Change Your Mind to Change Your Life by Letting Go of Self-Limiting Beliefs

Don’t you think that we all all have the power within to live the life we want? But also to change your mind to change your life?

Like so many successful others, I’ve found, you, too, absolutely do have the power to let go of self-limiting beliefs.

It’s so important to begin changing beliefs which change perceptions so you may create the life you want, in truth.

There is a change in perceptions of the world necessary which help you to let go of self-limiting beliefs only holding you back. 

Certainly, and to live a life according to your own terms.

You control how you feel by your perceptions of the world which form ever changing beliefs.

If you have the vision for overcoming self-limiting beliefs so you may live the life you truly want, then you must begin closely observing your beliefs.

To change your mind to change your life ask yourself the following question:

Ever think about your beliefs and why you make them?

It’s quite natural for each of us to be changing beliefs while we are constantly healing within.

That’s  because the undoing process—which we may term spiritual awakening, itself, urges us to begin to heal. 

However, healing problems start conflicting when you do not seek appreciation everywhere.

Yes, from mankind as a whole (your brother/sister), and do not appreciate him/her. 

What I mean is this occurs when you think you are giving someone something and not receiving equally in return. 

The ego in we humans with a foundation of fear and doubt, is thereby imposing self-limiting beliefs and limiting your healing and learning.

A Course in Miracles states:

  • “Your healing will extend, and will be brought to problems that you thought were not your own.

This healing and learning is vital in its power for change.

I mean, for when you recognize your own power for one instant, you can then change the world in the next. 

How so? 

Let’s look at beliefs for change your mind to change your life.

Begin to understand that you are the world you see around you, because of the photo imaging you project from your perceptions of the world. 

So when you change your mind to change your life you begin changing what you see.

Likewise, thus you have changed the most powerful device that has ever been given you for change.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “Problems are not specific but they take specific forms, and these specific shapes make up the world.”

(I also recommend another article on: regardless of what the ego-based mind built on fear and doubt has taught us, you can change the world and your life.) 

This is not contradictory to having a changeless mind as God created it; however, your ego believes you have changed it. 

This places you in a position to learn a lesson that seems to be contradictory. 

You must learn to change your mind to change your life. 

Only when you are willing and ready to make this change will you see your own mind as changeless in reality.

In other words, be real with what you want in life. 

When you think you believe something to be true, like with eternity, sin, Heaven and hell, your relationship with God, or just about anything for that matter, honestly ask yourself the following question:

Why do I believe this? 

Then ask: What are my motivating factors here? 

Next, move on to seeing your belief as one of the following:

Is it a thought or is it a perception? 

Or is it neither, and without a doubt is it pure, unmistakable real knowledge? 

See if your answer as the motivational factor is something like this:

I believe this way so that when I die I will join God in Heaven, this would be a thought of something you wish to be true, and you call it a belief. 

Changing your mind about the world is up to you.

But if it is a perception, your thought will have already made the belief.

As well, now you’re simply moving on to reinforce this belief by perceiving what you wish Heaven to be like. 

You will no longer have a need to make beliefs once you have accepted the knowledge within you.

I mean what is truly in your heart.

In the self-help library where I enjoy extending my better life tips with you find more information about your own true “knowing.”

Of course, and that it never changes, but beliefs do. 

Haven’t we learned that God is changeless?  In fact, your beliefs only keep you from attaining that real knowledge. 

Any and all knowledge you possess is totally absent of the ego. So, this knowledge is who you are.

And knowing who you are is a result of when you change your mind to change your life.

Thoughts and perceptions of the world and what you think you see, always have some bodily influence.

Therefore, be certain to accept them as such.

Then, it’s when you will begin to change your mind to change your life. 

When your perceptions of the world do shift over to real knowledge, however, they will do so naturally.

I mean naturally in time, without being forced by beliefs that truly are not how you wish to choose to believe.

Think about it: Have you truly ever been able to force knowledge on yourself? 


The late Wayne W. Dyer had this to say about the power of change your mind to change your life: “The biggest power we have is our power of intention.”

His lesson to me made me think that it is an actual reality, that if you have actually been groping under distress, you can opt to feel bliss, instead.

And, by effort, lift yourself into happiness.

You can conquer that torment by choosing to have guts to get the life you want. Absolutely, if you have the tendency to be fearful you can let go of that ego haunting.

The whole trend and the quality of anybody’s life is determined by the choices that are made.

Making decisions is the most essential activity of your mind.

Sure it is, due to the fact that by making a choice, you are declaring your desires to your subconscious mind.

The options you make in your life become part of the team of your goal.

It is essential that the choices you make are made by you. Now, I mean, in accordance with your real desires, and to live a happy life always.

A lot of us let others make choices for us. Or, make our choices according to what we believe is ‘correct’, even if that suggests that we go against our desires.

Begin with making a list of things which interests you; things which you have always taken pleasure in.

I mean that which makes you feel better, which motivates you to rise ahead, no matter what life challenges you deal with.

Do you get pleasure out of making a difference in another individual’s life?

Keep in mind– Do exactly what you like, and the necessary resources will follow.

The whole pattern and the quality of anyone’s life is identified by the power of choice they practice always.

The choices you make in your life become strengths in partnership to reach your goals and objectives.

Again, it is crucial that the choices you make are made by your true free will. I’m saying, in accordance with your real passion and purpose.

That suggests that if you go against your dreams, it might mean you are allowing well intended but misinformed others to prescribe what is best. 

(In a related article we discussed: Were we Taught to Truly Focus on What you Want?) 

To living the life you want while in this world,

James Nussbaumer

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