To Empower Yourself Now and Get the Life You Want to Live

When I started learning to empower my career as an author, there were very few tools available to me for finding inner power.

Keep in the back of you mind as you read along that A Course in Miracles states in one of its many, many spiritual metaphysical principles that:

  • “Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time? Yet that is what time is for; to learn just that and nothing more.”

For those who know my story, yes, I had to become an empowering individual from inside a prison where I’d spent 8 long hellish years.

I had to do a lot of visualization meditation on my own, and when I was released from that hell on earth, and WOW did tools ever become available to me for things like finding inner peace and for manifesting my dreams.

Fast forward NOW and technology has become much more available and affordable.

Nowadays as an empowering individual, you can use tools to make your life easier… you just have to pick the right ones.

Imagine being able to manifest your dream life… …Without hard work or struggle.

Whether your wish is for more wealth, success, happiness, better relationships, good health…



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I particularly like how it puts the Power of Manifestation on autopilot to manifest prosperity, abundance and happiness.

Follow this strategy and you’ll quickly uncover the life of your dreams!

You can do the opposite by using empowering affirmations that will shift forward your inner power to take action.

If you’re focused on putting yourself down, it’s impossible to empower yourself and to attract abundance, happiness and wealth.

To Empower for the Life you Want to Live

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Here are some examples to try during your visualization meditation sessions:

Empowering affirmations that span across time: Think about what’s already happened, what’s happening now, and what’s yet to come.

Put it all together like this:

  • “BEFORE, I was in the dark and flat broke, in the dumps and miserable and hated the world.

Then use visualization meditation affirmations that are crystal clear and saying something like:

  • “I am loved” or “I am powerful and blessed” is a good start, but they’re a bit vague.

As for being blessed and powerful, you can say:

  • “I’m blessed with powerful and infinite opportunities and resources, and my life is abundant and full.”

Be sure you use affirmations with an attitude to empower, and another way to supercharge your subconscious is by being a little cheeky with your statements.

And this is why I urge that you learn mindfulness meditation practices and that’s also why I suggest the 7 minute manifestation meditation system, and you can see more right here.

Adding some lighthearted humor amplifies your signal and makes it easier for the Power of the Universe to hear your thoughts.

To empower is as if your circumstances will rearrange itself on their own when you improve the quality of your perceptions and thoughts.

It’s called the Manifestation Breakthrough Kit, and for a limited time it is totally FREE of charge.

These changes to empower yourself will seem to happen without doing much on your part. The truth is that you’re already doing the heavy lifting by disciplining your mind.

You can combine this kit with the five tips you just learned to get even BETTER results.

Empowering affirmations are those that use time as your partner.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles teaches that, “The universe uses time on our behalf.”

Think about what’s already happened, what’s happening now, and the life you are yet to lead as an empowering individual.

Starting today, you can apply these visualization meditation tips I’ve just shared with you to shift forward in your mind and reflect your inner creations to your material world.

The more you practice them, the bigger the shift will result from your efforts. I hope you make use of this knowledge to empower yourself so you can indeed get the life you want.

Next, let’s consider the ways to empower and start bringing results home.

(Here’s more on personal fulfillment and inner power uncovered now to release a scarcity mindset and get the life you want.) 

Ways to Empower and Manifest Faster Results

The power of manifestation will provide you rather quickly exactly what you bring into your focus, whether you are speaking of it or observing it.

Those who comprehend how the universe and the laws of attraction work quickly comprehend the power of their objectives and goals and do not feel tension or anxiety.

They understand that manifestation principles and laws are working for them and exactly what they create from within will quickly arrive into the material world.

The entire concept of visualization meditation is to be at-one and co-creator with God in manifesting the things that are inmost to your heart.

The entire concept of the empowering manifestations and universal laws is to be manifesting the things that are aligned to your true free will.

They understand that the power of attraction is working for them and exactly what they create from within will arrive into this world.

When you practice visualization meditation to manifest a much better life you are in the circulation and in a much better state of including worth to the world.

There is a natural circulation in the universe and in order to manifest more you need to likewise be in the circulation of giving and receiving.

  • Always be Offering Value

As you offer you will get and you will manifest much more than you might ever have actually pictured and much quicker too.

The Course in Miracles teaches us through one its many lessons that, “The light of the world brings peace to every mind through our own extended light.”

You might not have all the financial freedom you would like to have at the moment, however you do have something of worth, and that which is of worth to you might remain in limited supply to another person.

Offer to others and you will be shocked and astonished by how quick the laws of manifesting will provide abundance in your life.

When you utilize the law of reflection—the power to manifest a much better life, you are in the circulation and in a much better state of including worth to the world.

The faster you can feel deserving of exactly what you want to manifest the much faster it will come.

  • Learn how to Receive Value

To trigger the power of attraction you need to move into the state of mind open to receive.

Those small sensations of unworthiness and lack are huge blocks in the manifesting procedure and can just serve in damaging exactly what you are hoping to reflect outwardly.

The power of attraction through reflection principles is a science that takes you deep into your inner nature, and permits you to see where you are feeling detached as a co-creator with God and the universe.

There is an excellent paradox that includes releasing, due to the fact that a large part of manifesting needs that you offer a great deal of focus to your desires, however there is a fragile balancing act of focus without feeling anxious or being stressed out.

There is a natural stream that flows in the universe and in order to manifest more you should likewise be in the stream of offering value.

Offer with love on a routine basis however likewise be conscious of saving your own and the universe will bless you by bringing to you much more than you provide.

As you offer value you will receive more, and you will manifest much more than you might ever have actually envisioned and much quicker, too.

  • Letting Go of thoughts of Lack

One of the most significant blocks to empower oneself and in manifesting is the sensation of unworthiness that many individuals feel.

God desires you to have, and the universe is fantastically sufficient with more than enough for you and everyone else.

Appreciation can considerably transform your life, however finest of all, it gets the manifesting laws and principles to provide you more of exactly what you are feeling pleased and grateful for.

  • Realize the Universe is NOT Outside You

When you are feeling disappointed and down in the dumps, so to speak, you are placing too much emphasis on the outer world as where true Reality exists.

The power of manifestation is within you where the real world exists and offers you more help for shifting forward to reflect your inner workings to the material world.

Remember, the universe wants you to empower and to have, and, also you must have an awareness that the universe IS within you and NOT somewhere, “Up there”, or, “Out there.”

What you are seeing in the sky in all its wonderful glory is merely a reflection of the inner bliss and abundance within you.

The power of the universe within you is plentiful and abundant and awesome, and this “Awe” is a revelation you need to learn to accept.

(I also suggest this related article on to achieve dreams and goals fast by understanding and accepting into your life the power of manifestation.)  

To creating the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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