Peace in Life is Easy if We Just Learn to Look in the Mirror

All that it takes for peace in life is to look in the mirror so we may transform the world. Take a long difficult look in the mirror and really notice who you are.

We’re all yelling for peace in life right now – not simply world peace – however peace in our cities, in our offices, in our homes and in our minds. There needs to be a much better method to end this insanity.

Wouldn’t you agree we need a brand-new method of doing things? We seem to be stuck in outdated modes of thought that have not been working.

For if they did, we wouldn’t be in the circumstances we are in now. The past and history seems to keep on repeating itself, and will continue to do so until we make a conscious option to go in a new direction for peace in life.

Entering new instructions for peace in life begins within you, and in me, yes, our inner psyche, and people as individuals.

Till we experience personal transformation, just then can the world experience peace in life.

How to be peaceful

Among my favorite quotes is from Mahatma Gandhi, where he said, “You should be the change you want to see on the planet.”

Doesn’t this make perfect sense?

Yes, it does make sense, because within we are perfect, we’re just letting deep cloud cover obscure our natural abundant light and not finding peace in life!

So to have world peace in life everywhere, we need to look in the mirror. Take a look and attempt to discover the peace you’re searching for in your heart.

If you cannot find it ask yourself why. It’s not missing – it’s existed with you all along awaiting you to start your search within.

Peace in life isn’t difficult to find at all.

I love this mind secrets video for understanding that you simply have to dig from below all the debris – fear and anger. As soon as you press the worry and anger to the side peace will remain in plain view.

When you discover the peace in your heart you start to radiate it. All of this from one great look in the mirror—a reflective state of mind, gets the process started.

The Course in Miracles states that, “It is impossible to divide your strength between Heaven and hell, God and the ego, and release your power to creation, which is the only purpose for which it was given you…There is no hell and there is no ego, you made it up”

Yes, I mean, absolutely, one hard look at who you truly are.

Having a world of peace

Remind your loved ones to find their peace within. Be a walking and standing example of peace in life and watch how it spreads.

When others come to you full of worry and anger and fear of the future, remember the peace within yourself and carefully advise them that no matter how bad it gets, it will eventually work itself out for the very best.

We get what we dwell upon, so if we keep our ideas based on fear and anger that’s exactly what we’ll continue to get.

Instead let’s ignite our passion and concentrate on peace – peace within ourselves and let these thoughts multiply. Keep in mind, be the change you wish to see – so be tranquil within your heart, and enjoy your world and begin to mirror that great spirit which you are.

Remember, the Course in Miracles states, “When every situation is dedicated wholly to truth, peace is inevitable.”

(Please note for more on the secrets for a successful world and inner peace, I suggest this related article.)

To the only way for a world of peace,

James Nussbaumer

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