Does Manifesting Really Work and Why Do I Keep Struggling in Life?

Without taking action on this universal intellect—or inner knowledge, you will continue to ask, does manifesting really work? You will keep questioning and pondering over and over, why do I keep struggling in life?

Perhaps you continue to beat a dead horse in your approach and are disgusted.

As you read on and contemplate this article, keep in mind that the Course in Miracles teaches that, “Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth.”

Sadly, though, questioning why you are not able to begin manifesting abundance in your life, is that you are not being open-minded enough to the knowledge within you, not outside of you, about manifesting abundance.

There are so many people like you who continue to struggle with the power of reflection principles for manifesting the life you want.

They, like you, perhaps have listened to a few CD’s, watched a video or two.

You may have likewise purchased a few books and courses, but have left them on the shelf after a few days or so of practice.  

This information is too crucial to not be practiced continually from your heart and truthful desire to manifest a better life.

As a result of not applying the true manifesting science many people quit and give up far too soon and become terribly lost and frustrated.

So how do you begin manifesting abundance?

The truth is with the true inner Light of knowledge to create the life you want you will begin creating everyday miracles, and in a reasonable amount of time.

The Course in Miracles states, “The light in all of us shines brightly regardless of the density of the fog that obscures it.”

When you let the fog fade away and use the similar energy you used when you asked, does manifesting really work, and to place the power of visualization on your side, miraculous changes begin.

Little by little, step by step, you will notice things occurring due to your affirmations and visualization actions.

Let’s face it, real miracles are not magic tricks!

In time you will be taking bigger steps and noticing your objectives and goals being met, and seeing that you are reaching your full potential.  

Believe me, I realized this myself, and is by far crucial and important universal intellect that will transform your life.

It has worked for me from a prison cell when I was asking myself, does manifesting really work, and it can work for you, too, when you commit to personal transformation.

Yes, it’s about how to create the life you want.

(Here’s more about the secret to getting what you want in life by realizing how to create miracles.) 

For how to manifest I want you to understand a powerful thought process, a secret for many, that is in the depths of the power of attraction and reflection principles.

This right-minded thought process that many don’t know about is why so many people never bring into their lives what they truly want.

You see in order to have the answer to, does manifesting really work, and to transform your reality here in this world, you must commit to the extreme levels of reality in the whole mind.

You cannot change a thing from your humanistic wrong-minded ego-based manmade thought system built on fear, self-doubt, guilt, judgement and the like.

You will never get the power of visualization on your side and those repeated affirmations to work, even if you do so repeatedly till the “cows come home.”

Albert Einstein once so brilliantly said, “You will never fix a problem with the same mind that made it up.”

This universal intellect will change your attitude when you next ask, does manifesting really work?

You will open your real eternal and divine whole mind, rather than the separated illusive ego-based mind, to truly manifesting abundance and the life you want to live.

Do you truly want personal transformation?

So maybe you are like many individuals who want more income or financial stability so you may get the life you want.

If you continue to ask, why do I keep struggling in life, it’s practically impossible to live a full life.

Why do you have adversities and struggle despite practicing the power of attraction’s reflective state of mind principles?

 It is simply because you continue to try to make a life by using the same ego-based thought system that has you where you are at right now.

Surely to repeat prayers and affirmations over and over can help soothe you at times.

It may help you see a different perspective on things like world hunger, the homeless, the sick, wars, terrorism, and these kinds of ugly things.

But to truly get to the bottom of the question, does manifesting really work, and to experience personal transformation is another thing.

I mean to bring about a better life situation, you need to truly begin do so at a the real inner You—the whole mind, at-one with Creation.

Likewise, you must begin to consume the universal intellect—witnessed as energy in this world, if you will, by being whole and one with it.

It’s how to be highly effective like so many others who have once walked among us, and those yet to arrive.

(Please note, I also suggest this related article on how to live a happy life with goal setting tips as your key to success in life.) 

To manifesting abundance, 

James Nussbaumer

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