Buying Penny Stocks Online and Having Fun with Penny Stocks to Watch

One of the hardest tasks in buying penny stocks online is choosing which best penny stocks picks to go with. There are many penny stocks companies that are experts in penny stocks listings and can develop recommendations as to all penny stocks best to have fun with.

Having joy while watching positive action occur is how successful people grow and of the habits of highly effective individuals everywhere.

For me, I decided to do some inward exploration down to my inner most core to choose whether it was best for me to begin considering penny stocks to watch.

Remember, for those of you who know my story, I once WAS a successful financial adviser for 25 years, but that’s a story you’ll have to absorb in my books.

So, that said, with my genuine experience, and my desire to extend myself by having fun, I decided that, hey, I’m going to do it for the fun.

My inner spiritual essence tells me I need an outlet from my author/speaking gig, you know, something to toy around with and, “Broaden my horizon.”

It’s self-growth and personal development, I’d say!

And safe good clean honest fun I am having, too, where I’ll never invest too much that a loss would even slightly upset me.

In other words, I’m going in with penny stocks listings lightly, but hey, so far, I’m seeing wonderful profit.

But that’s because I’m keeping my eye on things.

I like the fact that these super-mini-priced penny stocks to watch fit in well with my desire to pick up some spare revenue, for like perhaps a new big screen TV, or new set of golf clubs, a vacation perhaps.

Have Fun with the Best Penny Stocks Picks

(Here’s why I am ‘dabbling’ in a ‘fun-lovingly’ way with all penny stocks, as told in this other related brief yet deep article, on how to become wealthy by uncovering abundance and prosperity already within you.) 

A discussion or meeting with your investment broker or financial planner I will tell you upfront here, and now, will tell you, “not to do it.”


Because THEY don’t make any DECENT money spending their time with best penny stocks picks to watch.

They will tell you, that ‘YOU cannot make any money with all penny stocks.’

Whether buying penny stocks online or with other measures the buyer/seller chooses to do the research on their own or have a professional do it.

Let me tell you that buying penny stocks online, penny stocks trading in general, is still a lot of fun and surely can be profitable.

It is just a matter of finding the right and best penny stocks picks, taking the risk, and running with it.

Some investors choose to outsource the research because they may not have the time to do it themselves.

There are many companies that specialize in stock research and can develop recommendations as to what stocks are the best stocks to invest in.

A Taste for Penny Stocks to Watch

For those wanting to get a taste of this fun trading, but do not know much about the stock market, buying penny stocks online and penny stock trading is a great place to start.

Penny stocks listings for trading can help the beginner investor learn the ropes of trading, whereas experienced investors use them to expand their portfolio and make a higher profit.

Penny stocks trading and penny stocks to watch also possesses a certain degree of risk just as all stock trading does.

Remember that one of the difficulties with penny stocks to watch is choosing which stocks to go with.

That makes the income achieved from penny stock trading a little less passive and a little more aggressive.

For those wanting to get a taste of trading, but do not know much about the stock market, a penny stocks trading information newsletter or bulletin is a great place to start.

The Experts know the Penny Stocks Listings

Penny stocks companies and those experts who are trading can help the beginner investor learn the ropes of trading, whereas experienced market analysis gurus use them to expand their bottom lines and earn greater returns.

This doesn’t mean that all penny stocks will make investors millionaires, but penny stock trading possesses the potential to grow money fast.

Buying penny stocks online is light on the risk factor, but may possesses a certain degree of volatility just as all stock trading does.

Penny stocks are considered to be possible for massive gains because of the volatility of the market.

Some have been known to double or triple their earnings and, for those who have invested in stocks such as the now TECH Giants, have made thousands of times their investment.

(Here’s a related article and more about how his list of all penny stocks helped but there’s more to his secret for success.) 

To having fun with all penny stocks,

James Nussbaumer

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