Intuition and Decision Making: Avoid the Loneliness Conflict Within

Don’t be in denial of intuition and decision making which is your divine inner knowledge.

My point of this article is that only the mind is capable of error leading to misfortune, loneliness and emptiness.

The body can act wrongly only when it is responding to this ego-based wrong mindedness.

Yes, this is when the body becomes feeling trapped in life.

While you absorb this article for you benefit keep in mind the spiritual metaphysical from A Course in Miracles:

  • The children of God are entitled to the perfect peace and comfort that comes from perfect trust. Until they achieve this, they waste themselves and their true creative powers on useless attempts to make themselves more comfortable by inappropriate means.

While in prison I began writing the comprehensive notes for my ever-developing series which brings me to this blog article.

Waiting for my approved early release was a source of my own tension. I was standing on top of my footlocker a foot off the concrete floor using my top bunk as a desktop.

Overcrowding had double-bunk conditions in the tightest of places.

It was at the double bunk next to me a close thirty inches away and another bunk on down the line where neighbors in this open bay dormitory were in a heated argument with tempers escalating.

I was seeing all hell break loose with much loneliness and emptiness.

Physical violence is an everyday event in prison.

No one would win this conflict only to result in both participants spending thirty days in the hole, unless the situation could come to calm.

A segregation cell is neither a pleasant nor a healthy experience.

I spoke up firmly to interject, which is not my normal practice, because minding one’s own business is highly regarded as an unwritten law among inmates.

More on Intuition and Decision Making when Loneliness and Emptiness seem to be at Hand.

Angered myself, I harshly blurted out in a serious tone, “Gentlemen! Please try to understand that we’re all miserable in here in our own way!”

That was it.

Nothing more was said, and the conflict cooled itself with no guards involved or such repercussions as a “hole shot.”

The world is filled with denial and without mere direction it seems that some type of proof of the truth is usually needed before we can open our hearts to it.

This is why I always urge learning some form of mindfulness meditation.

We’ve all at times played the “doubting Thomas” role due to the pressures of denial. Let’s even go further to say it’s our decision to refuse divine knowledge.

If this is the case, it seems the world has a logic of its own that leads to nothing and to a goal of illusion.

If we decide to have all that we can and to give what we can, and still continue to be nothing but living out a fantasy, then we’re only projecting our thoughts into oblivion where unreal thoughts are stored.

This keeps us living among images in the awakened state of mind and sinks us deeper into the dream of a separate universe.

Let’s not think, here, of a physical universe such as the stars, planets, moon, meteors, and galaxies, but by all means do enjoy its glorious reflection of our reality.

Let’s think more so, of the real universe, which is nonmaterial. It is the One-minded true thought system that is the Idea of Creation itself.

You and I are thought, and this Oneness is the real Universe that is our Divinity, and no nuclear holocaust or cosmic convulsion can ever wipe it out.

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Intuition and Decision Making is your Creative Power

Let’s begin seeing that the physical universe you see with your body’s eyes is a projection from your separated mind, but with hints of reflection from your reality helping to supply the dreaming thoughts.

Does this make sense?

I hope so, because if you’re seeing a universe that is splendorous and glorious and filled with awe, then you are reflecting Divine holiness into the separated segment of mind that only thinks it is separate.

On the other hand, if you see a universe full of fear, destruction, loneliness and emptiness and darkness, then this is a projection of your guilt that is blocking your reflection of the light you are.

When you block the Divine Light you begin feeling imprisoned.

Our intuition and decision making is of the Creation, and what you are is an integral part of the whole Child of God—the sum of all of creation.

A Course in Miracles further teaches us this profound spiritual lesson:

  • To speak of “a miracle of healing” is to combine two orders of reality inappropriately. Healing is not a miracle. The Awakening, or the final miracle, is a remedy and any type of healing is a result. 

In this sense of reflection and healing through inner trust in oneself I’ve just described, there can never truly be an end to the world.

But you will eventually open your eyes and awaken where all projection has ended, where what you’ve been reflecting all along lives on.

Likewise, if you think you have and are and give everything, but you’re not accepting this because you lack proof, then you are denying a thought system which you are closing off, and you have wholly separated from the truth.

How do you wholly separate?

By denying and avoiding the truth you know is within you.

Let’s begin to tap into your power of reflection.

Consider how often we’ve heard it lectured to us by a parent, grandparent, or other close relative that is much your senior, that “when we die we will have been lucky to have had at least one true friend” and we buy into this.

Consider additionally, that this is why God placed His Holy Spirit in the part of your mind where you placed separation, form, time, and space.

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Intuition and Decision Making is Not about Projection

When we see with the body’s eyes we’re projecting outward, but when it’s in a reflective state the whole mind is telling the brain what to project.

This power of reflection is where right-mindedness prevails.

If our thoughts are totally wrong-minded our thought system is of darkness and feeling imprisoned.

Our thoughts are mixed, a combination of right-minded and wrong-minded thoughts and perceptions by your choice.

We’re constantly either projecting images or extending truth through reflections as God’s whole child, but we do so as either the dreamer slowly awakening or as a dream character.

Remember, only a tiny portion of the whole mind thinks it is dreaming.

In other words, intuition and decision making are the thoughts we share with God. Yes, and are beyond the beliefs of our projections set by the world, which you think you are part of.

We make our own beliefs that are not of our creation. It is these beliefs as a dream character, rather than Truth, that we choose to defend and also try to love.

Then there’s the occasional thought: “How dare someone try to take these beliefs away from me!”

But you can choose to turn all of your beliefs over to the Source of your knowledge, which you’ve been denying yourself of, from within.

The Holy Spirit will undo whatever is necessary after He sorts through the truths and untruths you’ve been living under, making sense for you so you’re aware of what it is you need to know.

There is nothing in the world that can teach you that the logic of the world leads to nothing. But your intuition and decision making can and will do so!

The crowd you are following may not be aware of their own nothingness, but the Source of your inner holiness knows everything.

Any direction you take where the Holy Spirit has not led you goes nowhere. Anything you deny that He knows to be true, He must teach you not to deny it any longer.

The Holy Spirit must begin your lessons by showing you what it is you absolutely can never learn on your own about your intuition and decision making.

Make sense?

Start by asking yourself, are you beginning to see a clearer picture of why you made the errors that have haunted you?

You see, the Holy Spirit is inducing the simple truths into your present self-made, world-taught, thought system which has become so twisted, tangled, and split and fragmented and twisted more.

Yes, an ego-based thought system being so complex of an illusion that you cannot see it means nothing by falsity and fantasy.

As the truth is accepted, an undoing of this complexity occurs and you feeling imprisoned begins to fade away.

The Holy Spirit will simply survey your self-made foundation, the house you built on it, and if necessary take a wrecking ball to it, level it, clean away the debris, and rebuild it better than you can imagine.

All of your errors that built this nothingness have already been forgiven. Who has forgiven you? The Holy Spirit has, which is you.

This is why you’re able to overlook all the fantasy you once believed and see beyond it to the wholeheartedness you know reflects your true self.

Not only is this forgiveness of yourself, but you’ve opened yourself to the knowledge within you.

But first, here’s what you must do:

You must accept the fact painlessly and guiltlessly that you cannot, alone, reverse or undo these errors in thought.

By doing so again feeling imprisoned starts to fade away.

You have chosen to deceive yourself long enough and are what built the ego-based mind.

Begin, now, in this very instant, to understand with calmness and without worry, that the deception and ego are both unreal, and trust that you are not alone.

This is when your intuition and decision making steps in to create the life you truly want.

But how can you begin to trust when all along everything seems to fail you?

Ask yourself one question and then seriously listen and contemplate the truthful answer you receive: If God has no ego, then how can you?

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Yes, begin to trust when all along everything seems to be failing you.

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