How to Gain Self-Esteem through Confidence Building Activities

Do you remember the last time you felt low self-esteem, and that everything seemed to be going against you? So how to gain self-esteem and a strong belief in yourself certainly can be achieved. I mean a core belief that helps you to live with far less stress and anxiety and feelings of depression, and rather experience more joy every day?

A Course in Miracles states, “If you accept this change, you have accepted the idea of making room for truth.”

First let’s take a look at why perhaps many potentially great people struggle with how to gain self-esteem.

People begin establishing and building their self-esteem at an early age.

Children that are encouraged to try their finest and to learn from their mistakes have a more favorable self-esteem outlook than those that are constantly belittled for things.

For teenagers, how to gain self-esteem can be a complete transformation.

Some feel extremely unusual as their bodies change. They wind up not being comfy with others for a very long time due to this.

Others wind up being incredibly popular though and they like the attention.

This leads to them having a very healthy self-esteem outlook. As their own image enhances it makes others more comfortable around them as well.

How to build confidence in yourself

It is remarkable how many grownups suffer from low self-confidence. They might have always felt this way, or it can be due to something in their life.

Losing a job, getting a divorce, or simply life in general can result in someone losing some of their self-esteem. Lots of grownups are less likely to accept modifications as they get older.

This can result in them questioning their decisions and having a poor self-image.

It can be difficult to learn how to gain self-esteem, however you do have to work at it. The most significant challenge in how to gain self-esteem is to funnel your energy into altering your outlook on things.

Rather of worrying about exactly what people will not like about you focus on what you do have to offer them.

If you worry about how you look then alter what you do not like. Start exercising more perhaps yoga, if you worry about your general size.

Even successful people at times will have their slumps, but they know how to make some changes, perhaps like, cut your hair and style it differently if you don’t believe it makes you appealing.

Low self-esteem help

Kids that are motivated to try new things and not being afraid to fail, learn from their mistakes and turn around having a more positive outlook on their future.

They gain greater self-esteem, than those that are continuously scolded or harshly corrected for things.

It is incredible how many adults suffer from low self-esteem and take it out on their children.

Remember, for all of us it’s not a pleasant feeling when things happen like losing a job opportunity, or a marriage breakup, or trying to heal the relationship, or simply the hurdles in life, perhaps trying to lose weight.

Things like the loneliness of alcohol or drug addiction, or not being able to quit smoking, often results in somebody losing much of their self-esteem.

A Course in Miracles further states, “Lead not your life in solitude, with one illusion as your only friend.”

Confidence building activities

There are many hobbies or interests people have put off that can be confidence building activities, like one of my favorite suggestions, blogging. Yes, start a blog about your passions and see where it takes you.

Others have learned their true calling by getting involved with furthering themselves, through perhaps mindfulness meditation techniques, gaining a mindset for financial success, being a stronger communicator, whatever it might be for igniting your inner genius.

If you’re like some who have been putting off taking some sort of action on a dream or heart’s desire, don’t judge or criticize yourself, but begin focusing on the present moment and listen to your heart.

Start stepping toward a goal with baby steps at first, but take action now, do not procrastinate or put it off.

This alone, will be seen by you as a tiny success, and sooner than you realize you’ll be taking bigger action steps while your self-esteem continues to build. And you know, this kind of stuff keeps me healthy!

But I must say that this is what I take to bed with me almost every night, and it’s awesome and you can see it here.

To continue moving in the right direction and how to gain self-esteem, use the power of creative visualization by stretching your imagination.

Try to have fun with this, and the world just may see you at the top.

(Please note many readers have messaged me for more about the fun and excitement of blogging, and if this is the case with you I suggest this related article.)

To positive self-esteem,

James Nussbaumer

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