Dream Big with Success and Happiness by the Power of Reflection

Let’s look at why it is important to dream big with success with utmost respect for yourself.  Getting off the ground to a successful life is very important to everybody. It is important to have self-confidence and to get the things in life that we want. We want to make sure that we are living […]

Your Full Potential, Real Calling, and Freedom

Being pleased in life is something that you need to think about. You need to be pleased with the choices that you make and all the things that you do at work and in your specific life. You need to be happy with the choices that you make and all the things that you do […]

Living Life by your True Calling with Quality of Life

Specifically what truly are the life troubles that seem to maintain you from your objective in life? Letting go of and clearing life troubles; searching for as well as clarifying your core life purposes can help you shift forward with higher focus as well as top quality every day of your life. It’s exactly how […]

Learn Reflection of Self to Rise over Adversity and the Way to Success

Reflection of self helps us to begin judging less,—and in this way of being sin no longer occupies the space in our minds that we made between ourselves and our brothers/sisters.  A Course in Miracles states, “Love knows no bodies, and reaches to everything created like itself.” The ego—that aspect of us that thinks we […]

Feeling Depressed and Lonely Overcome by the Real Meaning of Self-Forgiveness

Most humans experience feeling depressed and lonely from time to time, but for some feeling sad and lonely gets in the way of giving love even in return. Feeling lonely often interrupts many individual’s lives, from relationship struggles, to career, weight loss, and all sorts of confusion–and is common with seniors and retirees, and individuals […]