Penny Stock Picks Now – My Successful Hobby to Buy Penny Stocks

For me my penny stock picks means that I am happy yet it is NOT how I make a living, but I’m thankful that I’m enjoying it as a great hobby.  It also isn’t about the profits I’m seeing either, but it is about having fun investing in the world with money that won’t destroy me if I lose on a particular penny stock list.

Although, I did spend 25 years as a financial adviser, but it was a career I loathed, and the pressure was just not for me.

Today I truly feel humility as a published author and keynote speaker of inspirational self-help books that help folks redirect the mental power of their mistakes—before acting on them—into  positive results.

So now, at age 60, I enjoy considering all penny stocks as something to toy around with to clear my mind, as an outlet away from my writing career.

So let me show you how I go about penny stocks trading, and lend some helpful suggestions to you about how I am winning with my penny stock list.

As I move along here let me say a lot of people hear that I trade penny stocks and they immediately get dismissive, and may say,  “Jim – those are too risky”.

And you know what?

If I hadn’t had the chance to look deep inside the penny stock marketplace and learn what I know now, I might actually agree with them.

Prior to investing your hard-earned cash into penny stocks trading, it is crucial to research the penny stock picks you want to invest in before dedicating a cent.

Leads are just names on a penny stock list that you are thinking of investing in.

Learning about the Penny Stock Market

There are lots of ways to get penny stock picks. Browsing the internet (blogs and online forums), joining a penny stock mailing list or keeping an eye out on the news.

The main idea to buy penny stocks is to develop a list of around 4 to 12 quality penny stock picks that are worthy of your time and effort, and of course, of your income, too.

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After you have a list of all penny stocks you’ve narrowed down to your penny stock picks, you’ll want to choose a couple of them.

You’ll have to go through your list and dispose of stocks which do not satisfy your requirements, and this procedure can be laborious, but it will be well worth it in the end.

The requirements for the penny stock market that I search for include – business history, business strategy, viewpoints of people and specialists, monetary details, competitors, track record of the board of directors, company reports and broker suggestions.

Utilizing the variables, I can rapidly develop whether a particular number of penny stock picks deserves purchasing.

As soon as my list for penny stocks trading has been cut down to just a few stocks, I’ll request opinions from other individuals to validate my selections.

It is extremely important to listen to the views of other investors because, in many cases, they’ll have something important to add to your research.

Possibly, you lost out on an essential piece of information which other financiers might highlight for you.

Now that I have 1 to 3, ‘to buy penny stocks,’ from my initial list of 12, I feel confident that I have actually done my due diligence and I am prepared to invest.

I utilize this process each time I’m to buy penny stocks and, so far, it has been basic however quite successful.

Set up a Side Fund just to Buy Penny Stocks

Remember, before investing even a small percentage of your hard-earned income into penny stocks trading, it is crucial to look into all penny stocks you think might be sensible before you choose to go ahead and invest.  

Also again, a lead is just name on a penny stock list, and is not considered, yet, as a valued name on your penny stock picks.  

I suggest a penny stock newsletter, which is how I get my information, and I love it!

The newsletter is almost always right-on-target with suggestions, so then I make solid decisions for picks in my free time.

This trusted newsletter saves me so much time, because I will add my normal career now as an author/keynote speaker keeps a pretty tight schedule.

So the pressure is off me for the necessary “Dig Deep” type of research.

Browsing the web (online forums and blogs), is a good idea, or signing up with a penny stock mailing list and keeping a keen ear and eye on the news.  

If you decide to venture into penny stock trading, keep it fun and simple, and, yes, still be serious, because that’s the fun of it.

But I do mean, be sure you are investing money that isn’t going to hurt too severely if a loss on a particular penny stock occurs.

Let’s face it, the market is the market, but going in with right attitude will make a world of a difference.

All I can say, that it’s loads of fun for me!

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To fun with penny stocks trading,

James Nussbaumer

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