the ego-based mind has placed a tag on it as “out of reach,” where we must get on our knees and bow to it and beg for salvation.

But I’m sorry to disappoint your ego, holiness is not above you nor is it a power outside of you. It is your own power to find your passion at its truest state, and at a level that is in your comfort zone.

Think of your own holiness as strong positive thoughts as fuel.

What good is it to identify your fascinations and goals if you’re out of touch with yourself, no comfort zone, or too stressed out to pursue them?

As you absorb this article for its benefit to you keep in mind this spiritual principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • By releasing your mind from the imprisonment of your illusions, they restore your sanity.

Being in touch with the holiness about you—I mean taking care of it so you can always access it—is your power.

Consider the finest performers who befriend their holiness as one might another person. Look at Olympic athletes who demonstrate such grace under pressure.

They are in touch with their inner holiness.

Successful relationships know how to share this holiness with strong positive thoughts among one another even under the toughest of times.

We can say, marital relationships, too, must perform under pressure.

The renowned Harvey Penick offered this advice to his students who became golf champions: “Be you. Do as you usually do … It is your mind that will have the most to do with how you play the big match. You want to stay in the present.”

We all have and share this certainty of holiness, and we must come to realize its truth. It is in all of us at all ages and the different stages in our lives while we’re here on earth.

Our holiness is a spring awakening giving us strong positive thoughts is certain because it is of God.

It can only be shared because it is what created God’s only Son. The wholeness we share is His begotten Son, and it is not limited to one individual.

This holiness I speak of is the one ingredient that delivers wholeness to our hearts (mind).

I want to suggest a related article about the power within you. Yes, often just plain getting over or rising above our fears is what makes for a better life, including enhanced love relationships.

As a human, Jesus was well aware of this and this is why he is our leader in the process of the Awakening. He acts as our model for eternal life as our elder brother in the Whole Child of God. 

The spring wakening process is important for us to understand so to find your passion, because this is where we communicate with each other from beyond physical form identities.

Next, let’s go a bit deeper and see why your inner most core and holiness is where you need to rest.

More on Holiness the Backbone of Strong Positive Thoughts

Holiness is the spring awakening and the air about us or the essence that’s of our true knowledge that cannot be taught, but we can become aware of the potential that has been hidden.

It’s an awareness that can be acquired.

Yes, and this is why I urge you to learn some form of mindfulness meditation that truly does heal and awaken.

When you display this trueness and real life joy to others it catches on and is your blessing to the world. They will want what you have, which leads them to acquiring it for themselves in their own due time.

We give blessing to others when our natural joy is extended, which is an example of real, unseparated thought, rather than a projected image where no one can decipher its realness.

To bless is another word that has been misused and misleading as some sort of magical sprinkling of Divine Security.

But once again, don’t get caught up on the word or let it stop you from being yourself. Feel free to accept its meaning as it reflects in you, because it is the meanings you give away to those you encounter, not a word, which performs a true blessing.

When you give me your blessing, which is love, I feel better with strong positive thoughts, which is to heal.

Make sense?

You can see the reality behind illusion is healing the split-mind, because you are acknowledging One-mindedness, and this is holiness.

It is a blessing because the thought releases you from guilt.

Yes, no matter how temporary it may seem to be.

You’ve accepted the knowledge that’s always been within you, only hidden by the guilt you’re releasing.

In all of this you have not counted yourself as being unworthy of holiness, because your spring awakening and natural knowledge supports you to find your passion.

Holiness is yours without the efforts and sacrifice of formal training or special ceremonies or rituals, and these are fine if this is what truly makes you happy.

But since strong positive thoughts are not of the brain, nobody can be trained to be holy.

Here’s another related article on living the life you want without fear. It goes like this: Begin to live the life you want always once you commit to living with passion and purpose. 

Yes, commit to living with passion and purpose. 

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