Reinventing your Life through Quiet Power of Mind

Is reinventing your life something nagging you in the back of your mind? Perhaps feeling like starting over and building from scratch? If so, you’re not alone in this boat, and there are so many individuals everywhere who wish and ask: “how can I change my life?”

Why do I keep struggling in life, is something many of us have been up against, so if this is the case with you, let’s do something about it! I believe this article will help you.

Many begin change with regard to their personal and love relationships, appearance, whether weight-loss, or financial, character or career.

In a nutshell, reinventing your life through the quiet power of mind that is within us all requires that you must have patience.

In your dream of separation from God, you see everything as being outward. 

With this vision, if your thoughts were one hundred percent wholly of yourself, then the thought system you chose to make up would be forever dark. 



The Holy Spirit—your inner Guide, your quiet power of mind for manifesting the life you want, Who is the real You, makes light available always; but in the darkness any thoughts you do share with God are transmuted beyond your ego-based belief. 

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A Course in Miracles helps us see that…If you will learn to inwardly extend these thoughts that you do share with God, without fear, you will begin to see the power in your thoughts. You will find answer to your bothersome question: “how can I change my life?”

So far, it has been the ego-based projections of the world, and not the truth, not your quiet power of mind, that you have chosen to defend and think that you love. 

In my first book of the series readers come to see by example…Images are projected, and real thoughts extend. 

No one can take these thoughts away from you; however, you can give them up. 

Your Source of undoing these projections that lead to your errors is within you, and is the One Who knows everything about you.

If the Holy Spirit’s thought system is not leading you, then the direction of your life is going nowhere and will find nothing.  You will continue wondering, “how can I change my life?”

A Course in Miracles states, “God has given you a place in His Mind that is yours forever.”

If you deny something that He well knows to be true, then He must teach you not to deny it in order to start reinventing your life. 

The Holy Spirit’s undoing is always over time, and is indirect as you involve yourself in the task of trying to share with God that which cannot be shared, but merely needs correction. 

Perhaps it’s reinventing your life.

In book 2 we deeply explore…This is where you could possibly, for a temporary period of time, enter the “void,” or “the dark night of the soul,” as St. John of the Cross named it. 

(By the way, upon further reading up on St. John of the Cross, I discovered that he seemed to be one who thought against the norm, one of whom others said his ideas were “a bit wild.” 

But I didn’t learn what, back in those days, was considered to be wild!) 

You must understand how twisted and fragmented and complex mankind’s thought system is.  

Think about the multiple generations of illusion, lies, untruths, and false love passed down to us. 

The Holy Spirit must begin His teaching by showing you about the inner power of mind what you can never learn on your own, and especially from the world when it comes to reinventing your life.

His message sometimes might come directly at you, where He must introduce truth to insanity. 

In such cases—as it did with my incarceration—His direct message can force you into complete surrender.  He may look at your foundation and dismiss it, but you yourself cannot undo what you made. 

Whether His correction is direct or indirect:

The Holy Spirit’s undoing will start a rebuilding, though it may seem for quite a while as though you are stuck and going nowhere. But soon you will be reinventing your life.

For me, it felt like He took a wrecking ball to my life, but then said to me, “It’s okay, let it rest, and now I will help you to rebuild, to begin reinventing your life, and it will be something fascinating.” 

The time will come when you suddenly see yourself traveling with simple truths, and will notice a burst of real positive progression. 

This is what has given me the energy to write this book while in a state prison.

All it takes is one last drop.

The ancient Chinese Book of Changes, or I Ching, speaks of such a life experience being like water filling up behind the wall of a dam.  From the other side of the dam, it can look like absolutely nothing is happening. 

Then all it takes is one last drop to cause the pooling water to rise over the top and become a rushing river, effortlessly flowing into the next stage of its journey.

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To your quiet power of mind,

James Nussbaumer

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