Search Within Yourself and See How Easily You Become More Effective In Life

To search within yourself certainly can help you to become more effective in your life. If you’re like many successful individuals and decide to confidently search within yourself, it can be life changing both at work and in your personal life.

In careers, relationships, and general all around wellness, many have discovered new meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

A Course in Miracles has helped me in many ways to move on and make the necessary changes, so that I may live a life of purpose and passion—which is my true free will.

The Course has taught me how to search within myself and to know how to succeed in life, have inner peace, happiness, security, and a certainty of a way to success with a purpose in life, leaving me with a sense of worth?

But for the most part humankind is afraid to look deep within because we think we made ourselves a will—a will or life purpose that is not true, but we made it seem to be real. 

In reality, this will, humanity dreamed up, has no effects; we cannot separate our real self from true reality, which is Christ, and is infinite and eternal. 

Become more effective

In other words, you cannot separate yourself from your Creator, not even in part.  This oneness is infinite and has no separate parts, and is what you will discover when you search within yourself. 

The infinite wholeness of Christ is You, and to quit denying this makes it more comfortable to search within yourself, and then you can become more effective and experience everyday miracles manifested in your life.

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A Course in Miracles states, “Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth.”

When I talk about miracles I’m not meaning to part the seas or walk on water, but I am meaning bringing the ego in you to the light of who you are and watching it fade away.

As you search within yourself you may at first have doubts and serious mind-boggling questions as to yourself being Christ, and understandably so.  This is because the ego in you places emphasis on a body and insists that Christ is separate from you. 

This is part of your dreaming mind that is carefully being healed, or awakened, based on your willingness and readiness, and at the given time in your life here on Earth while you dream of separation.

Sense of worth

It’s as a whole, meaning as one, that we are caught up in the dream of separate identities from that of our Creator, God.  But it’s our individual healing that brings the whole to ourselves and gives us a sense of worth. 

This infinite realm of wholeness we call the Child of God is personalized as Christ. 

We’re all an integral part of this vastness, and when we realize this our communication skills improve and the laws of attraction favor us. But I anticipate the question: “Where is Jesus in all this?”  He’s right where He’s always been as a Child of God, at Home, wholly joined with us.

Jesus, for only a short while, was God’s Holy Spirit manifested in human form, Who entered the dream as our elder brother to give certain lessons we may understand with the separated, dreaming mind. 

We must remember that what seems to us as some two thousand years ago, when Jesus walked and talked among many, was only a timeless instant ago in the reality of the unseparated, non-dreaming Self.

He projected that image for us to see, so we could relate from a fragmented mind’s point of view, which cannot comprehend the timeless instant of the dream.  The resurrection of Jesus, the man, was His example to us of total awakening from the dream, as the wholeness of Christ.

Life purpose

Now He, as Christ, stands at time’s end, guarding the awakening process called full Atonement till we join Him as Christ. Remember, to “atone” simply means to undo—and awakening will undo the dream, or we may say, undo the idea of separation.

For now, the Atonement is our life purpose—our true reality, and Jesus, as the Holy Spirit, while we dream, helps us to awaken.  It’s how we become more effective while we’re here.

Am I saying that Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Christ, and God are the same and one?  Yes, now you’ve got it!  But don’t miss out on seeing, You, in this Oneness, as well. 

To becoming more effective in all that you do,

James Nussbaumer

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