New Thoughts on Life for Scripting Positive Change in Your World

The one important thing in life we have direct control over is new thoughts on life to feed our ideas, and our ideas script how we experience life.

You may witness people who have exactly what appears to be an ideal life … a caring family, a beautiful home, a fantastic career … however if these individuals are filled with unfavorable thoughts and ideas, he or she is not able to fully enjoy what life wants to offer.

This person might be focusing rather on what is missing or exactly what seems to be going wrong.

You may likewise know of someone who has actually dealt with a difficult situation.

This person lives a humble yet successful life, works on his career diligently, and regardless of what adversities rise up in his/her life, the scenario turns brighter.

These kinds of people are always processing new thoughts on life, constantly have a smile, and a wave of appreciation for everything good in life.

This is of the habits of highly influential people everywhere, and is why I encourage that you learn and practice mindfulness meditation, and here’s a review on that…

Positive Change in your Life

The bright side is regardless of our present scenarios, we can exercise the power of choice for new thoughts on and how we react to any circumstance.

You can decide to be favorable, caring, and appreciative—and reinventing yourself, we may say, or you can chose to be unfavorable, judgmental and crucial.

When you find yourself caught in negative thinking, acknowledge exactly what is occurring and stop yourself.

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Ask yourself one or more of the following concerns:

  • How is this negative attitude keeping you from positive change in your life?
  • Am I ready to let something beyond my control consume my thoughts and ruin my day?
  • Is there something you can do to change your thoughts about this to make it much better?
  • How can I turn this unfavorable thought into new thoughts on life that favor positive outlook?

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, author of many books that change your thinking, teaching new thoughts on life, encourages that 80-90 percent of our thoughts and perceptions are wrong-minded and ego-based.

The Course in Miracles teaches us, “The ego is quite literally a fearful thought. It represents a delusional system, and speaks for it.”

If you find that the majority of your thoughts are negative, it is since you allowed them to make themselves at home in your mind so they can now play as recordings, over and over again.

You might discover it hard to shut them out, even though you want to.

(Here’s more on hard to love, perhaps, because it’s easy for us to accept the insanity of the ego mind which is filled with doubt, fear, and judgement.) 

Begin Now to Change your Thoughts

Since 80-90 percent of what we think of is habitual, you can develop new ideas to replace the unfavorable ones and develop new thoughts on life.

An excellent location to start is by scripting a scene in the play called, Your Life.

The Course in Miracles states, “Whatever you accept into your mind has reality for you. It is your acceptance of it that makes it real.”

Each time a negative idea enters your mind, acknowledge it, then discover a favorable one to replace it.

Now this won’t constantly be easy, however it can be done. You can be as extreme or conservative as you like.

The next time you are confronted with an unfavorable thought, begin taking control and making new thoughts on life.

In the well-known words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or think you cannot, you’re right.”

Remember, every time an unfavorable idea enters your mind, acknowledge it, look at it without judgement, then, script new thoughts on life.

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To changing your thoughts about life,

James Nussbaumer

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