Turn Your Life Around and Follow Your Dreams with Passion and Purpose

If life has you down like a dog and you feel you must begin to turn your life around, you just took the first step.

Yes, by admitting to yourself you need change in your life you will be on the path to letting go of and be free of false grumpy inner dialogue.

In order that you may live your own true free will and follow your dreams you GOTTA get rid of those dog days feelings.

You must drastically at least minimize ego-based contributions to your own illusory pessimistic wrong-mindedness. 

I mean, to end those self-limiting beliefs you must surrender those snarling dog ego-based sensations.

What I mean is that an energy given you of a thought system that is not real cannot give you the power to turn your life around.

As long as we are here on this planet in the dream of time and space, we cannot be totally ego-free; but the power of the mind can silence the illusive ego to the point where it holds no weight in our daily living and your intention to turn your life around. 

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But to live your life purpose the Holy Spirit—our true inner Teacher, needs us to be a “happy learner.” 

In book 1 of the series I discuss…You must lay all your cards on the table for the Holy Spirit to see.  Of course He already knows the cards you hold, but He needs to see how you present this to Him. 

This is why I urge you to learn mindfulness meditation techniques to calm the inner dialogue and listen to your higher Self.

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The way you display truth to the Holy Spirit helps Him to determine the methods of His operation for the undoing of your errors that led you here, so you may turn your life around and follow your dreams. 

You have been directed by the world to believe that one day your misery will lead to happiness. So now, your True Teacher must reinterpret this for you.

Listen to Your True Teacher to Turn Your Life Around

The world has confused us into believing that we can do anything we set our minds on doing including turn your life around. 

The missing link has been determining what we truly want, and which side of our split-mind is doing the learning. 

Misery finds more misery:

A Course in Miracles has taught me that without considering this carefully, and receiving the Right Guidance, misery will continue to find more misery.

I literally drove myself into madness with excessive wrong-minded perceptions and thinking, entailing excessive working hours, leading to excessive “happy hours,” leading to excessive personal problems that ultimately led me to excessive darkness. 

Is this an excuse?  No. 

It is what it is, a series of errors in thought, by using the wrong thought system to run my life. 

I was working hard at not enjoying a pathway I wrong-mindedly thought was paved for success. 

Never realizing my true free will, my passion and purpose.

Sure, and not understanding I was merely building a foundation for nothingness, I continued to value the hard work as a necessary part of the formula for success. 

The world awarded me with the pleasures my ego deserved.  It all made sense, I thought.  

We converse with countless other egos that counsel faith in our hard work, even when it leads to misery.  “Be patient,” we are told.  “Keep on keeping on.”  After all, “No pain, no gain” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

The ego-based mind in we humans filled with fear and doubt does not want you to turn your your life around.

Why is this, you might ask?

The ego that has a false foundation built on shaky sand is afraid of the success you will have if you begin to honor your True Free Will.

You see, the passion and purpose your Creator gave you in the Creation is built on ROCK where nothing is fearful or doubtful.

  • But what the ego in everyone won’t mention:

In book 2 we explore…What these other egos don’t speak of, however—only because they don’t know themselves—is that if we have faith in nothing, then we will always value nothing

  • Anything outside of yourself is this “ego nothing” I’m talking about. 

If we continue to value what is outside of us, then we are in the “nothing business,” and will be difficult to turn your life around.

If you’re attempting this type of business, then you are attempting to make the untrue into something that is true and will never follow your dreams.  This is the false idea of a free will that the ego likes to waste time over.

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To following your dreams,                                                                                                         

James Nussbaumer

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