Increase Self-Awareness and Personal Growth Now with this Insight Test

Whether it’s gaining financial freedom, healing relationship issues, fitness or losing weight, or any other life challenging struggle, to increase self-awareness is crucial.

It’s this self-esteem help you initially need to focus on your past and feelings while moving forward in life.

How did you get where you are at now and how can you get to where you want to be in life.

Bring up a personal growth plan in your mind to help you become acquainted with self for building self-confidence in whatever adversity in life you are facing.

A person might want to understand and trust in him or herself before they can rely on others.

Don’t depend on the judgment of others, rather use your own judgment and it will make you feel like a brand-new individual.



When reflecting within to increase self-awareness try to find the things that made you how you are today.

Bear in mind as you review this article the Course in Miracles teaches:

  • Seek ‘and ye shall find,’ does not mean that you should seek blindly and desperately for something you would not recognize.”

Try working on right-minded optimistic outlook in order to end up being entirely yourself and get that positive self-esteem working on your side.

  • Start doing things that make you feel good within and effective.
  • Bring joy to yourself and others.
  • This will make you feel great and bring pleasure to your life.
  • When you enjoy you’ll have less tension too.

Practice yoga and learn how to do mindfulness meditation to help you increase self-awareness and establish yourself. Breathing meditation takes a little practice so be patient but willing and ready to go within you where your creativity sits.

Aim to find yourself by composing a journal, perhaps a daily diary reflecting your ideas and thoughts from within your core.

  • When doing so consider how you feel, exactly what you want in life.
  • Record all of it, write the outcomes as you advance.
  • This will assist you decide what is important and what isn’t really.
  • Understanding exactly what is essential and what isn’t will bring out the value in you.

To increase self-awareness understanding your values in life are the secret to self-esteem help and inner healing.

Your individual growth and happiness will wager better as each day goes by. Set some objectives and goals with deadlines on when you desire to have them achieved.

Discovering somebody to support you in your objectives and to listen when you want to talk about where you wish to go will help make them easier.

You will need to change some things you have performed in the past; you learn by errors and you do not desire them to take place again. Of course so, you want new outcomes and you can’t do that if you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

As soon as you begin building self-confidence, you will grow as an individual. You will accept yourself and others, and you’ll end up being more self-reliant and motivated.

When you increase self-awareness you heal as you grow, and will benefit more as a person and end up being more effective in whatever you want to do in your life.

Remain in Control of Your Life

I mean do not let your life take control of and control you.

By realizing and accepting yourself and mind is the start of a great personal growth plan, and you learn the best ways to discover yourself, understand what has gone wrong, and fix it.

Keeping your life in balance is essential to increase self-awareness where it has to be in order to be right-minded, and then you can add value to your life making you feel much better.

Wonderfully happy individuals are generous and giving. Provide as much of yourself as you can and then keep on pushing to give more.

The more you provide the better it will make you feel and you’ll have the ability to forget the hard and rough times.

Perhaps it was a bad break up in a love relationship or a divorce, and now you’re seeing signs it may not be too late to get your ex back in your life again.

I use that scenario because I’ve seen over and over couples reuniting for a better life after they healed some simple problems.

How you got to where you are now in this instant, this present moment, and how can you get the life you want is in increase self-awareness.

This leads me to discuss the self-awareness test.

Yes, where you write down about how you feel, what you want for the future and making your dreams become a reality.

This is how the power of reflection operates, where you manifest the life you want, by projecting the outcomes as you progress.

When your self-awareness grows you, will benefit more as a person and end up having a life of success, and overcoming life’s adversities that seem to pop up.

Stay in control of your life by an learning to increase self-awareness, and don’t let life take over and control you.

The self-awareness test below is helpful for keeping your life in balance, which is very crucial to self-esteem help where it requires to be in order to have a life of purpose and passion.

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Let’s begin the Self-Awareness Test

Discover the divine significance behind the agonizing feelings and events in your life with a healing practice called positive self-esteem.

Discover the powerful wisdom embedded in your life experiences and find deeper healing and more peace than you’ve ever understood.

Keep in Mind as we proceed that the Course in Miracles states:

  • “Contrast and differences are necessary teaching aids, for by them you learn what to avoid and what to seek.”

Respond to the following self-awareness questions with a YES or NO action.

Also, it’s best to keep note by jotting down your choice and any feelings or quick thoughts:

  • When I’m reminded of minutes from my previous relationships, I can feel regret, sadness, bitterness or anger.
  • I experience stress, tension, and anxiety often in my life.
  • I frequently wonder how I might achieve my objectives and goals more quickly.
  • Well, I want to remove certain patterns in my habits, but I’m uncertain the best ways to do it.
  • I think about taking revenge toward those who have actually harmed me.
  • Sure, I wish to begin building confidence in particular scenarios.
  • I want to trust my impulses more readily.
  • Knowing my life purpose would make my life more significant.
  • I want to live a better life.
  • Of course, I want to enhance my power of manifestation.
  • I would like to know how I’ve produced certain experiences in my life.
  • In some cases I want to know the reasons for others’ behaviors so I can comprehend them and specific situations much better.
  • I want to hear Divine Guidance more clearly.
  • Yes, I wish to be powerfully genuine in my life.
  • I have sorrow and unhappiness that I wish to heal.
  • I feel anxiety at family and friendship events, work functions and other social settings.
  • When I consider my existing relationships, I can feel regret, sadness, animosity or anger.
  • I wonder why particular things happen in my life.
  • Absolutely, I desire a deeper connection with those I love.
  • I want to have more balance and harmony and less conflict in my life.

Rate or score a grade for improvement within you.

I mean to assign a grade mark to how you feel about each answer you’ve given.

Make a note next to the area where you want to increase self-awareness and make corrections in your life.

Then begin asking within how to undo or correct the areas you feel need self-improvement, and commit to a willingness and readiness to take action.

We all have tension and pressures in our lives and facing these difficulties assists us to grow and change in healthy and positive ways. This self-awareness test can assist you to become more aware of exactly what you’re experiencing and why.

Being honest with yourself here will bring your awareness to the healthy reasons you deal with the challenges that you do.

Having a Personal Growth Plan to Increase Self-Awareness

A little more insight, a little less stress and before you understand it you’ll be moving more quickly to increase self-awareness and get what you want in life. You don’t need to be suffering or to wish to totally transform your life to participate in this test.

From time to time and at different phases in your life, repeat this little quiz as part of your personal growth plan. You simply will begin to have the desire to have more insight, healing and success in your life – as you do.

You have a desire for a much better life and to increase self-awareness can help you react to this call with enlightening outcomes and within a substantial time frame.  

We all have genuine cravings for self-improvement and this desire will serve you well in life. Considering that you’re used to having a hard time for the answers, you’ll love the emotional release that self-esteem help offers.

You’ll be surprised as inner awareness shows you how you don’t have to do this any longer. With all you truly are to the core you’re going to discover how to hear and see the empowering insight and Guidance that calls to you.

The Course in Miracles further states:

  • “When you have learned this, you will find the answer that makes the need for any differences disappear. Truth comes on its own will unto its own.”

Building Self-Confidence 

You may not feel like it, but you really are a bold individual.

With deep inner longing, recovery insight and a release of your most agonizing feelings, building self-confidence will make your challenging course much easier.

The healing you desire is right here waiting for you!

A little more insight, a little less tension and prior to you realizing it you’ll be moving more rapidly toward exactly how to get the life you want.

You’ll find that you are always gaining confidence with a positive outlook, and this is of the habits of highly effective individuals and how successful people grow.

You do not have to be suffering or to entirely transform everything about you to use this self-awareness test, you simply need to have the desire to have more insight, recovery and success in your life – as you do.

Final Note on attaining Higher Self-Awareness:

You have a sincere hunger for self-improvement and this desire will serve you well in life today and your future. You’ll be able to bring insight and inner healing into any area of your life that you assign the power of choice to.

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To positive self-esteem,

James Nussbaumer

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