To Empower Yourself Now and Get the Life You Want to Live

When I started learning to empower my career as an author, there were very few tools available to me for finding inner power. Keep in the back of you mind as you read along that A Course in Miracles states in one of its many, many spiritual metaphysical principles that: “Can you imagine what it […]

Inner Happiness Uncovered and How to Achieve Inner Peace in Daily Life

Peace of mind and inner happiness is a principle that isn’t tangible but definitely one that affects individuals. It can impact your physical, psychological and overall well-being. Peace of mind in daily life and inner happiness can best be explained as the quiet light within you, giving you a feeling realization, actually a revelation, if […]

Building a Better Life and Ways to Begin Finding Inner Peace

Building a better life begins by making a decision to live life according to your own terms. You can’t worry about what well intended, but misinformed family members, friends, and others might think or advise differently. Start finding ways to make your life better by listening to what’s going on inside you and trusting your […]

Peace for the World in the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The crying out for peace for the world as we face the violence and hatred lately, certainly sends chills through our flesh and bones. We wonder in despair, why we can’t have a world of peace?   The projections of violence can be erased and a better world of peace demonstrated by individually finding inner […]