Uncover a Success Principle the Universe has Given you in the Creation

Uncover a success principle:
You have got to be living according to the natural You! Whatever that entails.
Yes , oh my, uncover a success principle many people seem to not search for.
A lot of the very best success principles that guide us to live happy. Yes, and successful lives are not as groundbreaking as you might think.
In fact, you may already know it deep down. Many more take it for granted, and still fail to see the powerful lesson within it.
To uncover a success principle best for you means that you have got to be living according to the natural You!
Whatever that entails.
Keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical lesson from the Course in Miracles:
“It’s not what is available or unavailable that determines your level of success and happiness; it’s what you convince yourself is true.” 
If you want to know what keeps people poor, keep reviewing… 
If you want to know what makes people comfortable, keep contemplating… 
They’re the same thing.  
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Have a great life of love and success!

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