How to Enjoy All of Life by Embracing the Aging Process as You Get Older

Here are some ideas for embracing the aging process with a couple of anti-aging tips to make sure you continue to create the life you want, while having fun with a terrific life even as you get older. 

Growing old is a fact of life, and there is no sense or rhyme or reason to shy away from it or try to prevent it or seeing getting so much older all the time as a life challenge.

One of the finest ways on how to slow the the aging process and avoid feeling old is by being more connected to your inner state of bliss and finding more enjoyment and being at-one with that.

I use these words from the Course in Miracles workbook to feel that wholeness and at-oneness with my Creator:

  • I am one Self, united with my Creator.

A good practice is to practice stress alleviating activities given that stress and anxiety contributes to speeding up the aging process.

Be sure to spend time looking both into the days ahead, yes, your future, as well as the lovely times of the past.

As you are getting older it is easy to look back and think that you have actually lived your life and that is almost over.

But rather understand that even if you have done everything you have set forth to do, there is so much more to live for.



If you change your state of mind your life can be genuinely fantastic, therefore stay with positive outlook and your future is going to be bright.

Getting old is a truth of life, and there is plenty of helpful anti-aging tips all through the internet that will make your body last forever while in this world.

So don’t try to deny the aging process or try to stop it.

Embracing Life in this World

In reality, faces have wrinkles and as we get older both men and women do not have the bodies of superheros or supermodels.

In our society, where everybody desires to live longer, however cannot stand their bodies or deals with revealing indications of age, it isn’t really simple to get away from the dream of growing old youthfully.

The hazard of health problems and financial and other monetary insecurity make us distressed about aging–we tend to see the aging process as a barrier to be gotten rid of rather than as a phase in life to be taken pleasure in.

I envision my own mother with her sluggish motions, thoughtful reactions, the grace of  her fragrance.

I cannot picture stopping running, or going to the fitness center, or even letting go of my expert aspirations.

If it’s challenging to envision exactly what sort of individual we will be when we are old, it’s worth considering this–the finest things that the aging process can provide us are knowledge, a much better understanding of ourselves and the chance to focus our energy on jobs that we actually care about.

The more the body is lived in, the more we need to appreciate its requirements–if you accept its flaws it will be more open to desire and satisfaction.

“Women believe that guys just prefer young ladies, however this isn’t really the case–they’re drawn to ladies who are passionate and strong in their maturity, in their sensuality, and who like life,” stated a popular Men’s magazine.

Another thing that assists the the aging process is to be around other individuals and engaged with the world, which needs us to invest energy and imagination.

In our society, where everybody desires to live longer however we get filled with stress and anxiety over our ailments at times, and leads to depression often.

It isn’t really simple to get away from the dream of growing old while in this world.

Remember the Course in Miracles states, “This world is causeless, as is every dream that anyone has dreamed within the world.

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Going Beyond What Holds Us Back in Life

The risk of further health problems and financial and physical insecurity make us distressed about aging–we tend to see age as something holding us back in life instead of just a part of the dream of life in this world.

Let’s not see the aging process as a barrier to be climbed over rather than a part of time that teaches us something about the Real world.

Follow this food for thought and you’ll find that one of the best anti-aging tips is by reflecting your dreams to your material world often termed by many to be the power of manifestation, and being cheerful and happy about life in general.

There is one thing you can manage and that you have control over, and that would be, your attitude about getting older.

There is some guaranteed positive outlook for this brand-new phase of life!

Do you discover yourself glancing at the obituaries column to see how numerous good friends and associates may be noted?

The build-up of years does have an inexorable impact on our bodies.

The older body does not “recuperate” from an injury, health problem and even a basic pressure as it when did, so we might battle with health difficulties.

The body was never supposed to live permanently in this world, and all of us will advance through these phases as we continue towards completion of life while here on Earth.

And by understanding this we may more closely align to the power of the universe.

Together with all the other modifications, even our hair modifications–if it does not turn white, it turns loose!

Of course, older individuals likewise require to remember their Creator, however they might have more time to focus on this essential element of life.

Throughout the Golden Years concerns modification, as many couples are no longer strained by the obligations they had as more youthful individuals with requiring professions and young households.

While our expectations even with our love relationships need to alter in certain areas, this does not imply, for example, that women cannot still attract men as they are growing old.

I mean that we cannot stop living pleasing and helpful lives by reflecting our inner awesomeness to the material world!

The difficult edges of a character can soften; hot moods can cool; rashness can end up being tempered with persistence; and the absurdity of youth can be changed by the knowledge of years.

Of course, as I already said but in a different way, older individuals likewise require to remember their wholeness or at-oneness with their Creator, however they might have more time to focus on this crucial element of life.


Surely throughout the the aging process we experience change, as a lot of couples are no longer stressed with the bills to pay like, “What to leave in and what to leave out.”

All these aspects and more mean that, in order to embrace the aging process with grace and self-respect, we have to have reasonable expectations of ourselves.

We will have to slowly cut heavy exercises and will need to be more mindful driving after dark–or maybe quit driving completely.

The Course in Miracles helps us to see that while our expectations should alter with life in this world, this does not indicate we cannot live pleasing and useful lives!

There can be a digestion of life and an approval of loss and sorrow as we are getting older where we have actually soaked up life’s slings and arrows

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To embracing how you grow older, 

James Nussbaumer

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