How to Live a Happy Life – Goal Setting Tips as your Key to Success

How to live a happy life is nothing more than committing to your true free will and listening to your heart for doing success oriented activities. It is about experiencing as many, “In the Now” moments as possible.

It’s what the Course in Miracles terms, the “holy instant.”

The key to success in life and raising self-esteem for how to live a happy life is all about answering to your true free will, your purpose and passion while in this world with magnitude in the heart of your mind.

The Course in Miracles states, “Be not content with littleness. But be sure you understand what littleness is, and why you could never be content with it.”

Searching for what you want in life and what you enjoy doing—your passion, if you will, need not be a difficult task.

Information from books, CD’s and videos, other people’s ideas and opinions are stimulus to trigger your own inner dwelling for thought about the life you want.

Of the many goal setting tips I’ve studied and written about, I like the idea of committing to having full control of your future.

How to live a happy life means owning the process of becoming anything that you desire because you are in control.

Yes, we should always have a goal setting process.

You remain down and dogged by the same situation repeatedly because you have not chosen to have control of your own inner core, and you’re not listening to advice and instructions given to you by your inner Guidance system called the Holy Spirit.  

Rather you may be listening to the ego-based mind aspect in all us that is nothing more than a manmade thought system based on littleness, filled with fear, guilt, self-doubt, judgement and the like.

Who would want to follow instructions from that type of a thought system, yet that is what much of humankind does each day of life in this world.

Rather stay in harmony with Spirit which is all about the ‘holy instant’, and the Course in Miracles explains this by asking us, “Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time?”

Another one of the great goal setting tips to raising self-esteem and a better life, is to hang around with success oriented happy individuals.

Disassociate and go the other direction from people and situations that cause unhappiness.

Hang around with people you like and trust and are in tune with your desires and needs.

Be sure to enjoy work that is fun and challenging.

Nothing is more anxiety and stress filled than doing work that you don’t enjoy.

Raising Self-Esteem will be done by Spirit

(Here’s more about how the world’s most successful icons and influential people keep improving self-confidence.) 

How to live a happy life means being open to work that gives you joy and many pleasures and makes you feel excited. It is the kind of work where you can put you heart into it and will perform your best.

It’s always best as another of my goal setting tips to enjoy your own company.

Learn to enjoy being alone at times and being a great friend to you.

Lavish yourself with reading, music, learning, or indulge yourself with any activity that makes you happy.

Also for raising self-esteem means building rock solid relationships.

Treat others well and with respect, appreciate them and you will get the same treatment. Invest time, energy, spirit and your heart into your relationships.

Create new things for how to live a happy life.

Do something different to create new fun and interests.

Working on new projects personally and professionally motivates and increases your chances for self-growth and satisfaction.

Why not become an author if that is one of the things you may have always wanted to do.

You will experience personal transformation, manifest newer ongoing opportunities and meet interesting and new people.

Start seeing that you own the key to success in life.

Each activity and step forward will lead to more self-growth each day and will have a cumulative effect on your future.

Keep your mindfulness focus on your objectives and goals and dreams.

Guard your spirit and mind from dis-empowering and wrong-minded ego-based negative thoughts and perceptions.

When you are confronted with challenges and difficulties, focus and concentrate on the life you want.

The more hurdles and other adversities you overcome and solve, the happier you will feel and you will create more energy for how to live a happy life.

One of my favorite goal setting tips is to honor your inner Self—the Holy Spirit in you, and be open to healing when it is needed.

Move forward in life and reaching full potential by living your dreams, certainly needs to be your purpose in life.

You’ve heard it said before, “Life is too short,” so heal from the past and do not fear the future as you shift forward in mind to achieve a life of purpose and passion.  

(Here’s another article that is related about when you think to yourself Make My Life Better, here’s how to do so by the miracle of decision.)  

To a happy life, 

James Nussbaumer

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