The Life You Imagine Lived Now by Letting Go of Feeling Hopeless

Realizing that to live the life you imagine and manifest exactly what you prefer can be either excitingly easy and fun. On the other hand, it can be painfully hard depending upon your full awareness.

It is extremely important to certainly become aware of the important things that you do want, and enjoy life to the fullest.

But it is simply to be familiar with the things that are holding you back from getting exactly what you want.

Here are a few reasons why you do not live the life you want and why you may not be successful in attracting exactly the life you imagine.

  • You might not be aligned to your true free will

You have to learn how to be in alignment with the life you imagine. To be aligned with your true free will—which is your passion and purpose, only seems to be difficult for you.

But being that as humans in this world we often forget that living a life according to our true free will, which is of the Creation, is so vital for our over-all happiness and inner-peace.

I cut this brief video below and it’s on YouTube, with just a few important ‘passion and purpose’ points, if you will, to consider so you may begin being all that you can be while living life in this world we call Earth.



Let’s mention, perhaps, that you have a desire to end the notion you’ve been carrying around with you that you have ‘a hopeless life,’ and that you want to launch your dream business.

But you are flat broke and you continue to hound yourself over feeling hopeless and that life feels meaningless, so your environment is aligned to poverty.

You might be hoping and wishing but everything in your being feels like a few cents versus the few thousand dollars you need to get things moving toward how to live the life you want.

Your unbiased then ought to be to penetrate a new thought process for how to get the life you imagine, yes, how to get that few thousand you need to get the ball rolling.

How to Conquer Fear

Maybe you need to conquer fear of success, overcome self-doubt and so much more of the like, the challenges that you must overcome.

Perhaps you need to begin seeming like you deserve those few to several thousand dollars. This is the very first and most vital action to activating the law of manifestation.

  • Absence of Focus

In order to get the universe to move what you want into your physical truth you need to begin to hold a consistent and clear focus of your true free will, I mean what you truly desire all times throughout the day.

When you are aligned to your true free will you will notice fear fading away and thereby feeling more strength rather than thoughts of life feels meaningless.

In order for the law of manifestation to work rapidly with the life you imagine, you must initially understand with fantastic certainly that you do indeed deserve what you are asking for, and you must begin to feel it to your inner most core.

If there are small feelings of doubt those doubts will work as barriers affecting the destination process from going in your favor.

  • Not knowing how true Reality operates

The power of manifestation is one of several laws that help you in manifesting exactly what you desire.

Manifesting your desires means that you insist that the universe bring the resources to you, and that you must trust it will be so.

  • Surrounding yourself with individuals or things which contradict what you are reflecting into your material world.

This is by far one of the most stubborn aspects we humans—called ego, deal with, which just cannot trust that the universe does indeed WANT you to have what you want and for the life you imagine.

The universal law of manifestation moves on thought, but Real divine thought of Spirit, other individual’s Real thought, can have an excellent effect on your own true free will being accomplished.

As you can see there are lots of parts to the power of manifestation process not all being fully understood by many people.

In order to get the universe to move exactly for you to live the life you imagine, what you desire into your physical reality, you must start to hold your true free will in your heart

Next, this leads me to discuss, the inner dialogue keeping you from constant and clear focus of exactly how to live the life you want, and I mean clear focus, all times day in and day out.

(Here’s a related discussion on uncovering self-belief now by letting go of lack of confidence.) 

The Inner Dialogue Holding you Back in Life

How would you like to stop feeling like your life isn’t a hopeless life?

Think of feeling happy, total and whole when you touch base with Spirit and see a reflection of you in the mirror at the end of the day.

Exactly what if I showed you how you’re purposely developing situations and beliefs every single day that provide you results you aren’t pleased with?

Would you prefer to change it?

I’m going to expose self-dialogue to you that brings on the most tension and disappointment into your life.

Over time repeating these wrong-minded ego-based words ruins your life by developing a load of unnecessary mindfulness pain you do not need.

This is another reason why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and go within to the center of your reality and begin creating the life you imagine.

The inner dialogue words I invite you to get rid of from your vocabulary right now are: need, cannot, needs to and sufficient (okay, these are words however they’re together so let’s pretend they’re one word for counting’s sake.)

If you just stopped using the word ‘need ‘ you would transform your life beyond belief. Do it for just one day. You’re going to be impressed at how many times an hour you (and everybody else) says “I need.”

  • When you say “I need …” you quickly create a sensation of absence within yourself.

In reality you aren’t lacking anything, however when you want something you subconsciously believe that you have a hollow area that can just be filled by getting exactly what you need.

This is the source of a lot of addictions that cause people to consume too much food, sex, drugs, alcohol, home entertainment or whatever their personality has a ‘hankerin’ for.

  • “Need” is a severe version of ‘fear.’ You do not need anything beyond food, water, love, clothing and shelter. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Along these lines it’s handy to remember that more than half of the worlds’ population goes to sleep hungry every night. If you think you require a $2,800 HDTV, recognize that you would like it but you do not ‘need’ it.

  • ‘Can’t’ is a restricting belief based on past experience.

All of us understand the past does not figure out how we create the present or the future, but a great deal of us live like it is true. I invite you to re-examine what you believe you ‘can’t’ do.

I grew up being informed that I couldn’t do mechanical things because my dad was the “mechanical one” and I was identified as the “sports nut “.

Because I had to in order to take care of myself, in my early adulthood I lastly challenged that belief.

Ya know what?

Because I was always informed I would not be able to do them, when I challenged that theory I discovered I might do a lot of things I never attempted.

Faith instead of Faithlessness

Keep in mind that you can be or do anything you devote faith to being or doing. Some things will come more naturally to you than others, but through faith you have the power to always be and do your best.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “The world can give you only what you gave it, for being nothing but your own projection, it has no meaning apart from what you found in it and placed your faith in.”

You’ve most likely heard the expression “Stop saying ‘one of these days’ all over yourself.” ‘One of these days’ is a phrase we repeat to put power over ourselves and others through guilt.

The amusing thing is that we inform ourselves what we ‘must’ do a lot more than we do it to other people.

If you capture yourself before you ‘need to’ on yourself you’ll see that the ‘one of these days ‘ that feels so essential, is just another belief that you can choose to transform.

Our ego-based mind can be our worst opponents when it comes to being fearful of the life you imagine.

The Course in Miracles states, “Would you not exchange your fears for truth, if the exchange is yours for the asking.”

Our minds are constantly comprising stuff about what’s good/bad, right/wrong, important/irrelevant, and so on. We are run by these beliefs, a lot of which are arbitrary and continuously changing.

Think of a concern that tends to fret you over and over when you’re contemplating feeling hopeless and far off the mark from the life you imagine.

Why is this concern imprisoning you and crucifying you by creating a lot of tension when a lot of other individuals aren’t even aware of it?

The Course in Miracles further states, “Would you side with the crucifixion or the resurrection.”

All of us choose different problems and beat ourselves up about getting these problems done, getting them right, taking care of them, etc.

They just feel crucial to us since our ego-based mind with a foundation of fear and self-doubt along with judgement, made up the projection that they’re crucial issues.

At the exact same time we’re totally unaware of other problems that other people are continuously worrying about. It’s ridiculous and it likewise causes cardiovascular disease, and so much more.

What precisely is enjoying life to the fullest for you?

It’s a subjective choice that’s like a carrot on a stick if you allow it be, that is impossible to achieve. It moves farther away with every new accomplishment.

‘Good adequate’ is an ego-based complex. It might exist in many areas around the world, but in America it’s in the air we breathe.

The majority of the Western world seem like they’re ‘unsatisfactory.’ But if you ask them (or yourself), “What would be good enough?” they’re surprised.

They don’t have an answer as to what signifies attaining ‘sufficient.’

All they understand is that they can discover countless other people who appear to enjoy life to the fullest.

They believe that if they had all these things, maybe they would suffice … up until they see something else they do not have what they think they need, cannot get or ought to have.


In order for the power of manifestation to help you live the life you imagine you must initially know with great conviction that you do want exactly what you are asking for and you should begin to feel it very deeply.

Remember the law of manifestation is one of numerous laws of the universe within you, not somewhere “out there” that helps you to get the life you want.

Surrounding yourself with individuals and experiences that contradict your true free will only keep you limited.

This is by far one of the most difficult parts to successfully applying manifestation principles to end a hopeless life and on to wonderful things.

Now you’re realizing inner dialogue that create possibility and reveal that you are aligned with the laws of purpose and passion, never feeling hopeless, and always ready for how to conquer fear.

Does not it feel better when you speak like, ‘I am living a life according to my true free will?’ It’s due to the fact that you’re speaking from a place of power.

It’s your life. Choose to create the life you imagine today with inner dialogue that is accountable, powerful, limitless, skillful, spirited, and of your passion and purpose.  

(Please note, I also suggest this related article to help when you need to learn how to let it go while overcoming adversity and moving on in life.)  

To rising above a hopeless life,

James Nussbaumer

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