Changing My Life for the Better and Personal Transformation only SEEMS Difficult

Here I’d like to share a chat I recently had with a longtime friend who was telling me that, “I am changing my life for the better.”

He went on to say that after screaming at the children that it’s not cool and making them clothe like they are outdoors, and said he transformed on the warm in the home.

He began assuming, “hmmm he has hair and he’s chilly.” Possibly it is cool.

Simply he was in a state of confusion, but was aware he needed to change his thinking.  

He just wasn’t making sense, and I suggested that to my good friend. The stress of a marital breakdown had gotten the best of him.

(By the way, here’s more on fixing a relationship if this, too, has you stressed out.)

We all at times seem not to make much sense and have to be open to a state of change that is needed.



We must be eager to discover the lesson that this modification, transformation, or change has for us.

Some individuals understand that they require change and perhaps just slight modifications in their lives, however proceed to live a life that they are no longer pleased with.

The Course in Miracles states, “If God’s Will for you is complete peace and joy, unless you experience only this you must be refusing to acknowledge His Will.”

At the time, my good old pal might have really felt that it was the end of his own rope, and sent him into thinking, changing my life for the better. 

(This, too, may help, on surrender means letting go of what you truly do not want and going with what’s true in your heart.) 

And I understood later on that the change and transformation he was seeking was for healing.

But, as well, if he’d not accepted that a change in thinking was necessary and, approved the change, he might not be where he is today.

He is a truly successful author, speaker, and friend of many.

And, is a mentor to me!

But this quick article is just some food for thought if you’re contemplating and feel an urge within you, saying, perhaps, “I must begin changing my life for the better.”

If you are going with some kind of transformation as you are reading this, take some time to believe exactly what is the lesson right here, and just how could I make this a personal transformation for the far better.

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James Nussbaumer

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