How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset, become Wealthy and Get the Life you Want

How to develop a millionaire mindset by understanding the law of abundance is the belief that what you need is readily available to you in endless quantities. Individuals who think that understanding this law is the crucial to happiness think that thanks to it, there’s no limitation to the things we can have.

I mean like getting out of debt and how to become wealthy by learning how to attract abundance and prosperity.

The power of the universe produces everything in endless quantities and you can have as much of it as you desire simply by developing the mind of a millionaire.

Lots of people try to learn how to develop a millionaire mindset by making out a check to themselves and looking at it every day.

This act is basically a creative visualization that’s meant to keep your focus on monetary success.

The power of visualization is when you want something, and you concentrate on it at the same time and think that it’s possible, and begin moving forward in life to get the life you want.

When you draw a check like I’d mentioned in a proposed way, and either keep it with you or keep it in a safe location, you are devoting an act of faith for developing the mind of a millionaire.

You’re believing that you’re not just acting out some sort of fantasy thinking or doing something silly.

Further than that, the act of taking a look at the check frequently, which you are supposed to do, keeps this belief fresh in your mind.

Attract Abundance and Prosperity Now

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Some people who prompt others to compose this check firmly insist that you must make out the check by writing it out to you, with your full name.

Some say to leave the quantity blank so you can attract whatever amount you need.

I guess that makes sense. I mean, why do you want to limit yourself to, say, only the figure you put on the check?

Others point to other effective people who have submitted checks to themselves for a million dollars or more and after that achieved that success.

Still others say that the check must be filled out on the first new moon of the year, or within a variety of hours of the very first brand-new moon to ensure success for that year.

Whether or not you write the check at all, not to mention write it throughout that first new moon, you can start to learn how to develop a millionaire mindset and draw in success now.

If this idea of the power of visualization is what you plan to do, you can, of course, compose a check at any time and keep it with you or keep it by your desk, or hang it on the refrigerator where you’ll see it often.

Composing that check, however, simply represents an act of faith in your pursuit to develop the mind of a millionaire.

Rather, it’s your attitude about the Truth within you, and your capability to believe and envision that you’ll get exactly what you require that will do it.

The Course in Miracles states, “You do not recognize the enormous waste of energy you expend in denying the truth.”

Manifestation to Get the Life you want

Of course, composing that check is just a physical manifestation of that belief, and next you begin creating the mind of a millionaire within you, and in due time reflecting that creation to your exterior world.

The Course in Miracles further states, “What would you say of someone who persists in attempting the impossible, believing that to achieve it is to succeed.”

It is how the power of reflection (Free e-book here) works through the power of visualization, and you are aligning yourself to the power of the universe holding the law of abundance and prosperity just for you to claim.

Do you like this idea?

Go ahead, chuckle a bit, and then begin to take it seriously.

Although I might suggest that you keep this to yourself rather than running around town telling everyone you run into all about this great visualization process.

But after you do achieve results for how to develop a millionaire mindset, then by all means, certainly share how you actually learned to develop the mind of a millionaire.

So anything you can do to physically manifest your belief that you will be getting out of debt and rather being successful economically can help.

Whether you compose a check, or any other similar idea, it’s your belief that lets the law of abundance provide you with the means for how to get the life you want.

Yes, it’s how to attract abundance and prosperity!

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To a life of success, 

James Nussbaumer

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