Ways to Change Your Life Uncovered by the Power of your Subconscious Mind

When you are self-healing, just like all of us, you are uncovering ways to change your life by first learning that you really are changeless.  Often hypnosis may be effective as well as consistent mindfulness Zen meditation  techniques. But don’t get me wrong—physical appearances do change with time, and my fifty-nine-year-old graying and thinning hair is proof enough of this. 

But I’m speaking of ways to change your life by realizing the “changeless you.”  As changes happen all around you in the physical world, the real you behind the separated, ego-based mind remains as you’ve forever been.

Only the ego in you changes—which is what?  The false idea you believe yourself to be.  Try to tap into your true knowledge with real inner vision, which is Christ vision, when you tell yourself, I need to change my life.

 If you’re not yet seeing this it’s only because you haven’t yet accepted it, which means you are not ready or willing to let go of the ego.  But that’s okay; we all come to this acceptance at our own rate. 

Once you are ready to let go of the ego so you may begin uncovering ways to change your life by accepting the changeless inner you, you’ll also be able to recognize the changeless mind of others.

When you say I need to change my life

We all certainly know the truth within our own self, at our core; and we cannot fool ourselves the way we might fool others.  The truth you do indeed know within yourself is who you are.  So why hide from it? 

To help you along when you say to yourself, I need to change my life, just open up your right-mind which consists of the appropriate thoughts and perceptions that may either hinder or help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

Here you find the encouragement of the Truth that is in you, so it can be seen for what you are.

A Course in Miracles states, “Be not content with littleness. But be sure you understand what littleness is, and why you could never be content with it.”

The littleness of your ego doesn’t understand anything about the right-mindedness you are capable of, however, because it doesn’t understand the subconscious mind.  So this can be difficult. 

Your ego may wish to think that this is nothing more than an attitude, rather than a mind.

Power of your subconscious mind

If this is the case and the ego is in your way, then feel free to use your inner power to simplify the matter, and instead of right- or wrong-mindedness, call it right- and wrong-“attitudeness.” 

It’s all the same when it’s true.  Either way it’s only a word, and its meaning is what is important for grasping the power of your subconscious mind.  Here is where you will uncover ways to change your life.

(In a related article we discuss the inner You and how to be more effective in life.)

The meaning really comes from God anyway, and not from a dictionary.  Being that it is of God means it’s of the mind.

This is how you perceive the Holy Spirit in your brothers/sisters, through the right-mindedness of yourself and all others.  It’s the right-mindedness in your sisters/brothers that never changes the right-mindedness in you, until it shifts upward to the ultimate goal of One-Mindedness. 

But even then it’s really not a change.  It’s total union. 

Try to see that by changing your mind about him/her, you help undo the change their ego thinks it has made in them—the belief in separation from the One Mind of God. 

Your projections are what you see in your brother/sister.  In other words, you choose what you decide to see and this is how you become open to newer ways to change your life.


One way you can accomplish this goal is in the self-healing of not responding to attack thoughts.  By having an attitude that shows you have no need for defense or defensive thinking, you have changed his mind about his way of thinking, or “attitude.”

If it is a difficult situation and a reply is necessary, your response could be something along the lines of: “Is that so?”—as a sincere question, not a challenge. 

Or, if you are expected to give a clear answer to an irate question, and the pressure is on you to do so, simply say:  “At this time I truly don’t know how to answer this.” 

You have kept Truth involved without insulting anyone.  Then let it be and see it as now past, as something you are done with.

To the power within you to change your life,

James Nussbaumer

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