Ways to Resolve Conflict and Attain Inner Peace: Can Animals Teach us Something?

Enlightening PERSPECTIVES on ways to resolve conflict have been influenced in me by the spiritual essence of animals, like dogs, and dolphins, too. Does peace ever occur in the external or is the idea of “peace” the ego’s way of saying, “It’s my way or the highway?”

A Course in Miracles teaches that, “There is a deep responsibility you owe yourself, and one you must learn to remember all the time.”

Perhaps peace has actually been here and within us forever and is merely waiting for us to reach inward in all scenarios, and leads us to ways to resolve conflict.

I once lived in a condo by the ocean for many years and quite often I’d see dolphins that would brighten my day. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to look off my balcony and see them in the blue/green surf as if they had a message for me.

Years before that when I typically came home I’d be greeted by a Black Lab.

Cinder, my female Lab was very social, dogs seem to know us individually, and it seemed Cinder knew when I needed encouragement and rescue from a long day.

I enjoyed how she would rub her head against my leg waiting for me to reach down to pet her.

All immersed in distinct and personal life tasks, the beautiful Black Lab seemed to have her own special perspective, separately coming across various levels of advancement as she’d seem to listen and understand me in harmony while I’d briefly tell her about my day.

Conflict Resolution

Years later I was speaking about Everyday Miracles and Spiritual Awakening at transformation conferences.  

At an event I put a vase of flowers in the middle of the circle.

If we each took a photograph of the flowers from where we sat, utilizing the very best of equipment, we would each have a different picture.

All appropriate photos and all beautiful images. Can people sit in a circle and commemorate each other’s private viewpoints without needing any of them to be wrong or right?

People might have difficulty with simply experiencing each other in the awareness that there is space for each of us, and that each of us is here now to be unique. The most harmonic noise I ever heard was many birds all chirping together as in a concert.

All the notes together are one beautiful chorus in the highest realm.

Each animal on the planet, we humans and nature are beings in a divine Trigger of One LOVE!

When I asked everybody at the Everyday Miracles transformation conference to reveal gratitude, the room jumped up to an extremely high frequency and everybody realized they liked each other by style!

Individuals practiced hearing and being aware of each other as encouraging, rather than trying and altering to change each other. That changing strategy often utilized in discussion, is a method of the mind, to get everyone to replicate the mind in one being.

How to Resolve Conflict

A more enjoyable and sure route to inner peace and joy and for ways to resolve conflict, is to choose to turn whatever you find inside your heart back into peace within yourself.

Here you are practicing how to resolve conflict.

Provide a need for anyone to be anything they are intended to be and unexpectedly, all there is to experience is LOVE.

All beings are gifts of life.

The beings that appear to cause you distress are great true blessings for they provide you the opportunity to discover deeper peace within, based only on PEACE itself.

A Course in Miracles states, “If you are blessed and do not know it, you need to learn it must be so.”

One of the best ways to resolve conflict is to turn your thoughts, your physical experience and your whole energy field back into peace. Soon you find your body is a friend to your spirit, a devoted servant available for fantastic peace and bliss.

Finding Inner Peace

Next you find that your spirit is merely a devotee to the ONE SPIRIT LOVE: ALL THAT IS!

When in dispute with someone you care about, a country, a spiritual order, your mind, a next-door neighbor, your body or an expert coworker, and needing a conflict resolution, take these steps for ways to resolve conflict:

1) Focus on thankfulness in your heart

2) Choose to BE ALL PEACE!

3) In a moment of complaining, stop and recognize your request.

4) Identify exactly what you essentially prefer in one word (example: resolution, joy, peace, love, abundance, health). Probably, you and your challenger desire the very same thing, but presume that the important things need to be available in different methods.

5) Allow your important desire to be more vital that the form in which you first thought it would have to appear. The universe has a wide variety of ways to create what it is you seek.

6) Assume your conflicting friend has actually appeared to give you an opportunity to be peaceful instead of imposing your own mind’s concept of peace, and allow this true blessing of grace to possibly free you.

Notice how dolphins frolic in a friendly way and how dogs seem to greet us friendly.  It’s easy, to develop peace, be peace.

A more pleasurable and certain path to conflict resolution and on to security and joy, is to choose to turn whatever you find inside your heart back into peace within yourself.

Yes, I mean learn how to ignite your inner Self!

And remember, the beings who appear to cause you distress are great blessings, if you see their actions in a context that provide you the opportunity to discover deeper inner peace, based only on PEACE itself.

Begin producing peace, by simply being peace.

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To ways to resolve conflict,

James Nussbaumer

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