How to Control Fear by the Secret of Letting Go of Self-Doubt

Joy is the way to everyday miracles and self-healing and how to control fear.  Whenever you keep from sharing the joy in yourself with others, don’t you feel deprived?  We all do.  There are times when we want to share our joy by shouting it everywhere. 

I like what author Hal Elrod suggests in his book The Miracle Morning, that “extending the joy within us is what guarantees to transform our lives if we allow it to.”

But as I have learned and discussed in detail in my 2nd book of the series, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom, it’s impossible to deny part of our joy and know how to control fear, just as we cannot love in part. 

No one can experience part of his or her love or joy that is felt during elation, and save the other part for later, perhaps when we might experience misery. 

It is simply impossible to deny joy or love.  Trying to deny something holds no power, but you can give it the power of your mind, which is limitless. 

(Here’s the best way to design the life you love with both physical and mindful exercise.) 

If you use the power of your mind to deny the reality of who you are, then your reality will be gone for you.  Then the true reality of who you are cannot be appreciated.  It’s the secret of letting go of who you are not, and, what you do not want in this world..

 This is the answer to why you don’t know how to control fear, because you are not accepting who you are and your purpose here. 

This is how you miss the idea of the whole Child of God within His Mind as being yourself. 

Love is letting go of fear

You may have doubts and questions, just as I still often have, and the voice in your head might say, “I have these great ideas and I really want to express them to the world.” 

You move forward in feeling you can help others, but then you ask yourself a question from self-doubt, like “Who am I, anyway, to even consider such a notion?”

Have you ever felt this way before, even slightly?  Have you ever had ideas that excited you to no end, only to keep them hidden for whatever excuse, and then regretted your decision later? 

Well, I surely have, and it’s all because of not knowing how to control fear. It’s in not accepting the super mind power that love is letting go of fear.

In writing my books, my personal editor and friend, Carol, has convinced me in her own unique style to not be afraid to bring forward in my mind what it is I truly want to say. 

She has convinced me to let go of any spin or sidetracking of an issue. 

Likewise, at about the same time as Carol’s lesson sank in, I discovered a lesson in the student workbook of A Course in Miracles that I should not try to interpret the Course’s principles as others do. 

Then later, in another section of A Course in Miracles, I was specifically instructed to use my own unique interpretation when extending my thoughts of the Course’s content.


The lesson in all this, for myself and for you, is that all along, deep within, I already knew this. 

But for some strange reason I would use spin or sidetracking, and concern myself with learning the interpretations of other well-known teachers of A Course in Miracles


Because I guess I was afraid of showing all of me to the world.  I was afraid of being judged to whatever degree the world might judge me. 

I thought I needed to preserve some of me for another time so I would always be trusted.

So now, with this out of the way and realizing that love is letting go of fear, let’s move forward in life by trusting in ourselves so we may begin allowing the world to return that trust to us. If you’re wanting more confidence with trusting I suggest this.

When we can trust that the Universe–the whole Child of God, if you will, is always helping us, then we may accept how to control fear and see how we can heal self-doubt and gain confidence by clearly being ourselves. 

You as the whole Child of God are the only reality that exists, and this divine Reality is the Universe, and therefore, you cannot appreciate yourself only in part.

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To the secret of letting go,

James Nussbaumer

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