Attract Wealth by the Most Powerful Prayer for Prosperity and Finding Inner Peace

It’s rather apparent that to attract wealth and success might very well be an advertisement for inner peace in our lives. When we have adequate financial means, we instantly rejoice, are calm and confident and seem to be finding inner peace, with comfort and feeling safe and secure.

Economic absence, on the other hand, brings along disturbing sensations of stress and anxiety, worry, as well as fear.

Did you realize there is a most powerful prayer for prosperity that you can exercise to attract wealth and abundance right into your life?

It’s a simple matter of transforming the means you see in your economic scenario!

But keep in mind as read on that the Course in Miracles teaches, “Do not be afraid to look within.”

Here’s how to Attract Wealth: 

How to attract wealth and money first starts by going deep within yourself and finding inner peace.

To establish a continual state of inner peace means having the abundance prayer angels, if you will, on your side always.

But you will have to reflect inner peace and function by it daily.

Perhaps you like to play some calming music, a light perfumed candle with a wonderful scent, or anything else that assists you to really feel like you are touching base with and finding inner peace.

Yes, you must not be afraid to look within.

When you really feel that inner peace, create a picture of yourself in your mind truly in a tranquil state and feeling that you own inner peace—that peace is in your power.

See the peace of mind you have created as a parallel to your financial security and begin to live that way each day.

There are numerous methods of reflection for envisioning this circumstance, yet right here are a couple of concepts to get you started:

  • Create a Picture of You:

I mean place in your mind something like, residing in a gorgeous, big home on the beach with the blue/green clear and tranquil water rolling to the shore as being your back yard.

You are driving the car you always dreamed, wearing the clothes you’ve always wanted, and so forth.

Think of exactly how you would certainly feel having the power to attract wealth and have the financial security to do the important things you truly like.

The more you practice this reflection principle, the more effective your power and ability to attract wealth will specifically be.  

The specifics of these visions do not matter, even the SENSATIONS you experience while you involve yourself with them.

It is the abundance prayer angels that are always with you, ‘angels,’ simply being a name I’ve chosen here, but call it what you’d like. A word is a word, but it is the meaning behind the word that matters.

What you are doing is purposely calling sensations of inner peace to be the foundation for your life in this world, and the ability to attract wealth is of that peaceful yet rock solid foundation.

Instead of presenting a power surge of negativity that only signals lack in your life, through this most powerful prayer for prosperity you’ll be connecting to deep within you.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles often reminds us that in truth we are “at Home in God, dreaming of exile but perfectly capable of awakening to reality.”

Inner abundance is the reality of your true Home!

You will be reaching your true inner abundance and reflecting that inner essence about you into your material world here on earth.

  • Next Create a Good Picture:

Yes, in your mind see yourself never having a problem paying your expenses easily and on time monthly.

See how satisfied and content you are with loads of self-confidence, recognizing that you have the ability to attract wealth and to purchase anything you desire.

Now you are learning how the ‘power of reflection’ or what others may call the ‘power of attraction’ operates.

(Here’s a review article on best systems to help you get what you want in life by power of attraction.) 

  • Now See it as Real: 

It is important that you begin seeing in your mind that this is real and is how you are living daily with no economic issues causing stress and anxiety.

Picture again and again, and make it a daily practice of prayer or meditation, whatever term is comfortable for you.

You must practice this exercise, this most powerful prayer for prosperity, a meditation, if you prefer, continually each day.

You don’t have to get obsessed with this, but do keep these images alive in your mind throughout your day, each and every day.

Before you know it you will be witnessing newer experiences in your life.

For finest outcomes, you’ll intend to do an attract wealth state of reflection exercise just prior to taking part in some financial matter like paying a few bills.

It’s How to Live the Life you Want

But for how to attract wealth and money you’ll need to continue, likewise numerous times a day!

Commit to doing this attract wealth reflection exercise at four different times in your day, and with added casual refresher-reflections in some down time you may incur.

For example, when standing in line somewhere like the post office or the grocery store checkout line, is a good time to do a refresher-reflection mini exercise.

You can do these refresher-reflection practices almost anywhere.

Yes, merely shut your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and recall some images of inner peace.

Allow these images to begin working for you as an abundance prayer angel is aligning you to the ability to attract wealth.

Remember, you must be certain that you position inner peace as what and who you are all about prior to you doing anything connected to your economic scenario literally.

Inner peace is the foundation and if it’s built on sand it won’t last, so be sure to have your foundation set in rock.

Inner peace from your heart along with consistency keeps it solid as rock. 

You must maintain this state of mind before any kind of economic task, or else you may bring in experiences and scenarios you do not desire.

(Please note I also suggest this related article on managing stress and anxiety and to give this a good old college try so you may live the life you want.)  

To inner peace and prosperity, 

James Nussbaumer

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