Fearful and Why You are at the Branch in the Road of Your Life

Fearful and why you just cannot get a grip on this nagging thought process? Maybe it’s your future you are fearful over crazy stuff, stressed, and what to do next, or which way to turn? Keep in mind as you absorb this brief message for it’s worth to you this spiritual principle from the Course […]

Negative Thinking Patterns Overcome by the Power of Presence

Lisa sought my advice for her negative thinking patterns after a recent Health Talk seminar where I spoke at a local hospital. Like many who suffer with chronic negative thoughts she was determined to learn how to develop a positive attitude. She had been going to different type of medical professionals and attempting different nutrition […]

Your Personal Goals in Life and Being Happy with Yourself

Here are some ideas for how to align with your personal goals in life and to be happy with yourself, but first honestly answer these questions within yourself: What are your personal goals in life and immediate goals for the future you want to live? Exactly what would you like to ultimately attain in your […]

Finding Happiness Within for a Life of Purpose and Passion

Finding happiness within requires having an optimistic outlook on life and living a life of passion and purpose.  I have re-purposed a previous article and enhancing it here, so you may learn more on finally finding happiness within yourself, and is why I’ve include this brief instructional video for a better life.     To […]

What Do I Need to be Happy and Get the Life I Want?

How to be happy with yourself and answering to, what do I need to be happy, is in how to begin finding happiness inside you. Many people think the answer to, what do I need to be happy, is in being financially well-off, or having the perfect body, or the wonderful six figure plus income […]