Finding Happiness Within for a Life of Purpose and Passion

Finding happiness within requires having an optimistic outlook on life and living a life of passion and purpose

I have re-purposed a previous article and enhancing it here, so you may learn more on finally finding happiness within yourself, and is why I’ve include this brief instructional video for a better life.



To begin finding happiness within is why I all so often urge that you learn mindfulness training, which basically is meditation exercises using breathing to go within for the best way to live, and more on that at a related article here: 

Finding happiness within will lead to knowing exactly what makes you alive with passion within, will help you connect with all that you truly are.

I mean to align yourself to the power of attraction which is of the universe through reflection principles, to feel imaginative energy, to feel genuinely alive with a life of purpose and passion.

The Course in Miracles helps us realize…Spiritual or imaginative enthusiasm from the depths of your inner core, and with faith in yourself, is what can get you realizing how to begin finding happiness within.

(Here’s more on the importance of faith and its power is one whole and human aspect in us all that is often covered by a veil, perhaps, where we can see slightly through, but not entirely.) 

Course in Miracles teaches us, “Do not be afraid to look within.”

Whether it’s through faith, music, journaling or better yet, blogging, or perhaps art and some other type of artistic expression, you must discover exactly what will awaken your heart in order to strike balance in your life.

And by the way, many have asked, “Why Should I Blog?” Perhaps sharing your passions with the world and here’s an article showing you why: 

To a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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