Unhappy Marriage Advice Now – Should I Leave or Stay Answered

Are you in a situation where unhappy marriage advice is needed, and have those sensations that the loveless marriage has good chances at rekindling the charm and love with trust you once had for each other? 

Are you having the racing thoughts over, should I leave or stay? 

Are you wanting to begin fixing the broken marriage, even though, perhaps saying that your wife or husband “cheated on me.”

Or are you seeing danger signs in the relationship and signs your marriage is failing?

The video below may help you to see your way clear if you feel you need unhappy marriage advice and ways to save a marriage. 



We all know that it’s no fun dealing with an unfulfilling marriage when you’re up against should I leave or stay when you see signs of a bad-relationship. 

Follow this strategy for healing and you’ll start thinking about and looking deeper into the psychology of love relationships as a great step forward for men’s or women’s life confidence.

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And, important, too, you’ll be more aligned to the importance of your over-all well-being and happiness.

There may be several reasons why your marriage life may have leaned toward the struggling side and gone off track, but perhaps you do have a desire to fix the broken relationship.

Overcoming personal challenges such as needing unhappy marriage advice is something many must face at times.

But if healing is your commitment then you are moving forward to experiencing self-growth.  

Here are a few words I’ve borrowed for the Course in Miracles workbook for helping to heal when you are in emotional pain over ways to save your marriage:

  • I am never upset for the reason I think

That’s all you need to say and you will soon calm down, and this idea can be used with any person, situation or event you think is causing to you to be upset and in pain.

Apply this idea and begin to feel healing coming around before making any serious decisions about your relationship or marriage.

The Course in Miracles further teaches us that we need to “take a crucial step in dealing with illusions.”

When you’re needing unhappy marriage advice and making a decision on taking action, healing begins to take place.

Allow for some healing time and then you will know what decision is best especially when it comes to answering to; should I leave or stay?

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To relationship healing,

James Nussbaumer

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