What is the Meaning of Success and the Best Way to Be Happy?

What is the meaning of success is something many of us think about often, especially when we are really trying to seek the best way to be happy. Certainly everyone wants to feel success, touch it good, and come to know success.

Most of these same people never really ask, within, to the heart of who they are, what success means to me?

World-renown inspirational speaker Deepak Chopra always teaches that to define success in your life means living according to your heart.

I believe we need to always be reaching for the goal, because if it is a true goal then it is of our true free will.

When you are committed you will do what it takes to perhaps even raise your confidence to begin taking action. 

So when you contemplate within yourself, what is the meaning of success, you are saying to your own self that you want to be happy in life. Yes?

What you want in life will be yours if it is truly what you want.

In other words, ask most individuals what is their true free will or life of purpose and passion, and they will shy away from the matter, and say something like, “Hey, I just want to be happy.”

That’s great, but for the most part they will do nothing to take action on the matter of their true free will.

It’s sad when they barely want to accept and know with any certainty, what is the meaning of success.

Don’t discount yourself on success in your life!

In other words, because of fear and self-doubt of the ego-based mind, also wrapped in judgement of self and others, what is the meaning of success to them, has never been seriously looked at.

If you look around, you see these fearful and doubting individuals everywhere you walk in life, and perhaps if you look in the mirror you might see your own ego-based fearful and self-doubting, judgmental false self.

That’s what the ego is, and it surely is a false sense of who you are.

The only thing is the ego never will know what is the meaning of success?

If happiness is your goal and to be happy in life is what you want, then you are on your way to answering, what is the meaning of success.

If it is something you really want to answer and see in your life, then you have to start finding the best way to be happy right now in this instant, TODAY!

Absolutely NOT, no way, you cannot wait till next week or next month, or when the New Year comes around!

I mean, because if you wait and keep making excuses, all you are doing is thinking from your fearful, doubting Thomas aspect in you, which is the ego.

No, you must take action in your mind RIGHT NOW!

So how will you begin to even start?

How do you find the best way to be happy?

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You must deeply ask within, what is the meaning of success for me while in this world, and then make a choice to do something?

Ask, again, what makes you feel success in your life, and then go within yourself and create the picture and begin reflecting it into your exterior world.

You will do this by your power of choice to do so.

Maybe it’s learning to play golf, or getting in shape, losing weight, whatever, you must choose to take action on this objective and goal you have already set for yourself.

Hey, it could be just simply making a decision to walk through the park at high noon each day.

You must schedule time every day to do something about what is the meaning of success for you, and take action on what it will take to be happy in life.

So what does it take for a better life?

As the Course in Miracles teaches us by asking, “Why are you allowing falsity to rule your life?”

Remember, how you spend each minute in your mind is a good reflection of how you live your daily life.

The question for you to answer deep within you, yes, deep inside, is, how are you living your life?

The Course in Miracles teaches us often to not be afraid to look within.”

The fact at the end of the day will be that how you think and act, or choose not to act, on your true free will, is what you will get in life.

Be a hero to yourself and begin right now, in this instant, to answer within you, what is the meaning of success?

Then make another choice to take action on what your inner divine Voice is urging you to do.

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To the best way to be happy, 

James Nussbaumer

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