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How often do you seek personal fulfillment and try to find your strengths by searching for some source far outside of you, to deliver you the power you only believe you yet do not possess?

Can we personally TRANSFORM this helpless and scarcity mindset controlling our thoughts?

This is a concern that might appear complex for many of us worldwide since much of mankind for centuries has been looking someplace, “Out there,” to bring us the life we desire.

Formerly I’d expanded at a webinar how, “Many individuals live by, asking and browsing externally,” possibly like you, “I’ll get that brand-new profession or the promotion, or I’ll begin this new company, or I’ll do this to have that partner.”

Exactly what does it take to have personal fulfillment and find your strengths from within to get the life you desire while in this world?

For those of you who have seen much of my work will not be surprised when I say, this is why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation exercises.

And I highly suggest looking into the 7 minute mindfulness meditation practice which has helped many find their way to success.  

In this episode of For A Better Life Podcast below, and also posted to YouTube, we explore the responses to these concerns.

It consists of a great deal of unpredictability in many people, and our thoughts of lack are exactly what provide an idol’s illusory power.



If you have idols that you count on in order to seek personal fulfillment and find your strengths, then a number of idols must seem to exist on the planet today?

I imply to uncover exactly what you desire and not exactly what you do NOT desire.

Such a declaration might be of a physical nature, or a spoken message you wish to provide; it truly makes no distinction.

Be it mental, emotional, physical or psychological strength, to find personal fulfillment and realize inner power you might feel, perhaps, it is someplace to be discovered.

It appears we like to dwell on the past as a recommendation for the assistance we think we need.

Judges and attorneys ready at this when pointing out previous decisions where one judgment in a past court proceeding weighed over another.

This is why I advise you to look into the power of manifestation Free e-book here, with reflection principles for reaching within.

It’s about getting aligned with PRESENCE, and uncovering your dreams as a reality you may call your own.

  • Exactly what is so helpful about an idol and exactly what does one genuinely provide for you?
  • Do you truly realize where the power of an idol sits?
  • Do you actually comprehend what remains in your thinking that sometimes makes you feel that the life you envision is helpless?

Have you ever had the strong desire to make a declaration that you understand holds true, and your very own conviction in the matter is burning in your heart?

And, however you still look for extra assistance that you are not able to achieve–and after that the subject ends up being buried?

  • Are you seeing it difficult for how to find strength?
  • We feel an idol directs us to a life of passion and purpose.

You understand this individual–the one who constantly has the inside scoop on the drama that she or he develops around the workplace or the neighborhood.

The morning’s or evening TV news are prime examples, when they are given our attention on particular happenings.

You thank your idol, and hence have actually separated yourself from the “losers” worldwide from whom you differ.

Many believe their idol praise has the power to provide for their scarcity, and offer us a self-worth we believe we cannot achieve on our own.

Do not let an idol’s seeming reality trick you from personal fulfillment which is your real heart’s desire, or we might state, a life of purpose and true free will.

Possibly you shackled yourself so low in your self-made inner prison cell by trying desperately to be at a level the world would acknowledge you for.

Idol praise is a picture of somebody, yes, a ‘body,’ or something that we value for exactly what we believe it is, in contrast to what we only believe we are.

Idol praise continuously– a body, a thing, a location, a scenario or image; the news, a thing owned or desired, even an ideal worth attained or required.

You will attempt and try harder to look outside your little self for the strength to raise your head, viewed as achievement.

For that matter, how frequently do we believe exactly what the newspapers print on the current scandal?

In some way we believe an idol can complete our inability and make us feel safe in a world viewed as fearful and harmful, filled with forces that threaten our comfort.

When you have an idol it is your manner of oppressing yourself to littleness and to loss, and hence, never developing inner strength.

These examples of idol praise are all the very same: something we believe provides us personal fulfillment and how to find inner strength.

Releasing Idols to Uncover your Real Inner Power

This sort of viewed “gain” is, in truth, more terrible separation from the oneness that is your real self and your real and true inner power.

Idol praise has an objective in reverse of the Holy Spirit—your true inner Guide, constantly bridging your understanding of life in this world.

Idol praise represents “fake news,” so to speak, a ‘little space,’ a tiny segment in your mind in between the past and the present moment, ‘presence,’ of the real Christ-Mind in you, which is constantly in the “now.”

This tiny segment called ego can’t understand true Reality and operates on littleness because that’s all it is aware of.

A Course in Miracles states, “An idol is a misconception or an incorrect belief that the ego uses to keep the past alive.”

The ego—that fearful, self-doubting, and judgmental little aspect in we humans, does not see any advantages to the ‘now,’ simply as it will never truly understand infinity and eternity.

Your man made idol praise aims to build its bridge from the past to the future with a bypass over the “now.” Here, personal fulfillment is never found.

The ego-based mind keeps us hopeless from reaching our full potential where our real creative power and personal fulfillment waits not to be found, but just, simply, uncovered.

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Next, let’s dive into maximizing your life by uncovering what is already within you.

Are You Maximizing your Inner Power?

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent Van Gogh

We frequently make every effort to fill that space in between exactly what we’ve got and exactly what we desire focusing our attention on what we think we lack.

This weakens us!

Are we investing so much time and energy attempting to get up to speed where we are doing nothing, and find that we miss out on the chance to take advantage of and make the most of the strengths, skills, and resources that we currently have?

In his book called, Your Erroneous Zones, based on why many of us never reach our full potential and learn how to find strength, by the late Wayne W. Dyer, discusses how human nature has been woven.

Humankind’s manmade illusory forces based on projections and assumptions shut down the idea of being one with our Creator, so that you remain in a mode of littleness that leads to loneliness and loathsomeness.

With regard to abilities, if you discover an ability but doubt or fear it, it might still assist you to get only a “little” better, however you will not experience personal fulfillment.

Rather, as you develop your strengths, by uncovering your inner power, abilities will in fact show most important when they are integrated with authentic skill.

Are you prepared to get familiarized with finding inner strength?

Once you believe it without fear and doubt or judgement, you might be amazed by exactly what uncovers as your strengths even though it makes sense.

I mean that when you are utilizing your strengths which is one factor why we do not acknowledge them, life will start to welcome you.

To us our inner power looks like no huge offer, or we believe everybody believes that way.

Let me explain by asking you:

Where are you losing time on something that is not honoring your leading strengths and skills for personal fulfillment?

Allow those jobs to be handed over to somebody who has the strength to do it remarkably better than you?

How can you establish your service or business and even your household so that individuals included are establishing their strengths?

If the brand-new ability for personal fulfillment is in line with one of your strengths, you will discover it much easier to take full advantage of that ability, which is constructed on a strength.

How can you take exactly what you’ve got and optimize it to make a favorable effect in your life and the life of others?

Beginning Now!

Are we investing so much time and energy attempting to get up to speed where we are not taking action and missing out on the chance to take advantage of and make the most of our inner power?

Are we too busy being set in complacency waiting for some outside power to deliver us the skills and resources we need to accomplish our heroic mission?

If there are resources you need to be aligned with your true free will, your inner power will discover how to locate and take full advantage of resources you never before realized were available.

The World will be There to Help

So rather than feeling anxious and worried and calling out through the ego-based mind—which  may start hounding you about loss and lack, only leading to a disastrous drain on your emotions quickly, go within and uncover your inner Light.

  • Do so by talking to yourself like you would an old friend in need.
  • Ask, “How would I advise a goof friend who is having a similar problem?”
  • Then tell yourself you are now living in the light and not darkness.

By uncovering the Light, this will eliminate or undo much of the ego clutter of lack trying to be in control.

The Course in Miracles states, “Decide for the answer and you will have it, for you will see it as it is, and it is yours already.”

As the ego chatter fades a new formula will begin conquering what is obstructing the way and renewed inner strength will take over.

If you’re still in a bit of a stymie, take one step toward action of some sort, even if it’s just a simple phone call to someone for help.

Or, the action could be preparing a checklist of things you can do next.

Do something to shine light on the problems one at a time, and insist to yourself that you must start taking some sort of action for personal fulfillment.

No matter what, as long as you’re moving in the right direction, you will be uncovering a creative attitude supporting productive action.

This new inner power, or, mindfulness muscle, we may say, was not found or delivered to you from somewhere “out there,” but it was uncovered from within you.


Individual satisfaction is relentless and certainly is personal fulfillment when you are aligned to your true free will, and painting your own portrait called your life while in this world.

It’s of the habits of highly effective individuals who have ever walked this Earth, and to this day is how successful people grow and continue to help the world.

While you create this portrait the universe awaits to help you along the way.

A Course in Miracles teaches us to keep growing within, and states, “How gracious it is to decide all things through Him Whose equal Love is given equally to all alike. He leaves you no one outside you.”

Satisfaction with finding inner strength sounds like a keen concept, doesn’t it?

The obstacle for numerous of us all over the globe is: truly accepting it and understanding it by uncovering, and moving boldly on the course to it.

That is why your journey, a pathway, if you will, to personal fulfillment will take a special determination as well as present various chances to align with it.

If you are at-one with it and immersing yourself in living, caring, discovering, following those ahead of you and leading the ones behind you in this procession line to wholeness, and doing so with thankfulness, you have uncovered your inner power. 

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To uncovering inner strength,

James Nussbaumer

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