Great Personal Development Tips and Being Serious about your Journey

Many people try to find great personal development tips to improve themselves. They wish to transform their lives. Yes, their outlook on life, improve their behavior, improve their frame of mind, and enhance their routines. The self-help tools in the short article below will help anyone. Of course, who wants to attempt to enhance themselves […]

The Life You Imagine Lived Now by Letting Go of Feeling Hopeless

Realizing that to live the life you imagine and manifest exactly what you prefer can be either excitingly easy and fun. On the other hand, it can be painfully hard depending upon your full awareness. It is extremely important to certainly become aware of the important things that you do want, and enjoy life to […]

Is God Always with Us? Article and Podcast – Course in Miracles

Is God always with us is a question we’ve all contemplated, sometimes seriously analytical and other times a ripping a part type of thought, and at other times just simple passing by kind of reflective flowing thoughts. I have often had some self-dialogue going on where I’ll wager that, you, too, have had some inner conflict […]