How Can I Let Go of the Past and Move on with My Life?

It seems that each generation looks back to previous generations to learn from their mistakes, and, how can I let go of the past? But, yes, as well as their successes, in order to improve their progress into the future, we still linger in the past.

These passed-along lessons serve in all generations that follow as the rationale for making a better world—except that we’re unaware of what we see.

Why is letting go of the past so difficult?

We’ve all heard it before, that “the problem with history is it keeps repeating itself.” Or should we say that we keep repeating ourselves, and are afraid of true change?

It’s often why we can’t begin moving on letting go.

This is the reason we don’t understand what we see, which leads us to get upset and fear something that really isn’t there.

(To turn your life around you must be free of false inner dialogue, and more on that here.)  

And why we seem unable, so we ask: how can I let go of the past?

Like Eckhart Tolle had said, “A dictator fears that a group of non-Christians are a threat to the power he strives to achieve, for example, in turn, he makes a decision to eliminate them from the face of the earth, resulting in massive numbers of Jewish people being exterminated.”

Nations continue to engineer the most sophisticated killing devices, and with a tap on a keyboard we can annihilate much of the earth’s population.

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Additionally, the United States of America, which prides itself as “the land of the free” and is supposedly the most sophisticated and civil country in the world, executes its own natural-born citizens.

Yes, it’s about  Letting Go and Moving on

(Here’s why you must learn to Let Go of the past in order for success to move right in.)  

Rather than focusing resources more on methods of rehabilitation—especially for crimes resulting from problems of addictions or poverty or mental illness—we spend millions of dollars to put individuals to death in the name of creating a better world.

Would this be the “Home of the Brave?”

No, this is the Home of the Fearful, and, is why we keep asking, how can I let go of the past? Is this insane or what?

The Course in Miracles states, “You do not really want the world you see, for it has disappointed you since time began.”

This article is not intended to be political, nor is it intended to pick on or label groups of people, but it is intended to send you a message about your own fears of change. It’s intended to help you moving on letting go, and this is what will make a better world.

It’s what will get you over the hump on a single question: how can I let go of the past? It’s hard to teach an “old dog new tricks,” and similarly, our old ideas about time are difficult to change.

To Forgive and Let Go

Everything most of us believe is rooted in our concept of time, and the mind-habits that make us miserable and lead us to err depend on our unwillingness to learn new ideas about it.

This is precisely why we need new ideas about time, so we may end our questioning about, how can I let go of the past?

The Course in Miracles further teaches us, “Yet the real world has the power to touch you even here, because you love it. The real world has no past”

The first time-related idea I’ll discuss, about moving on letting go, and, “seeing the past,” is not really as strange as it may sound.

What if before making a judgment about everything we might look at, we acknowledged to ourselves that the only thing we are seeing is the past?

Please bear with me as I explain why it’s difficult when we ask, how can I let go of the past?

This is why I encourage mindfulness meditation.

Let’s consider when we sip on a cup of morning coffee. Do you actually see a coffee cup, or are you merely looking at your past experiences of picking up a cup, inhaling its aroma, anticipating the jolt of caffeine, and taking a drink from it?

Out of your past you are remembering the feeling of the rim of the cup against your lips while having breakfast.

How else could you have known whether or not the coffee is hot, and that the cup can break if you drop it?

What do you really know about the cup, except what you have learned from the past?

Your past learning has taught you the idea of this cup.

Let’s begin Letting Go of the Past

Our minds are always preoccupied with past thoughts and impressions, and this, of course, is why we see only the past. No one really sees anything.

We are all seeing our past images projected onto the movie screen of our lives. When we may see it this way, we can more easily forgive and let go.

Our preoccupation with the past is the cause of the misconception about time in which our seeing suffers.

The mind seems to not want to forgive and let go because it cannot grasp the present, which is really the only time there is.

The present does not tick forward, and each present moment is always only that one moment, and then it is gone.

A new moment rushes right in. Truly grabbing onto this concept may help you when asking, how can I let go of the past ?

Remember, each moment of each day is always a brand-new moment, unrelated to any past or future moments.

As you read this now, that moment is gone and you are in a new moment, and so on. Now, can you begin letting go of the past?

This is why your moments cannot understand time and cannot, in fact, understand anything—and thus we perceive messages of a meaningless world, which upsets us.

A present moment is not your past, nor your future, but it is where you live.

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To letting go and moving on,

James Nussbaumer

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