Uncover Self-Belief Now by Letting Go of Lack of Confidence

If someone seems to have incredible self-belief with almost zero lack of confidence, it’s because he or she has learned how to uncover it for getting the life they want.

Self-confidence and self-belief work together and are, as one, something that you learn to uncover because the challenging world of business, and life in general, can block it.

To get your ego-based mind–that self-doubting and fearful aspect in us all as humans, to accept your positive statements more quickly, phrase some mindful affirmations as questions like, “Why am I destined to live my true free will?” instead of, “I am a killer at getting what I want.”

I think you get the point here, that our ego-based mind is a projection mechanism biologically wired to seek answers to questions, always analyzing the selfish side to matters. 

When reflecting on self-belief and building self-confidence you let go of lack of confidence and increase self-awareness, where you can get to the bottom of why you are behind on some goals and satisfied with others.

I mean, yes, you are seeing things that got you to where you are today.

The Power of Choice

Whether it’s gaining prosperity and abundance, fixing a broken marriage, weight-loss issues, finding happiness, or any of those hurdles in life that seem to hold us back, self-belief is vitally important.

Start choosing to do the things that make you feel alive deep within and you will be effective at letting go of lack of confidence, by allow the ego-based mind aspect in you to quiet down and watch Spirit take charge of matters. 

The Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit will give you only what is yours, and will take nothing in return. For what is yours is everything, and you share it with God. Including your true free will.”

How did you get the life you have now and how can you get the life you want, and how to increase self-confidence in your mind which will help self-belief in whatever adversity in life you are facing.

I like to suggest these words from the Course in Miracles workbook, in the form of prayer or in mindfulness meditation, when you feel you need to improve in a particular area:

  • I seek and find all that I want. My single purpose offers it me. None can fail who seeks to reach the truth.

This will make you feel great and bring pleasure to your life and help you learn to leave behind what you absolutely do not want and rather create the life you want.

To increase self-belief understanding your core values in life are the secret to how to increase self-confidence and inner healing.

When you find happiness you’ll have less tension too, bring joy to yourself and others.

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Try working on positive approaches to life in order to ultimately being your true self and get that lack of confidence out of the way for the life you truly want.

Face Fear Head On

By doing something today that seems a bit fearful and self-doubting and gaining self-belief from every situation and experience, you will see building confidence soar.

Get out of the complacency mode and stare down like you would a bratty child, your ego-based judgments, doubt and fears!

If someone seems to have incredible positive self-esteem, let’s say the women who men seem to be drawn to, or the highly effective business person who seems to always be on top, it’s because he or she has worked on uncovering it.

Self-belief is something that you learn to uncover because the challenging world of business, and life in general, can block or obscure your inner Light of Spirit. 

When you allow the war against yourself to threaten and bombard your natural inner healing, you have a terrible time trying to take charge of getting the life you want. 

By doing something that might seem a bit risky or has an ounce of fear in it each day, and building confidence on that, your life will be lived according to your true free will. 

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To getting the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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