How to Become Successful in Life Fast by Aligning to the Law of Manifestation

How to become successful in life and get the life you want means acknowledging that you are the source of everything that you want. Stop waiting to acquire it or to win it, but do marry it and don’t expect it to come from any source other than you.

You can have anything that you want and all it requires is an understanding and aligning to the law of manifestation.

The power of manifestation has you creating the life you want by using feelings, objectives and goals with right-minded thoughts.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “To seek and ye shall find,” but does not mean to look blindly and desperately for what you do not really want.



Understand that the procedure for how to become successful in life and achieving exactly what you want, the inner ‘WHY,’ to get the life you want, is more important than in completion of a ‘How and What’ result.

What is your ‘WHY?’

How to become successful in life is really a matter of individual growth, changing your thinking and broadening your beliefs about exactly what you should have to have.

As soon as you have mastered the inner ‘WHY’ you can have exactly what you desire when you desire it, and your confidence factor rises, especially in a very intimidating business world.

It is the old expression about, “Teaching a man to fish in order to feed him for a lifetime.”

But let’s be certain not to ignore the power of manifestation wanting your intents to materialize in this world, and honoring your emotions and ideas.

Your ideas are the design of how to become successful in life and get the life you want, and here’s why:

  • The more passionately you desire something, the more quickly you bring your thoughts into a reality you can call your own.

The clearer you are as to your purpose or intention the more likely you are to get exactly what you want.

I mean answering to your true calling while in this world!

  • But you must consider what you do desire rather than what you absolutely do not want.

When you say, “I desire a caring relationship,” that is a far cry from; I do not wish to be alone for the rest of my life.

Saying, “I want a plentiful life,” is not the like; “I don’t want to be miss out on my dreams.”

When you think or say, “I wish to be healthy,” is not as exact as, “I’m fed up with being over-weight and I must lose 10 pounds fast and I absolutely from within me know WHY.”

  • Your thoughts form the design of exactly what you want as answering to WHY you want it.

Whatever you concentrate on is what you are most likely to receive, as your energy follows your ideas.

We work perfectly to produce the outcomes that we are getting, so choose to intentionally set the outcomes for how to become successful in life.  

  • Ask yourself if what you think, having what you desire, will offer you that you do not have now.

If you had more money, or a relationship or kids or a dream career, or were thinner with perfect weight, what requirements or desires would be satisfied?

Usually the underlying answer to this question is something like security, freedom, love, joy or inner peace.

Until you learn the secrets of how successful people grow you won’t be willing or ready to make it happen for you, so you may have the financial freedom to get you where you’re heading.

Dig down till you solve to the essence or core of exactly WHY you want to accomplish what it is that you really want in your life.

Yes, get to the answer of WHY you need to accomplish your true free will.

You may begin manifesting by asking within, “What is my goal in life?

Ask again, “What can I do next to bring the essence of my inner Self in alignment with how my goal in life may be reached?

Do not wait for magic to help you for how to become successful in life, or to create the life you want, more financial freedom, have more love or inner peace right now?

Ask yourself exactly WHY “I need to reach my goal in life, and what it would require to feel and think these things now.

If you think about being more in tune with losing those extra pounds of body fat would attract more love into your life, then you will be setting out to bring in more love now?

Maybe you can be more loving towards close friends, siblings, extended family, and simply those strangers you meet on the street every day.

  • Perhaps you can start by caring, nurturing and indulging yourself more.
  • Act like a success and become a success, and act like you already have the life you want.
  • If you desire a successful organization then act as if you currently have one.

Each morning prior to you rising from your sleep create a visualization picture of you running your effective lifestyle.

I mean begin a photo scrapbook in your mind showing your ideal life as you are running your effective life filled with accomplishments.

Each night as you move back into bed, ask yourself, “What did I do today that moves me toward my destination of the life I want to live?

When you have mastered that inner ‘WHY’ for how to become successful in life, the power of manifestation will take over from there.

Now let’s Look Deeper at the Law of Manifestation to Get the Life you Want

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Having a nice physical world with nice material form that will one day perish, seems to be what everyone is interested in.

The truth is that you do not need those things life to be fulfilled and successful.

It is essential to be serious about your life and the important things that you do need to cover your ‘WHY’.

Never treat your life as something that does not matter.

To be on your way to being happy, and seeing and learning how to become successful in life, you have to operate by the law of manifestation.

Thinking about the important things that you need to answer for your WHY is going to keep you on the ideal track to being as proficient at something as you can be.

Think of the things that you would like to do.

This is all part of aligning to the law of manifestation and it will begin assisting you gain the material things to bring forth your “heroic mission,” we can say.

Certainly it is a heroic mission because it is everything about the way you think.

When you have control of your mind you will be much better able to make clear choices on your own.

These options can be anything from your personal life, like your golf game, family fun, going to ball games and theater shows, whatever, and to your heroic mission—which IS your true free will in life.

You need to think about the important things that you want the most and how to discover them for how to become successful in life.

Being with extending ideas and right-minded optimistic outlook, as the Course in Miracles teaches, is going to assist you attain your dreams, and make it possible to live the life that is most interesting to you.

In other words, to get the life you want!

Having material things might be something that you have believed about all your life, so now accept that all along you simply wanted to be aligned to you inner awesomeness.

Perhaps taking precautions in life is something that you need to do, but when you are looking for the great path to follow often you need to not be afraid of a few risks.

  • Never ever quit on your dreams.
  • Do not think about and dwell on the impossible.

When you want to have material things in life and a life of success, you have to think of the manner in which you are living your life.

Much like anything you will have to strive and have a favorable outlook.

That is so that you are able to build your self-confidence and understand that you are very important.

When you are constantly thinking that the world needs you being on the bright side, you will have a much better chance at getting what you want.

  • Everything in this world is all about the manner in which you think.
  • Having increasing self-confidence is going to be one thing that nobody can remove from you.

With the confidence levels high and your ambition going strong you will have more chances in being on the aligned path and having the power and success in life to have as lots of material things as you desire.

The Course in Miracles reminds us in its many spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons to, “Not place limitations on your inner self-worth.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting something substantial in life, and that is of the habits of highly effective people whoever walked this life.

When you live life to the maximum you will be better and able to get the product items that you have imagined.

This is how to become successful in life all made possible with the law of manifestation.

Remember, being in a right-minded positive state you are operating from Spirit—your true inner divine Essence in life, which is the power of the Universe.

By keeping your true free will honored at all times and keeping healthy ideas about life in this world, is going to assist you to get the life you want.

With the confidence levels high and your ambition going strong with inner love for your desires to be met, is how to become successful in life.

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To creating the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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