Overcoming Obstacles in Life Today – A Better Life Podcast for Personal Challenges

Let’s discuss why you should begin overcoming obstacles in life by treating these personal challenges as a tandem bicycle ride, where your inner Guide leads the way. He will not stop to judge whether you are hurting large or little.

I like how A Course in Miracles teaches that, “The miracle of inner justice and inner peace is the freedom that can correct all errors.”

Every problem is simply only an error in thought.

With this knowledge, you can stop crucifying yourself and begin overcoming personal challenges by asking your inner Guidance system–the Holy Spirit to remove the nails and the crown of thorns, and start living a life of purpose

Not only was I on the wrong road, but also using the wrong means for getting nowhere.

In today’s For A Better Life Podcast posted below and also at YouTube, we examine how to more clearly realize your full potential and begin overcoming obstacles in life.

It’s in realizing life’s difficulties does injustice to you, and therefore your problems are illusion and not true.



While overcoming personal challenges I was beginning to see a path to a live life with a purpose, and living it at each moment as I would write to you, on scratch pad, then neatly longhand transferred into composition journals.

I had no computer access and my hope was alive, where I’d faithfully envision my pile of thoughts finding its way to a publisher.

I surely was not happy to be there, but I sensed joy in the fact that I began to understand the process of overcoming personal challenges, to live life with a purpose, and what is going on.

There is no such thing as partial justice.

If you feel guilty, you are condemning yourself.

The Course in Miracles helps us to realize that God knows that we are innocent.

What got me in the predicament was my vision being obscured by the entanglements on a path that seemed as though I could not find real purpose in life.

The Holy Spirit–Who I discovered to be our true inner-Self does not evaluate injustices as small or great, more or less, because they have no properties to Him.

I believe these illusory distractions caused me to make wrong decisions that ultimately landed me a ten year prison term over a foolish securities violation, slammed hard by an example setter Judge, during a period of panic and abuses in the investment industry. 

I’d find that for the time being this was the means God wanted me to travel with, so I could ultimately be fully and wholly purposeful.

He knows the ego-based mind causes us, as humans, to make errors in thought, and this is why He gave us the Holy Spirit to do the driving, as a part of who you are, while we help pedal the tandem bike ride.

I was seeing something truly amazing I’d admit.

For me, this was a part of His undoing process, and it continues for me to see today even as I write this blog article and prepare for today’s Better Life Podcast.

Your hurt and pain with overcoming obstacles in life presented by your own error in thought, is merely more error that will be corrected.

A Course in Miracles teaches us to, “Just ask Him to undo any and all errors, so you may serve your function, which is your true free will.”

I learned that when I’d do this I no longer had any problems.

The Holy Spirit put up the brick wall where I was forced to make a screeching halt and just plain decide to turn the lead of the tandem bike ride over to Him.

This would be how I’d break free, and further that I needed to begin overcoming obstacles in life that I had projected on myself. 

Things were unfolding one at a time, and the right people were showing up to assist me on my path, and in due time a mainstream publisher found it’s way to get involved with my work.

A word of caution: Do not believe it is safe to give only some of your mistakes to the Holy Spirit for correction and overcoming obstacles in life, while you keep others to yourself.

You must lay all the cards on the table.

I’d mutter to myself from that volatile and often violent din of the cell block, not only will I be released from prison one day, but I have been released from my errors.

Overcoming obstacles in life and personal challenges, these problems, as I perceived them to be, were merely detours and potholes in the way I was traveling along on an illusory pathway.

But when I’d given Him the lead position to overcome difficulties in life, something we’re all faced with at times, the choices of which way to turn became much simpler and far less complex.

Sure there were and still to this day are plenty of times when going uphill I hear Him gently asking me to pedal harder.

Long before my incarceration, as I describe in detail in my first book of the ever-developing series, I thought there was a pile of ongoing problems in my face.

When we think like that they are simply mistakes or error in thought that make us suffer, but needlessly, then we can heal.

The Holy Spirit within you, not outside of you, makes only one judgment; that you as God’s whole Child must not hurt in any size; and that for you to hurt another, is unjust for you.

At that time in my life as I began picking myself up and more and more overcoming obstacles in life, that I’d put there myself, in error, it was as though I was seeing a track of fallen dominoes standing back up one by one.

But the dominoes seemed bright and shiny and in a new, passionate design, standing strong at attention, as I opened my eyes to a life of purpose.

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To overcoming your own personal challenges,

James Nussbaumer

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