Being in Denial Can Actually Open the Door for Strong Intuition and Self-Healing

There’s always been a lot of talk about being in denial and that it can be how we are untruthful to ourselves. But can denial also be a good thing, such as denying the illusory thought system of the ego-based mind—that only holds us back from the healing so often needed in our hearts?

It’s the self-healing we need to get us where we want to be, because we learn to achieve the life we want by letting go of what we don’t want.

The late Wayne Dyer, who I’ve always been fond of talked of denial often being a good thing in his highly recommended audio series. It’s a matter of what it is we are denying.

While denial may have its positive outlook at times, when we refuse to be aligned with our real knowledge of truly who we are destructive attitudes can harm loving relationships.

When I say being aligned with the knowledge of who you are, I mean that You are the Power of the Universe, and this is why you cannot love or appreciate only in part.

(Here’s ways to improve emotional health and heal effects of depression through a spiritual life.) 

When you appreciate yourself, what purpose does this serve?  It feeds growth and nurtures self-healing.

You either do or do not appreciate yourself.  You are either operating by Christ or illusion, the Holy Spirit or ego, as your thought system. 

There is no middle ground. 

This is why if we deny any part of our own true reality, we have lost the awareness of all of it.  Often we use being in denial as a defense, which makes it capable of being used positively, or it can be decidedly used negatively. 

By the way, when you’re done here, this may help if healing is needed to start learning about anxiety and relationship problems through healing with real love.) 


When being in denial is mostly used in a negative fashion it is destructive, because it will be used for attack. In this way we may accuse a person of being in denial because his or her views don’t see eye to eye with ours. 

Or the group we belong to may judge a person as an outcast, declaring that the person lacks belief.  Does this sound familiar?

But let’s be real here, and take this to a positive level for self-healing. 

If we are alert to the Holy Spirit as an aspect of who we are, being in denial as a defense can help us positively to recognize a part of reality, a part of truly who we are, and deny anything else as an illusion. 

Please bear with me here.

Yes, you can accept the accusation of being in denial.  It is a fact that you do, indeed, deny illusion, which begins self-healing, and choose only to accept what you are as knowledge, but not by believing. 

You can carry out this being in denial, simply and understandably, because you “know” better. 

A gut feeling

This may seem like an arrogant stance, but it is received this way only by an ego-based mind that has a problem trusting the world and itself. 

The ego’s wrong-mindedness in you may feel guilty by seeing it as arrogant, but the right-mindedness in you knows the truth.  A gut feeling?

We can begin feeling positive about our gut feelings, welcoming them in as strong intuition and the power of miracle manifestation as our own reality. 

By not denying our intuition, or not putting it off as a whim or lucky guess, we can learn to appreciate its power as entirely the reality of who we are. 

This strong intuition is your own thought and is who you are.

A Course in Miracles states, “The light that joins you and your brother shines throughout the universe, and because it joins you and him, so it makes you and him one with your Creator.”

Strong intuition is something we know, unlike our beliefs.  The mind is too powerful to exclude honoring the reality of your real thoughts, or we can call these Divine Thoughts. 

Make a commitment to begin living each day not denying, but feeling positive about your intuitions and operating by the real, magnificent you.

(If you’d like further information a related article about the power of your thoughts may help with any puzzling thoughts you might be piecing together.)

To the real magnificent you,

James Nussbaumer

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