Building a Better Life and Ways to Begin Finding Inner Peace

Building a better life begins by making a decision to live life according to your own terms. You can’t worry about what well intended, but misinformed family members, friends, and others might think or advise differently.

Start finding ways to make your life better by listening to what’s going on inside you and trusting your inner Guidance system, rather than listening to the havoc of the world.  No one is in control for a better life for you, but you.

To make your life better you have to find your inner peace, specifically in our fast paced and turbulent everyday lives.

Described below are some steps or pointers on the best ways to search for assurance and make it a part of your life, so you may start building a better life.

Your Attitude For a Better Life

You need to analyze your basic attitudes toward life and choose which attitudes are right for you.

If you find yourself being a person who lives on the surface you should seriously think about transforming this way of life, given that such mindsets can only trigger disharmony in your life.

If you make instant issue in solving a problem or correcting bad habits, you will experience that it contributes to your inner growth and favorable personal transformation for building a better life.

Are your core beliefs in align with the life you want to live and they seem right for you?

When you have recognized all the good things that come to mind for building a better life take action and begin to practice them.

Peace within yourself can never ever be reached unless your beliefs and practice are in harmony.

Power of Universal Laws

Like the law of gravity and other laws of nature, so is the law of attraction a solid doctrine governing human conduct and behavior leading to one’s success in life.

If you follow these laws for building a better life you will be drawn toward harmony; ignoring these laws and not allowing them to work for you only lead to a disharmonic lifestyle.

Take a look at and compare your right-minded and wrong-minded beliefs.

Then you must search for and discover your place in the pattern of life. You can begin by implementing all the right-minded ideas you believe—the ones from your heart into action taking steps.

Mindfulness Meditation

Building a better life cannot be in harmony unless belief and practice are in harmony. You must go within yourself and ask your inner divine Guide—the Holy Spirit, as the Course in Miracles terms Him, what you should do next.  

Use mindfulness meditation strategies or other approaches for browsing in responsive silence. For me, when I feel lost for answers or seem to be at a road block, I like to use these words from the Course in Miracles workbook lesson 155:

  • I will step back and let Him lead the way, for I would walk along the road to Him.

When you start to develop some clues for building a better life, begin to reside in accordance with it by taking the actions steps that will come your way, and that you are motivated toward, and provide top priority in your life.

The Course in Miracles states, “Be not content with littleness.”

Ways to Make your Life Better

We all have an inner and outer life.

Prioritizing your inner life is not the like rejecting your outer material world.

You must bring your external and inner well-being into consistency by letting go of worthless activities and unnecessary problems.

Building a better life means finding ways to make your desires and your dreams become your reality. Just shift forward and do it, it’s not that difficult!

When you have actually achieved this, you will experience a harmony between inner and external wellness. You will feel clean, un-cluttered and pure and this wonderful and harmonic sensation is what we call inner peace.

The Course in Miracles asks: “Can you evaluate the giver of a gift like this?”

So go inward often and begin prioritizing your inner life, but not rejecting the pleasures and joys, the things you like to do in your outer world.

You want to be sure that your natural inner wealth and abundance and well-being has the opportunity to be reflected into a wonderful harmony in your outer world, and you do this by letting go of wrong-minded thoughts and worthless activities.

You will feel fit and tidy, so to speak, pure and uncluttered and this terrific and harmonic feeling is what we call finding inner peace that is necessary for building a better life.

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To inner peace and a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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